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[INFO] Oricon Year-To-Date Chart

*1 *,561,730 **1,032 PAST FUTURE / 아무로 나미에 09/12/16

*2 *,535,705 **3,435 BEST SELECTION 2010 / 东方神起 10/02/17

*3 *,516,593 **3,180 ハジマリノウタ / 이키모노가카리 09/12/23

*4 *,505,445 *10,306 ファンキーモンキーベイビーズBEST / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10/02/10

*5 *,435,593 **2,930 5years / 키무라 카에라 10/02/03

*6 *,372,947 **1,525 爱すべき未来へ / EXILE 09/12/02 累计1,270,042

*7 *,359,715 **1,642 BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL “UNIVERSE” / 코다 쿠미 10/02/03

*8 *,347,092 *10,551 神曲たち / AKB48 10/04/07

*9 *,285,151 ***,*** あの・・・こんなんできましたケド。 / 유스케 09/12/16

10 *,272,394 *21,650 Rock’n’Roll Circus / 하마사키 아유미 10/04/14

11 *,244,983 **6,742 All the BEST! 1999-2009 / 아라시 09/08/19 累计1,677,764

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[INFO] Universal Records & CASSPH Presents “TVXQ DAY”, In Celebration Of The Phil. Album Release Of “TOHOSHINKI : BEST SELECTION 2010”!

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[TRANS] 100314 TVXQ Album Dominates Korea!

Cassiopeia’s Hot Support Continues On!

티 아라 음원-동방신기 음반 1위
2010-03-14 11:10:16

Group TVXQ and Tiara each held the album and a sound source chart
top in the first week in March of a billboard in Korea. (Counted from
February 28th ~ March 6th.)

The sound source chart is the digital synthesis chart which adds up
the number of the online sound source downloads and other digital
source orders. T-ara came first with their song “너 때문에 미쳐” in this

For the sound source chart, after T-ara was Kara’s song “루팡/Lupin”
that took the second place, followed by the Beast with their song
“Shock” being the third place. -omitted

[b]On the other hand, for the album chart, TVXQ overtook T-ara
and the Beast and took the first place album volume sale with their
best album, “BEST SELECTION 2010″!

TVXQ’s best album showed hot popularity
in Japan. It was released earlier in Japan on the 17th last month. And
after the album release, it sold record amount of 413,000 pieces in
only one week.

They broke the record set by U.S.A. rock group Bon Jovi’s “Three Days” which was sold 379,000 in 1995.

TVXQ broke the foreign artist album sale record after interval of 14
years 8 months and recorded the most first action album sale volume in
the music history in Japan.

On top of that, it was the first time ever for an Asian male singer
to occupy the first place of Oricon Weekly Album Chart which showed
TVXQ’s hot popularity in Japan.

Always Keep The Faith!

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[INFO] BEST SELECTION 2010 In Various Taiwan Music Charts

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[NEWS] Tohoshinki Japan’s Best Album Is Crowned Their First Double Platinum Award

The figures from the RIAJ has been recently updated, and Tohoshinki’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” has achieved the ‘double platinum’ status.

Double Platinum / 5 years / Kimura Kaera
Double Platinum / BEST SELECTION 2010 / Tohoshinki
Platinum / BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL “UNIVERSE” / Koda Kumi
Gold / Sports / Tokyo Jihen
Gold / Nodame Cantabile Coda / Nodame Cantabile
Gold / Nodame Cantabile Special BEST! / Nodame Cantabile
Gold / PHANTOM MINDS / Mizuki Nana

Source: [RIAJ]
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[TRANS] 100309 First Time Ever! Exceeded 500K!

TVXQ Album: “Best Selection 2010” 503,761 Pieces Sold!

K-Plaza News Translation:

“Best Selection 2010” which was released last month on the 17th
recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number.

TVXQ sold over 500,000 pieces of album,
which is their first breakthrough for a single album sale
after an interval of five years activities in Japan.

The best album of TVXQ recorded in total of 459,796 pieces of sale
until the end of February and occupied the first place in a day, in a
week and in a month at Oricon Ranking.

On the other hand, there has been a big news in Japan when Jaejooong’s
individual drama appearance was confirmed. (-omitted)

Jaejoong will perform in Japanese in the drama of a youth group of five
men and women who got to know each other through twitter.

To Japanese media source, Jaejoong said, “I will do my best!” and
talked about his enthusiasm toward an upcoming drama.

