Wasurenaide [jija]

Title: Wasurenaide [Don’t Forget Me] [PART ONE]
By: Jija
Inspired by the song Wasurenaide by Tohoshinki.
Dear readers, do listen to this song throughout the whole story. Thanks ^^

“Baby! Wait up! Honey!” I ignored his call. I continued to run towards nowhere. My vision was blurred by the tears that were forming at my eyes. I wiped them away to take a better look at my surrounding.

“Honey! Belinda!!” I can hear his footsteps behind me. I don’t have to turn around to look where he is now. I continued to run despite the pain I’m starting to feel in my head and my chest.

“Bel!! Wait for me! It was not like what you’re thinking! Let me explain first!!” He shouted once again, and I felt a strong grip at my left arm. I turned to face him. His face looked really sad but like I care. He’s been cheating on me!

“What do you want Changmin?! I have enough of you!! I should have listened to my father when he said we’re not going to succeed in this relationship!! I was so stupid to actually love you!!! You bastard, Changmin. What do you want?!” I shouted at his face, not caring whether he’s hurting at my words. I don’t care; he’s been cheating with another girl. I can accept it if it only some gossips but I saw it with my own eyes. He’s flirting with another girl.


I entered the cake shop and walked straight towards the counter. The counter boy, Junsu smiled at me. I ordered the same piece of cake, blueberry cheesecake with white fillings and chocolate sprinkles on top of it. That’s my favourite piece of cake. I took the cake from him and looked around for an empty seat.

Aha! I saw an empty space behind a couple. They were sitting very close to each other, and they were holding hands as if there’s no tomorrow. I giggled at the sight and quickly took my seat facing the back of the couple. I took a bite of the piece of cake. It was good, as usual.

“Baby, I love you.”

The voice sounded so familiar. Who was it belongs to? I tried to remember the owner of the voice when I saw the couple in front of me slowly moving apart from each other, still holding hands. The guy was now sitting facing me. I gasped as I saw the guy’s face.

The spoon I was holding falls on the table and grabbed everyone’s attention. Even the couple in front of me. I was too shock to even move a muscle. Then the guy, who apparently to be my boyfriend, Shim Changmin widened his eyes as he saw the shocked me.

[End Flashback]

“Bel, baby… Let me explain,” Changmin started, but I cut him off. I was so tired listening to his crappy reasons.

“Explain what? That the girl is one of your friends and they just broke up with their boyfriend? Or maybe that girl happened to be your cousin, and you’re soothing her just because she had a fight with her mother? Or maybe you have a new reason today, Shim Changmin?” I said, recalling every lame excuses he had made when I asked him about the topic.

I crossed my arms on my chest, waiting impatiently for his reply. He licked his lips for a few times and stroked his nose countless of times. Then he took my hand and squeezed it lightly but I shoved his hands away from mine.

“Spill, Changmin. What’s your excuse now? I would love to hear it,” I said as-a-matter-of-factly, fumbling through my bag for my phone when I heard a ringtone.

‘Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai, Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai, Aitakute mo aitakute mo, Matteru kara tada wasurenaide’
[Wasurenaide – Tohoshinki]

I opened the phone, totally ignoring the guy standing in front of me. I read the new incoming message from my father.

‘Belinda, your mother is coming home tonight. I expect you to be home by 6pm. Love, father.’

I glanced at the brown watch on my wrist. 5:45pm. I still have 15 minutes with this stupid guy, I thought as I placed my phone back in the baby blue sling bag I’m carrying. I looked up at the tall guy in front of me, crossing my arms.

“So, are you telling me or not? I only have about 10 minutes to listen to your crappy excuses before I have to rush home,” I said, glancing once again at my watch. He, too, glanced at his white, sparkling watch on his wrist. The gift from me for his 21st birthday on our 1st anniversary, two months ago.

Changmin rubbed his temples as he looked at me. I challenged him by staring into his eyes. He averted from my gaze and looking down at his foot, as if it was more important than me who was standing in front of him.

