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[Info] 100908 A-nation ’10 To Be Broadcast On WOWOW

Starting off with the performance at Ehime, then Aichi, Osaka and finally Tokyo, the outdoor festival was held at four cities over six performances. We’ll exclusively air performances held on the 28th and 28th of August at the Ajinomoto Stadium.

Since its first round in 2002, “a-nation” has brought in over 200,000 fans each year, totaling over 2,500,000 people over these eight years. At this live event, with just one ticket, can bring you live performances from a grandeur variety of artists. Over the years, it has evolved to become one of Summer’s places to be.

Talking about the charms of “a-nation”, it inarguably is the dream performance of a grandeur variety of artists. With different artists at each performance, the extravagant list of artists for 2010 has been announced. Also, “a-nation” has another charm point, it is the nation’s only outdoor festival with a circuit layout. With the passionate thoughts of “I want to express my thanks to listeners within Japan”, “Even if it’s only another one more person, I want them to feel the life and excitement of a live performance”, “a-nation” was born, and being held on a larger scale, now it runs as a circuit layout.

Right now, as the best live with numerous artists, the best performances, and a chance to experience the best entertainment, it deepens the chances to meet with new artists and communicate with fellow fans. Really, you can say that there’s a sense of unity, only to belonging to “a-nation”.

In 2010, “a-nation” was held in four cities, over six performances, starting on the 7th of August as Ehime, the 14th at Nagoya, two days, the 21st and 22nd at Osaka, and finally the final performances on the 28th and 29th of August at Tokyo.

At the Ajinomoto Stadium performance, TRF, Every Little Thing, Hamasaki Ayumi, Do As Infinity, Koda Kumi, Otsuka Ai, Suzuki Ami, AAA, GIRL NEXT DOOR, ICONIQ and such artists were set to perform. Really, it’s no exaggeration to say that enjoying a performance with this grandeur of artists is not possible elsewhere. Watch the history’s best outdoor festival “a-nation”, 2010s Summer will never end!

Broadcast Dates:
9/25 (Sat) 7:00pm (initial broadcast)
10/28 (Thu) 5:00pm

Performing Artists: (in order of appearance)
●Koda Kumi
●Suzuki Ami
●Do As Infinity
●Otsuka Ai
●Every Little Thing
●Hamasaki Ayumi

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[Trans] 100830 Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony”!

Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony”! Singing Komuro’s Official Theme Song of a-nation’10

Live outdoor summer tour sponsored by Avex ‘a-nation’10′ (4 cities, 6 performances, 260,000 spectators) had its final performance on last 29th held at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo.

At the end of live, Ayumi Hamasaki (31), Koda Kumi (27), TRF, and other 33 artists from 16 groups gathered together on stage. The all stars then sang a-nation’10 official theme song composed by music producer Tetsuya Komuro (51) entitled “THX A LOT”.

The live started from 2 pm to 9 pm, rocking the audiences with 7 hours live performance.

Komuro emerged the event as a surprise guest, “To commemorate the 10 year anniversary, this song was made, thanks to everyone who participated. It would be nice if it becomes your humming song once you leave this place.”

‘THX~’ was only performed in Tokyo on August 28th. The artists voice echoed at the night sky of Chofu that was decorated by fireworks, ended this major summer event with 54,000 spectators.

Ringtone of the songs, will be included in solo album that is going to be released this fall.

[Artists Performers – Kumi Koda, GIRL NEXT DOOR, ICONIQ, Kie Kitano, SPEED, AAA, Remioromen, DJ Hello Kitty, Risa Hirako, IKKO, Every Little Thing, May J, Otsuka Ai, Goto Maki, JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN, TRF, Ayumi Hamasaki, a-nation’s party (order of appearance)]

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[TRANS] 100828 A-nation ’10 in Tokyo – Fan Account

The three of them all had expressions of bliss on their faces. Their hearts seemed to be filled with happiness.

I cried during ‘Colors’.
In Junsu’s ‘Intoxication’, he was like a fish swimming in the water, his body was so flexible and relaxed and he seemed really happy. How should I say it… I just felt that he was full of happiness and contentment.
Yoochun’s gaze, his expression of joy, the warmth in Jaejoong’s eyes when he was looking at his members, I could really feel their happiness.

I’m thankful to have had such a wonderful summer.
Even though today marks the end of my summer,
being able to feel such contentment from them has really completed it.
Those of you going to see tomorrow’s performance, please bring along my share of support.

Credits: t.sina.com.cn/tvxqcnfans + たけこの部屋
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[TRANS] 100828 JYJ – A-Nation Twitter Update

The super long line at JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN’s good stand! Thanks for lining up here since early ☆ http://tweetphoto.com/41784699

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[TRANS] 100822 A-nation Osaka (Fanaccount)

A-nation 2010

The past two day’s concerts have both been successfully carried out.
To JYJ and everyone who has been to the performances, you have worked hard.

“This year they won’t be participating right?” These types of thoughts have crossed my mind, but JYJ did confirm they were going. I’ve really waited for so long for the day that I am able to see them live.

Inside and outside of the venue, there were many orange objects. If JYJ were to see this, they’d be very touched.

Around 6:30, they finally came out.
“Woaaaah~” The cheering was unbelievable. The three of them were just too handsome~

When they came out, Jaejoong looked like he did on the first day of their debut, and I’m not sure why but his eyes seemed to be slightly red.

