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BoA and Tohoshinki have been chosen for the “Artist Hall of Fame” by the online store “Amazon.co.jp”.

To commemorate “Amazon.co.jp”‘s 10th year anniversary of service, 111 people/groups of artists and authors have been selected for the “Artist & Author Hall of Fame” based on customer order requests and customer reviews, for their contribution of splendid work.

As singers from Korea, BoA and Tohoshinki are lined up shoulder-to-shoulder with other Japanese artists.

Others selected for the “Artist & Author Hall of Fame” include: AKB48, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, and of course, Arashi, as well as economics critic Kenichi Ohmae and novelist Murakami Haruki.

Source: [STARNEWS/Chosunonline]
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[TRANS] 100901 HoMin – Airplane to LAX with Boa part 2

Currently boarding the plane!! On our personal plane, go go ssing!! The head covers behind us have our concert logos on them, such great sense!! Bye everyone, we’ll have a safe trip ^^

Source: [BoA’s Twitter]
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[TRANS] 100807 U-Know Yunho Showed His Support To BOA

(only parts related to Yunho were translated)

SJ Kim Hee Chul, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, actress Lee Yeon Hee and the other celebrities who are under the same company had visited Boa to show their support to her comeback stage after cessation of her activities in Korea for 5 years.


On that day, Yunho who had no time for his poster shooting due to musical ‘Goong’ practise, still took time out from his busy schedule to give support to his senior Boa who is under the same company as him by visiting her at KBS recording site.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 允浩家族
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[TRANS] 100805 HoMin Congratulate BoA

To BoA ♡
Ah BoA~! Good luck with your comeback!~☆
Show everybody who you are on stage~♡
You are at the top of the world!… I’m looking forward to your album~!

Hello everybody~ This is Changmin!
At last, BoA sunbae’s 6th album that we’ve all been anticipating is going to be released!
Since this is BoA sunbae’s 10th anniversary, please show her your warm and everlasting love!!
She’ll use her amazing singing and dancing to awaken everybody’s eyes and ears.
I promise! ^^ Also, isn’t she a beautiful girl!
Where else are you going to find an artist like her?! Hehe
Everybody get excited!


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[TRANS] 100805 Yunho – Boa’s Twitter

“I met a friendly face at the company: Soccer King Yun-dol!! I’m tiring from my rehearsals for my comeback stage.. Yun-dol’s rehearsals are starting just now keke Hwaiting, Yun-dol^^

Source: BoA’s Twitter
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[NEWS] 100514 “Avatar” Producers To Film BoA, TVXQ Concerts In 3D

Korean idol group TVXQ performing at concert [SM Entertainment]

Director James Cameron and his team of producers behind Hollywood blockbuster pic “Avatar” have agreed to produce the music videos and concert videos for BoA, TVXQ and other artists under agency SM Entertainment (SM) in 3D format.

Cameron — currently in town for the annual Seoul Digital Forum — met with Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics’ executives and SM founder Lee Soo-man at the “3D Content-Related Cooperation Plan” event, held today at Samsung offices in Seocho District, where they announced news of the collaboration.

According to the plan, “Avatar” producers will be filming SM artists’ music videos and concerts in 3D and electronics giant Samsung will use the 3D content in the company’s worldwide marketing plan for its 3D television products.

The filming for the 3D concert is expected to begin “around June” in Korea, presumably at live music concerts featuring BoA, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation.

Producer and entertainment mogul Lee Soo-man expressed his anticipation, saying “I am proud to be able to work with a global company like Samsung Electronics and the best team of producers in the world. I think we will come up with the best 3D content.”

Female pop singer BoA, who also attended the event with TVXQ members Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, commented, “I am glad and excited to take part in such a fantastic event. I will try my best to become an artist who approaches fans with great content.”

The TVXQ singers said they will “work hardest to create a new kind of cultural content.”

SM Entertainment, considered one of the top talent agencies in Korea, just yesterday disclosed information on its earnings for the first quarter of the year, indicating its most successful first quarter to date.

The firm recorded operating profits of 10.4 billion won, or over nine million dollars, during the three month period, which is an increase by an astounding 471 percent from the same period last year.

BoA has been one of the most successful K-pop artists since first making her debut ten years ago and is one of the first Korean artists to make a major breakthrough into the Japanese music industry. She also made her U.S. debut in March 2009.

Five member boy-band TVXQ is also one of Asia’s top artists with reportedly the largest fanbase in the world but they have ceased working as an entirety since July last year after three of its members, namely Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, became embroiled in a legal battle with SM.