“Oh my god, Changmin… Just tell me the truth. You have someone else, am I right?” I said, losing all my patience. But I don’t want to explode yet, I still loved this guy in front of me.

“The truth is, I don’t really know, Belinda. I’m so sorry. I loved you, believe me but suddenly Soo Yeon come into my life. Now I don’t know whom I loved the most,” He explained, his voice sounds lack of confidence. I sneered at him but I feel another tugging in my heart.

Am I not good enough for him? Did I do something wrong that makes his heart changed? Is that girl better than me?

These thoughts are driving me insane. I shook my head mentally as I looked deep into his eyes, looking for the truth. But I found nothing. I guess he’s telling the truth then.

“Then, you’re choosing her over me, am I right?” Asking this question send shivers to me. I felt myself weakening at every moments passed. He nodded slowly as a reply. I sighed and glanced once again at my watch. Crap! 5 minutes to 6!!

“Fine then. I wish both of you all the best. I will stay away from your life from now on, and I hope you did the same to me. Nice meeting you, Mr Shim,” I said for the last time at the man I once loved. I bowed slightly at him and walked away, tears slowly rolling down at my cheeks. The tears I’ve been holding all these times.


‘Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai, Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai, Aitakute mo aitakute mo, Matteru kara tada wasurenaide’
[Wasurenaide – Tohoshinki]

My phone ringed beside me. I sat down, rubbing my eyes with my hands. Then I took the screaming phone on the table beside my bed.

‘Belinda, please forgive Changmin. He’s making the worst decision ever. He can’t differentiate between stone and diamonds. He’s choosing the ugly stone over the shiny diamonds. Please forgive him, Belinda. –Yoochun’

Yoochun, why is it you who are asking for my forgiveness? It was supposed to be him, Shim Changmin!! Not you!!! I shouted mentally, as cried once again. I know, I have to let him go. I know, I can’t have him all to myself when he loves another person. I know, I can’t be selfish.

I closed my phone and placed it back on the table as I wiped away the tears on my face. I’ve decided, I will forget everything that has happened between me and that guy. Life must go on, and there are a lot of guys that’s craving for my attention, not like him. He got my attention but he destroyed the trust that I have for him. What a stupid bastard, I cursed him mentally.


“Hey Yoochun!” I greeted Yoochun, who was playing with his cup of tea. Jaejoong and Yunho, who was sitting beside him, looked at me weirdly. I ignored their looks and took my seat next to Yoochun.

“Hey Belinda! Morning!” He greeted me back, flashing his most charming smile at me. I’m not stupid, I know perfectly that Yoochun have feelings for me since I dated Changmin a year and 3 months ago.

I saw Jaejoong and Yunho’s weird look at my actions but I ignored them. I called Junsu, the waiter at the cake shop and ordered. “As usual, please. Thanks a lot Junsu. Why don’t you join us?” I said, smiling at the person in front of me. He shook his head lightly as he said with his cute, high-pitched voice.

“No thanks, Bel. I’m so busy today, I don’t want that old devil kicked my ass out of here if she found out I’m doing nothing during my shift. Anyways, anything more?” He asked gentlemanly at Jaejoong and Yunho. Now that I realized they haven’t ordered anything yet.

“Come on, Jaejoong, Yunho. Just order anything. It’s my treat today. Right, Yoochun?” I smiled sweetly at Yoochun. He smiled back at me; maybe he was happy that at last, I took notice of him.

Jaejoong and Yunho shook their head as Junsu bowed and disappeared through the kitchen’s door. Jaejoong and Yunho continued to look at me intently while I joked with Yoochun.

Few minutes later, my cake was delivered to me. I happily munched it like a small kid. Yoochun chuckled at my cuteness and wiped the cake that was on my cheek.

“You’re so cute. You eats like a 5 little year old girl. So fascinating!” He chuckled, wiping the cake that was on my face with his fingers. Suddenly his fingers traced the shape of my lips; I gazed at his face to see him looking at me intently. I got shocked at the sight in front of me so I pushed Yoochun away.