However, when he was being the MC and started talking, he seemed very lively, very happy, I’m glad~

Yoochun seemed a bit skinnier.
His hair seemed really natural, not straightened or dyed.

How come his hair is so black?

Because the two next to him had brown hair, his hair seemed a lot darker.
Yoochun who I finally see after such a long separation, is so handsome~ it is really dangerous~

Junsu is blonde, and seemed very lively, but very cute. When the performance began, he became completely serious and charismatic.

Unfortunately, the angle for photography wasn’t very good, which is a pity.
I think one of their sleeves was ripped? Oh please! Please prepare a better outfit!
Come to think of it, every year their outfits are always of similar design..

When Yoochun and Jaejoong were performing Colors~M&H, they high fived~
Their expressions in the photographs were just too cute!

Woah~ So many things happened that made me want to faint~
I was wondering, “Will they sing ‘W’?” Turns out they did.
Especially Jaejoong’s last bit, sweaty, breathy Jaejoong!

It’s really been a while since we last saw them being this lively together, but even so, they’re still standing in front of us singing! I was deeply touched by these feelings.

Also, yesterday was the SMTOWN concert as well, Homin must be working very hard too.
I’m sure they put on a very charismatic performance~

On the same day, the five people who were performing on two different stages, still conentrating hard to put on a great performance.
But the five of them are still as Yoochun said, getting along as smoothly as water.

They are definitely like that. Like Yoochun said they are.

I wonder where they went to celebrate tonight~
Unless they immediately returned to Korea to finish filming the drama?

Ha~ Oh well, at least yesterday I was able to happily pass the night with my favourite, JYJ ~☆

Source: Celinsai@TVXQbaidu
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100822 Fan Account – A-nation ’10 Osaka Day 2

Yesterday when we saw the close up of Junsu doing body waves, a lot of people really lost it (laughs)
The amount of screaming that went on when Junsu was dancing could’ve made at least 2 to 3 people faint.

‘Colors’ by Jaejoong & Yoochun
The soulmates which grasped each others’ hands when they passed one another.
At the end, right before their harmony, I thought they were going to start singing, but then Jaejoong walked to the front of the stage, stood for a while and walked back.
Yoochun looked a little helpless (laughs)
Of course, in the end, they still delivered the perfect harmony.
The natural clutz Jaejoong and the confused Yoochun, they’re just adorable ^^
Their harmony is heavenly!!

‘Get Ready’
The dancing was absolutely perfect, and the atmosphere was amazing!

‘Long Way’
Jaejoong got a little too into it, so his voice seemed much stronger than the others and went a little off key (laughs)
Mr. Technician, Jaejoong is a careless boy, please help him along the way~

No matter how many times I’ve listened to this song, hearing it always makes my eyes fill up with tears.
Jaejoong’s singing is just too good!
Yoochun had a towel in his hand, I think he threw it towards the audience?
Yoochun with the big forehead, really is amazingly energetic (laughs)

Today was awesome!
Being able to see the three of them smiling all the time~
Like myself, most people left after watching JYJ’s performance (laughs)
They’ll be performing in Tokyo next week, I really want to go!!
But I heard it’s really hard to get tickets…
Those of you who will be at the Tokyo performance, give them your enthusiastic support!!

Credits: ameblo + TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100821 A-nation ’10 Osaka Day 1 (Fanaccount)

A-nation’s first concert in Osaka ended around 7:00PM
And JYJ’s performance began around 6:30
JYJ were the 3rd to last group to enter on stage

★Today’s live concert, there were a lot of Orange
The moment JYJ appeared on screen, the live area that was already high became even more excited
It was already getting dark outside, red lightsticks glowing is very beautiful
Of course there were many fans of other artists present, but there were really a lot a lot of Tohoshinki fans
Everyone stood up at once
The first song is いつだって君に
Jaejoong came out first, his eyes were a little red, I felt like he is skinnier
Next is Yoochun, with the haircut he looks more stylish
It seemed like Junsu’s hair was purposely made a little messy, very cute~
His blond hair is very hot, it suits him

★Junsu’s Intoxication! Still very charismatic!
Every time he swings his hips, everyone couldn’t help but to scream nonstop
At that time, suddenly saw the sleeves of his outfit coming off!!
Is it torn? Or is it an outfit designed so it could be with sleeves or sleeveless?
After discovering his sleeves problem, Junsu almost couldn’t continue with his charisma
But still, very hot!

★Jaejoong and Yoochun Colors ~Melody and Harmony~
In the end when they sang “in love”, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s voice harmonized so beautifully like in Tokyo Dome
They were smiling at each other, holding hands, very warming
During the fourth song ‘Get Ready’, there was a new dance, feels like everyone there were together, this song really is happy!
Saw on the web, their rehearsing pictures, then saw them dance it in real life
The fifth song ‘Long Way’! The lyrics were displayed on the screen, very touching, makes people want to cry.
Before at the concert I didn’t get to fully appreciate this song, it makes me so happy to hear it again today

Last song W! Still evoked many tears, their voices, hit the soft spot in everyone’s heart

Even though some people have said Jaejoong cried in the end, I didn’t see it myself

In the last part, Jaejoong missed a beat, not sure if he was chocking back tears, or if it was just a mistake
In reality, I don’t want to see Jaejoong cry again…
Getting to see the lively performance by them three, it was amazing!

Source: ameblo
Credits: heyjj.cc
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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