Korean pop singer BoA [SM Entertainment]

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[NEWS] BoA – 2 TVXQ Members “We Will Work Hard For Activities To Produce A Good 3D Content”

Singer BoA together with 2 members of TVXQ U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin finally appeared in front of Korean public after a long time.

The three on May 14th at 11:00 am attended SM Entertainment and Samsung Electronics’ collaboration press conference in regards to expansion of 3D-related content, meanwhile the producer of the agency, Lee Soo Man attended along with them.

At the event day, SM and Samsung through the press conference described thoroughly the business direction they’re going to conduct with the director of 3D movie ‘Avatar’, James Cameron.

After opening remarks by BoA on stage, producer Lee Soo Man said, “It’s nice to meet all of you in this place, and that we’re able to attend this event together. I have a high expectation for an upcoming movie that will be produced for SMTOWN.”

TVXQ U-Know Yunho also said, “It’s a good opportunity to have a 3D production, frankly 3D content is new to the culture, so I’ll work hard for that. We ask many love and support in the future as well.” Changmin added, “It’s an honor to me to be able to attend at this place for 3D Content Leadership Collaboration. Indeed it’s a good project, thus I will try to give my best in creating a good content.”

The main issue of this collaboration with Director James Cameron of Avatar is to produce music and concert videos of SM Entertainment artists in 3D and Samsung will take the advantage for the 3D content in marketing their 3D TV.

Samsung Electronics with production team of Avatar from Director James Cameron has already held a Full HD 3D LED TV Global Launch event at New York Time Square in last March, and at the event, the 3D video of Black Eyed Peas live live performance was captured, ever since the 3D TV has been actively marketed.

source: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[Trans] 100225 ‘Queen of Enka’ Kim Yeon Ja Says “BoA-TVXQ’s Hallyu Activities Are Amazing”

Famous Hallyu Trot singer Kim Yeon Jae highly praised BoA and TVXQ on their Hallyu activities.

At the press conference that was held at the World Ruby Room at the Lotte Hotel in Jamshil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 24th for her nationwide tour, Kim Yeon Ja said, “BoA and TVXQ are truly amazing.”


Regarding Korean singers who enter the Japanese market as Hallyu stars, Kim Yeon Ja said, “Before, it was disheartening to see celebrities entering Japan without doing any research and just singing. To be active in Japan, you have to be knowledgeable about the country but there are a lot of juniors who entered the market without any preparations.”

But Kim Yeon Ja praised some of her other juniors and said, “But now, a lot of celebrities learn the Japanese language and the culture before they enter the market. These days, they are smart and know how to succeed. BoA and TVXQ speak Japanese more fluently than I do. I don’t know how they did so well in such a short amount of time.”

She also stated, “If I ever get the chance to stand on one stage with TVXQ and BOa, I would work very hard with them.”


source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] 100130 Hiroshi Tamaki: “TVXQ And BoA Who Are Advancing To Japan Are Great.”

Hiroshi Tamaki, an actor-singer who is active in Japan praised South Korea singers.

On his third visit to South Korea as a singer, Newsen visited and had an interview with Hiroshi Tamaki. “South Korea singers who have activities in Japan such as TVXQ and BoA, I think they’re amazing.” he said.

Hiroshi Tamaki continued, “They even sing in Japanese, it’s not easy to do that kind of thing and they look great.”

“When I see the features of Korean singers having activities in Japan, I had a thought that the gap between Korea and Japan is somehow getting closer. Hopefully I can be someone who bridges between the two nations as well.”

source: newsen
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[NEWS] SNSD Tiffany And Jessica Mentioned DBSK In Soompi

Soompi: Well, since you’ve been here, you’ve obviously met a lot of people in the entertainment industry since you go to a lot of performances and events. Who have you met that has blown your expectations out of the water. Like, you had a lot of respect for them before but when you met them, you were amazed.
Tiffany: [pause, thinking] Definitely BoA. And I mean, she still tends to amaze the world.
Jessica: [thinking] Um… for me… Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Tiffany: [cuts in] Yeah, I have to say that, too. They’re so professional.
Jessica: Yeah, they’re like different people.
Tiffany: That’s why we admire both of them. BoA unnie, she’s tiny and little and cute and completely lovable. And she goes onstage and she’s completely different.
Soompi: She’s got a lot of power onstage.
Tiffany: With both of them, that’s something that we definitely admire. When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they’re like different people, and that’s what we admire.

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