“What’s wrong Belinda?” He asked, moving closer towards me. Now I’m feeling very uncomfortable by his actions. Can anyone save me? I thought as I moved away from Yoochun.

“Nothing, Yoochun, it’s just that…” My voice trailed off when he grabbed my left arm. I yelped in pain as he squeezed it tight. “ARGH!! Yoochun… please… le-let me go…” I pleaded, looking as innocent as possible in front of him.

“Get your hands off her!” Suddenly I heard a voice, shouting at the fierce Yoochun in front of me. We both were started by the sudden voice and looked up to see Changmin looking steaming mad at the position we’re in. I took this chance to shove Yoochun’s hands away and crawled at one corner of the shop, not far from the table I was sitting just now.

Yoochun was now standing up, facing Changmin. They were both very fierce with each other. Jaejoong and Yunho was already grabbed each one of them, holding them back from each other.

“Yah!!! What are you trying to do!?” I heard Changmin’s voice. Tears started rolling down from my cheek as I started to shiver. I regretted treating Yoochun like that.

Wait! Like I know if he was about to do that to me!!

Shut up!!!! I screamed mentally as I hugged my legs tightly against my chest.

“Yah! I’m older than you, so you should show some respect to your hyung!” Yoochun screamed. I hate it when people screamed.

“Why should I respect you when you’re treating my beloved person like that?!” Changmin’s turn to shout at Yoochun. I clasped my hands at my ears to prevent myself from listening to any of the quarrelling.

“Your beloved! You should think many times before you declare her as yours!! I thought you were ditching her for that Soo Yeon slut?!” Yoochun shouted at Changmin. I chanted in my head.

‘Please stop this, please stop this, please stop this, please stop this, please stop this…’

“I still loved her, and I wasn’t ditching the girl I love for the slut!!! Not after you paid the slut to seduce me!!!” Changmin screamed. OMG, what did Yoochun did? What have I done?!

Silence. I glanced up to see Yoochun looking at Changmin with fires in his eyes. Changmin was no difference, he was also steaming mad.

I gathered all my remaining strength and stood up on my wobbly feet. I walked slowly towards Changmin and Yoochun’s direction. Their attention was drawn towards me when they heard the sound of chairs moving as I pushed them slowly to walk properly.

“Belinda… I’m sorry. Please forgive this stupid guy in front of you,” Changmin suddenly kneeled down in front of me, he looked down at the ground. My tears started to form once again; I wiped it away before it even has time to flow on my face.

“Belinda, I did that because I loved you. Please don’t be mad at me, Belinda,” Yoochun was now kneeled in front of me, next to Changmin. I looked at the two men in front of me.

What should I do? Who should I choose? I know Changmin really loves me but his actions… When he spent time with that girl, did he ever think about me? Even a little? What would I feel?

Yoochun… I know he loved me since the beginning but since I was too deeply, madly in love with Changmin, I ignored him. I only treat him as a friend, like how I treated Junsu, Jaejoong and Yunho.

Who should I choose now? I know I loved Changmin more than Yoochun but I can’t bear looking at Yoochun. He tried to get a constant girlfriend but he failed. He regretted playing girl’s feelings and decided to loyal at one girl only. Then I came into his life, acting all cute and bubbly, just the type of girl he wanted. Who should I choose…?

I know, everyone’s attention in the cake shop was drawn towards us. I don’t want to hurt their feelings. Who should I choose?

I looked at the two guys face in front of me. Then I decided. The decision that will hurt everyone, even me. This is for the best. I’m sorry, guys. I can’t bear looking at them, losing their best friends just because of me. Mianhae, Changmin. Mianhae, Yoochun. This is for the best.

“Yoochun, Changmin, please stand up.” I said, trying to find the strength to tell them my decision. I can feel every eye on me, but I brushed it off and concentrated on the guys in front of me.

“Changmin… Yoochun… I’ve made my decision. And I won’t change this decision. I hope both of you respected my decision.” I said slowly but full of energy and determination.

