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“Thank you for everything! It’s all finally over, and I feel really sad, however ‘Bigeastation’ will remain in our heart forever. Everyone~ have a good time~”

“Everyone, thank you for all this 2 years and 9 months! I had shown my best power in this program!! Now, eventhough it’s sad that it has to end, we would like to greet everyone again with even newer TOHO!! Please wait for it~!! See You~”

“Having been receiving so many love from everyone, I feel really grateful. Truly thanks. Let’s meet again.”

“For everyone who keep on listening this program every week in past 3 years, I’d like to thank truly from my heart. Because the encouragement from all of you, I guess that’s one that helped me to come this far. In order not to be defeated by the love from everyone, I will work even more and more harder.”

“In this three years, I’ve been really happy~ Thank you~☆”

credit: jfn
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dbsknights + dtl