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[Trans] Kikuchi PD Blog Update

Deluxe folk village in Odaiba……

It’s been a year since the Kitty Brothers (appearance)

I received sunflowers from JYJ

This year I also want their appearance.

From today it has been 8 years since Sakazaki-san’s “folk village” has opened. JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN thank you!

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[TRANS] 100217 Max Matsuura’s Blog Update

Tohoshinki’s Best Album in Perfect Form

As soon as the album went on sale, it
created a breakthrough with a total of 650,000 copies shipped out.

Starting from yesterday, CD shops in Shibuya,
Shinjuku, and other places all around
Japan have been on a Tohoshinki craze,
and the stores have had long lines in front
of them since the time they opened.

Additionally, 23 shops throughout Japan
are having a extended SPECIAL DAY counter,
and the special goods also went on sale.

Moreover, one thing that really caught
my attention is that
a lot of female fans were lining up
in front of CD shops at noon,
but it changed drastically at night,
as a lot of male customers were having
trial listening of Tohoshinki’s best album.

Their music has touched the audience regardless of gender.

I have a feeling that this will become a bigger and bigger break.

The history of Tohoshinki who started everything
from scratch in Japan and walked their way up steadily,
their diligence and unceasing efforts,
their passion for music,
their “feelings” of towards each and everyone of their fans;
all of them are included in the album.

This is a best album with a very deep meaning,
so please support “BEST SELECTION 2010”!
T/N: If you want to send Max Matsuura a message,
we will help you to post it on his blog.
Please leave your message HERE.

Source: Max Matsuura’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100214 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-02-13 17:33:09
Live Coverage 4

Working on the subs,
I was in tears before I knew.
Am I stupid?

I am now working on the climax scene.

2010-02-13 18:26:32
Are there any fans of HyoJoo-chan here?

I’m near the last scene.
HyoJoo-chan was so cute, with superb expressions.
Suddenly, I had to call her.

I was able to speak to her. With HyoJoo-chan.

“Now Korea is the new year’s holiday.”
she said.
So cute

So I said in return
“Happy New Year.”

She was really cute.

2010-02-13 22:39:25
Almost dead……….

I’m dead.
I was choking during my works, and had to take some medicine.
It was a painful task.

I think that I’ve done a year’s work.

For the meantime, my works which I can carry out at my house is finished.

Now, we have to bring this up to the editorial office, and the true works will start.
(My subs will be added to the video, and then
we have to change or omit the lines.)

We have a long way to go.

But, I think that I can at last see the goal.

Thank you for all of your cheers and supports.
I am very grateful for all the people who come to this blog
and leave their warm messages.

(few sentences omitted)

2010-02-13 22:46:00
“In my dreams?”

About Jaejoong’s lines which I’ve previously written,
well, many are saying it that it is snobbish.
I myself can say those words,
but I would be hurt if others say so.

Of course it is snobbish, but these lines are not only seducing words of a handsome man,
but, the word is the key word, going through the whole story.

I think that you will completely agree … after looking at the movie.

See you.

source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100206 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-02-06 03:26:36


Thank you Fumi-san, who gave me your comments.
I would really like to see your works,
the “Heaven’s Postman” poster that you’ve made.

The reason why I am saying “Breaking the rules” is that ,
I suddenly spoke to a person who had made a comment here like a twitter.
I would do this a lot more in the future.
Well, maybe just saying it again. Tomorrow, my mood may change….

(few sentences omitted)

To a ToJaeTen member, did you go to Korea?
Thank you for sending me the brochure (small poster) of Heaven’s Postman.
I have it hung on the wall of my house.
Not my office, but my home.
I have not received it before, so I was very delighted!
I hung the poster under the poster of “Halfway” (T/N: Kitagawa was the director & scriptwriter for this movie.)
Both are skies. Pictures of the skies.

“Heaven’s” subbing is still along the way.
Does the Korean word “ajik” mean “mada”? (T/N: not yet)
I’m sort of learning Korean words. You can, when you make the subs.

Unexpectedly, I’m stuck at the work.
I should do it, I should work on it.

Oh, it is such a late time.
Day-night reversal…

(few sentences omitted)

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100112 Yu Kigoshi’s Blog Update

2010-01-10 20:45:30
A message from Yunho’s father…

To tell the truth, I have already sent a simple new year greeting by email to Yunho’s father, before I planned the project “Send messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father.”
I have received his reply.

Though he should be very busy, he sent me a very polite and long message.

Since this is a personal mail between Yunho’s father and me, I could not inform you in details here, but as all of you should know, Yunho is recently doing a lot of volunteer activities.

Yunho’s father seemed to be busy from December, in order to support Yunho’s activities.