This is his first Japanese drama debut in Japan and Jaejoong
is working hard with his Japanese training and also his acting skill intensively.

The Korean fans sends hot eyes to an appearance of Jaejoong in this new
drama not to mention Japanese fans.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://www.k-plaza.com/news/enter_news_3295
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[TRANS] 100304 From Best Selection To Romance, Junsu’s One By One Recount

Q: It’s been 5 years since you debuted in Japan. When everyone debuted, you were only slightly older than 20 years old, but now you are all adults. Now, the anticipated Best Selection 2010 is finally being released, could you each please talk about your heart’s “BEST OF BEST” song?
JS: I think it is Mirotic. Looking at it from the style aspect, this is a song that challenges one in many ways, looking at it from the results aspect, this is a song that matches TVXQ’s image well. Powerful & charismatic, many people regard this song as the most TVXQ-like song.

Q: Then, even though you yourself may not think it is the best, but if you had to choose a song for your loved one, what song would you choose?
JS: I would choose 明日は来るから(Asu Wa Kuru Kara; Because Tomorrow Will Come). Although TVXQ has sung many types of romantic songs before, this song uses a direct method to depict the idea of “I will protect you”, hence it is suitable for my loved one. I am also one who wants to protect whoever I love.. although other than in romance, there are other times when I also feel like protecting. (When being protected?) ^^

Q: Reminscing all the songs you’ve released till now, on the whole, what overall impression should it give? Your thoughts when Best Selection 2010 was released should have been different from how you felt when you released normal albums..
JS: Mmhmm, when releasing Best Selection, we made a concerted effort to choose the best songs, these should also be what many people want to hear. For this point, I am very happy.

Q: Everyone has improved in various aspects along with the songs. So from now on, we will enter the segment on “Being Manly Celebrities”. Firstly, what kind of person do each of you think you are? Please state some good and bad points.
JS: I have no good points ^^. Let’s just put it this way, I don’t think I have any. Others think it is my decision-making capability.. I basically belong to the category of people with positive personality, if it’s not meant to be, I will definitely give up. Flaws.. there seem to be none too. Just kidding. There’s a lot. One of them is that I really hate losing, even if it’s just a minor loss, I won’t admit it. Recently, however, I’ve matured slightly and will not be so immature. However, in men, hating to lose isn’t really a bad point!?

Q: Then what type are each of you when it comes to facing love?
JS: For me, two people are all. There must be enjoyment, as well as calmness, considering both parties. I myself, when in love, will undergo a major emotional change, I don’t know what it will be like in the future. So, it’s best not to think too much, Nature will lead the way.

Q: How do others want to protect girls?
JS: (If during a date, they meet gangsters) I will carry my girlfriend and run away! I will run away at full speed, I have full confidence at being able to escape!

Q: So direct and so reliable. So in the end, what kind of man do you want to become? Please share with us your goals.
YC: I want to become a tactful person. In this way, I will be clear about what I myself want.
JS: Me too. I want to be tactful towards all things. I want to become a man who can take care of others. Other than that, if I can continue singing in the future, I’d be content.

Source: Xiahking & Poplez
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[INFO] 100303 “BEST SELECTION 2010″ Number 1 In Oricon Monthly Chart!, Ranked Number One In The February Monthly Chart!

Ranked Number One in the February Monthly Chart!

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[TRANS] 100228 Album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ On CD TV

T/N: Starting around 0:22, white vertical characters, red background
“Ranked No. 1 for the first time with this album. Their first best album is a record setting album, full of new records!”

T/N2: Starting around 1:02, narration
6 albums out of the top 10 have made their first appearances.
The winner of the first apprearances was Tohoshinki’s “BEST SELECTION 2010″!

T/N3: Starting around 1:12. Break out is ranked 11th in the weekly single ranking.

source: DBxTOHO6 @ youtube
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[INFO] BEST SELECTION Surpasses 300K On 3rd Day

  • 1 32,630 東方神起
  • 3 4,341 木村カエラ
  • 4 AAA
  • 5  倖田來未
  • 6  茅原実里
  • 7 The Birthday
  • 8 テイラー・スウィフト
  • 9  藍坊主
  • 10 May J.

Oricon Day 1 (17th) 228,542
Oricon Day 2 (18th) 69,063
Oricon Day 3 (19th) 32,630
Total : 330,235

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