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To start off the year, the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. We are now sharing the report with you guys so that we can all have a glimpse of what DTL has accomplished for the past year. Thank you to all the people who have visited the WordPress Blog and who have continued to support our forum throughout the years. We hope that we can again continue to make this 2013 a great year for DTL and for the boys. Jia yo everyone… Happy 2013!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 24,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

[TRANS] 100823 Shinsaibashi Stylist Nishino Blog

Hot (^_^;)))

It was dangerous temperature today!

In such situation, I went to chouettle in Umeda Chayacho.

Super popular groups, ARASHI, JYJ, wear well “kiryuukiryuu” here.

while Hiro Mizushima (T/N: Japanese model and actor) wears “AKM”


It is a very recommended shop!

And it’s now conducted its 10th anniversary campaign (^-^)v

The shop is located at the same road yet opposite side of MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System.

Highly recommended for autumn fashion!

credit: Nishino blog
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[TRANS] 100820 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

A-nation Osaka

2010-08-19 03:22:54
Enjoy the summer heat

(few sentences omitted)

Osaka performance, 21st and 22nd (both days), we will perform as Lambsey (T/N: a unit of 2 persons. Guitarist: Inoue & vocalist Yuki Yamashita) , and also with JJY.

And, the weather seems to be very hot.

The performance time (T/N: of Lambsey and JJY) are far apart, so there may be some difficulties, but a-nation is the summer festival!
I’ll try to enjoy as much as possible.

For sentimental matters… let’s leave it open until the summer ends.

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
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[TRANS] 100818 Fukutaro’s Blog Update

Jaejoong really liked my present!

I gave him tank tops.

I will redesign clothes for Six☆star to fit Jaejoong’s sizes.

Originally I made my brand for myself

so I feel sorry for you guys…

but I will resize six☆star’s clothes.

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[Trans] 100624 Tohomobile Staff Blog

Fresh feelings ♪

ChangMin who is back in Japan after a long time!
He had a photoshoot in a Japanese wooden house ☆

ChangMin said, “Something Japanese-styled like this feels very fresh, doesn’t it!”
ChangMin matched the Japanes-styled atmosphere more than what we expected, and it was very good ♪



Unlike usual, ChangMin also went with this style!??

For a fashion magazine’s photoshoot, he got to wear clothes that he couldn’t normally wear and said that he was very happy (^o^)


After the photoshoot…

ChangMin was signing autographs on the polaroid pictures, and each of them is a picture of a different outfit ♪

After this, we was going to have an interview!



He still had more and more photoshoots!
Next is the photoshoot for “SPUR” magazine which will be published on 8/23!

He was checking the pictures of himself!
ChangMin looked very very happy~ (LOL)!!


Doing my best~!

We immediately approached ChangMin when he had his break time~!

“Everyone, long time no see~^^
How’s everyone doing? I’m doing my best at the photoshoots~!
by ChangMin”


I’m eating no~w ♪

ChangMin was having sushi and grapes-!
Changmin got overly excited saying, “Wahhh! This is amazinggg!!” (LOL).

He ate them immediatel~y ♪

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[Trans] 100618 Tohomobile Staff Blog

He was at “XIAH” Release Event~☆ Snapshot of XIAH junsu in front of his dressing room’s panel!

Since he was very close to the fans, it seems like he was embarrassed, but he said that thanks to the passionate support of fans, he was very very happy! ♪

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100616 Kikuchi P Blog Looking Forward To More Musical Aspects From Jejung

Kikuchi P is Fuji TV’s entertainment production department head.
He produces and is in charge of Fuji TV music programs.

Also, I went to the Bayshore (Wangan) studio yesterday!
I sent Jejung a gift when there was a break for the filming of Sunao.
Wearing a Doctor-styled polo shirt, he was very energetic!
I will be looking forward to you in terms of music!

Source: [fujitv + baidutvxq]
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[INFO] 100613 Eriko Kitagawa Blog Update

Well, after careless preparation. Now everyone is already at Dome. See you soon.

Then, my favorite song is Yuchun’s, what is the official title of it?

source: Eriko Kitagawa twitter
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[TRANS] 100612 Kyo Nobuo Blog Update: It’s a Great Evening!

It’s a great evening!

Hey sorry for the late update.

Today I had seen Yuchun, Junsu, and Jejung live at Tokyo Dome.

Either it’s because I didn’t go to many live before or it’s because the crowd, I became very nervous (laughs)

It’s really crowded.

Why am I nervous?

Yeah. I actually do feel that.

There were numerous celebrities who also came as guests.

I feel like in different world.

The live was better than expected!

I listened to many songs and also watched a lot of dance.

Even when it ended, there were still so many celebrities stayed.

It’s so unfamiliar to me.

To meet them at work, it’s alright, but it’s different to meet them in private occasion.

But I’m okay if the person is friendly.

More important than that, I want to send applauses to the three people who had attracted so many audiences. Because of them, a lot of people can be taken to a wonderful world.

Also since I never play at Tokyo Dome. (laughs)

Now I knew the real pleasure of live, and reconfirmed myself who was not able to have consciousness as celebrity yet.

I will sleep early today.

Good night.

source: Kyo Nobuo official blog
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[TRANS] 100613 Kikuchi P Blog Update


I’m reeaally looking forward to it
Tokyo Dome
I’ll be going there
Wait for it!

Until later…

Source: [Kikuchi P Blog + tvxqchamie]
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