Since I did not do anything together with my father from when I was little, to be honest, I envy the two of them.
When I met Yunho’s father during the interview for my book “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 2″, I felt that although Yunho’s father is very strict, I felt that he was always caring for Yunho. In addition, I felt that “the two are always connected to each other” by hearing Yunho’s father’s precious words at that time, one by one.
After the date, I think that my way of thinking has changed, for myself, for my parents, and for my surroundings.

“I am praying for Yu-san’s health, and that god bless you. Thank you for your mail, I would like to meet you again. We would welcome you when you come to Gwangju.”
Seeing this sentence, I was in tears.

In the last part of the mail, he has again written “I am praying again that only happiness will approach Yu-san this year.”

He had trusted me at the time of the interview, and later, I was able to speak to him during meals, and it is true that the encounter was an opportunity for me to grow.

For the details of the mail, I could not disclose here, since it will disturb the privacy of Yunho’s father and Yunho. I am very sorry.

If I should explain you, Yunho used a few days of his vacation to volunteer together with his father, and for his relatives.

It seems that it is true that Yunho’s father is through hardships for both mind and body by groundless rumors….

Reading the email, I thought that all your messages should heal the hearts of the two.

If I can, I would like to do the same for the remaining 4 members.
But I don’t have enough power, and inside me, I have a conflict that I should not attract so much attention.
(There are many opinions to my current project, too….)

I will make every possible effort in order to send your messages.

I will try to send your messages as soon as possible.
Please wait awhile.

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 091226 Avex CEO Max Matsuura’s Blog Update

I am writing this watching Music Station.
Merry Christmas!

T/N: Though there were many avex artists as EXILE and ayu participating in yesterday’s Music Station Super Live, I can see that max has uploaded his message just on the timing Tohoshinki appeared on stage, around 20:00. Here I can see Matsuura shachou’s kindness and consideration to Tohoshinki and the fans. Though he does not directly speak out many times, I can read from his words a big yell & support to Tohoshinki and fans, which makes me respect him more and more.

T/N2: If you want us to leave your comments in Matsuura’s blog, pls make your comments in this thread.

Source: Matsuura’s blog
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[TRANS] 091222 CEO Max Matsuura’s Blog: From Tohoshinki Staff

Date: 2009.12.22
Time: 12:43:04

Title: From Tohoshinki Staff

Thank you for always supporting Tohoshinki.

Recently, we’ve seen many reports of fund-raising activities that claim to be done on behalf of Tohoshinki on the Internet.

Amongst these, there might be some that are making use of your feelings. As it might cause trouble, we hope that you will be very careful.

In future, we hope that you will continue to support Tohoshinki.

-Tohoshinki Staff-

Source: [Max Matsuura’s Blog]
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[TRANS] 091221 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2009-12-21 00:12:00


Thank you for informing me.
I heard Salyu’s “Halfway”.
Thank you for singing the song in the full chorus version.
Thank you, Ishihara P of NHK.
My heart was beating when I saw my name “Eriko” credited for writing the lyrics~
I want to talk proudly.
Scriptwriter Eriko Kitagawa is normal for me. (I don’t want to boast about that.)

The song was written by me, Kobayashi-san, and Salyu.
I wrote almost all the lyrics, asking Kobayashi-san to do them in my own way.
Don’t you think that it is a nice song? (Well, to be honest, it is a nice song thanks to Kobayashi-san and Salyu-chan.)

So now, I am now waiting for Jaejoong to appear.

T/N: Do you remember Kitagawa-san saying that she wants to strangle Jaejoong with her muffler (as in the movie “Halfway”) when they meet again, telling him of her tremendous efforts & helps in order to release the “Heaven’s Postman” in Japan.
Kitagawa was the movie director for the movie “Halfway”, and she also joined in writing the lyrics for the theme song “Halfway” (by Salyu). “Halfway” was also sung in yesterday’s Music Japan Christmas Special.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] Max Matsuura Blog Update

Today at 14:00, we have decided to release information about Best Album. This is something that is already planned since the beginning of the year.

So it’s not something which we just suddenly decided lately at all.

We are still struggling.
Please understand that we never give up, we’re still seeking the very best way to promote them, our policy has never been changed.


Writing something like this, maybe there’s a feel that it sounds a very businesslike.

But releasing a best album, it’s not a say “(They’re) going to break up!” to any artists.

This is something that has been decided long time ago.

Other “AVEX” artists indeed have always released their best album,
We know that releasing a best album may directs to many pros and cons, however

Up until now, we never give up anything, and we’re still doing the job we’re supposed to do.

Honestly, we don’t know the result yet, it’s impossible to promise anything, but the only thing we can promise is

The fact that we will always do our best just like we always tell.

credit: max matsuura blog
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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