“I’ve decided to go back to my hometown, Australia tomorrow,” There, it’s not that hard to tell them. I sighed once again as I continued, not giving them any chance to butt in.

“I hope both of you will respect this decision of mine. There’s a reason why I make this decision. It’s not just for fun. Please, try and understand my situation. My mother suddenly have to work at my hometown, this time for the rest if her life. So we’re going to stay at Australia for good. I also don’t want any of your got hurt because of me. Please, take a very good care of yourselves. Don’t forget me… I will come back one day, but please don’t wait for me,” I said, slowly walking away from them.

I exited the cake shop’s main door, and walked towards the nearest park. I sat on one of the bench and cried my heart out.

“I’m sorry Changmin, I’m sorry Yoochun… The truth is… I really loved both of you… I’m so sorry… I’m afraid, if I choose one of you, the other one will suffer… I still have feelings… I don’t want both of you to suffer… So just let me suffer…”

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling for my name. I glanced up to see Changmin’s figure not far from me, calling for my name. I grabbed my things with me and run towards the other side of the park, leaving him as far as possible from me.

Then I stumbled into someone. I glanced up to see my father, looking at me with a sweet smile on his face. I burst out crying once again and hugged my father tightly.

“Father… is this the right decision? Why am I feeling so painful…?” I sobbed uncontrollably in my father’s warm embrace.

“Hush, don’t worry honey. We both know it’s for everyone’s sake. You don’t want them to hurt, right? Now let’s go and pack up, our flight is 9am tomorrow,” My father assures me, stroking my hair lightly.


[Few years later… Changmin’s POV]

It has been 5 years. 5 very painful years for me since she left me. I was practically hurting because of her decision. I know perfectly to well that she doesn’t want Yoochun and I to suffer. Belinda, why do you have to make this very painful decision?

I looked at the grave in front of me. The picture of the girl whom I loved the most was on the grave. She was smiling in the picture. Tears rolled down at my cheek. I can’t recall how many times I’ve cried after I received the news.

‘Belinda’s plane crashed when she’s on her way back to Japan to visit us…’

That sentence were repeated in my mind countless of times. It was Jaejoong who told me that, since Belinda’s father always contacted Jaejoong from time to time. I don’t understand why his father won’t contact me but he contacted Jaejoong.

I placed the banquet of flower I brought with me on the altar. I stared at the grave for a long time, memories of Belinda and I flashed back.

After spending some time in front of Belinda’s grave, I’ve decided to go back to my dorm in Tokyo city. Belinda’s grave was here in Tokyo’s countryside, since she’s insisted in her blog that if she died, she wanted to be buried at Tokyo’s countryside.

Yeah, she has a blog, which she updated every single day. Every day I waited for her new post, wanting to know how she’s been doing lately. I’ve read posts on her exams, about her stressing out on her colleagues, and many more. I’ve never once forget her, and I will always remember her.

I still remembered her favourite song, Wasurenaide. I composed that song with the help of Jaejoong hyung, especially for her since my dream was to be a successful singer with my friends, Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu and Yoochun. And now, we’re the Rising Gods of the East, or better known as Tohoshinki. Our latest single, Wasurenaide had just released along with another single, Bolero and Kiss the Baby Sky, specially composed by Yoochun. I placed Jaejoong hyung’s name as the composer of Wasurenaide since I don’t want to get the popularity. I wrote the song for my beloved Belinda, hoping that she will always remember us here.

I looked up at the sky on top of me. Belinda, where are you? Do you know the selling of our latest single, had reached 100000 units? All Cassiopeias are listening to my love story with you… Are you happy up there? I hope you will always remember us down here… Belinda… I still love you…


Well, I ended it with Changmin’s POV. So sad, the first time I listened to the song, the story line suddenly popped up in my mind. So, based on my wild imaginations *lol*, I managed to finish this one shot. Yay! At last… Anyways, this is my second one shot. How was it? Good? Bad? Please give comments for me to improve in my writing skills and produce better ideas hence better stories. *rotfl* Thanks ^^

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