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911 is over, SMTown is over. Listening to the screams of desperation on the audio stream had so many of us crying rivers. This explosion of emotion is the result of a year’s worth of waiting…

Yes, because they’re TVXQ, they are our TVXQ, whether it be 2 or 3, we’ll accept them all the same. As long as you’re good and well, as long as you’re able to stand on that stage, even if there’s only one of you, we’ll love you all the same, because it is Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu that we love, but above all, it’s TVXQ.

Watching rookies appear one after another in Korea, watching their popularity rise and yours drop has made no difference to us. We cannot and will not forget. Seeing other artists perform on stage may give us a moment of satisfaction, but then we see the five of you, and you never fail to leave us in awe with your talent. The reason you’re so well loved across Asia is because you’re worth it. This is why your fan cafe numbers are still sky high at 780,000. Because we’re willing to love you for the rest our lives~~~

We will never give up until we see that you’ve found your happiness, and when the day comes, we’ll bury you deep down in our hearts~~~

I know there is a lot that Cassiopeia is afraid of talking about, we’re afraid of watching videos, afraid of seeing photos or even reading news. We find solace in other artists. I’ve been through that too, I was afraid of the internet, but I was never able to forget, ever. It was a period of constant heartache…

Even if you cannot let go, try and accept them the way they are. Regardless of the current situation, the men that we love have remained. Their smiles and laughter may be a little empty, a little forced, but they’ve also become that much stronger, and so we should wait. We must wait for their return, and when they do, we’ll give them and give ourselves the most beautiful red ocean and cherish the world that belongs to us alone. Until then, we must wait, even if loving them means not being able to let go, eventually we’ll get used to the pain and learn to love that too~~~

We look forward to seeing another red ocean on October 23rd, one for the other three at the exact same place, Hongkou~~. We’ll scream Dong Bang Shin Ki with everything we’ve got and we’ll wait.

Because we were separated to be reunited and we will continue to believe.

Credits: 耗子的花老婆@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[TRANS] 100824 From a Mother to Cassiopeia

Hello everybody. I am a mother of a Cassiopeia and this was written quite a while ago…

My daughter pretty much never switches off her computer, she spends all day every day on Korean sites or here on Baidu, surfing the web.
I’m sure there are a lot of people here who like TVXQ as much as my daughter does, if not more.

My daughter is 16 years old. Back when she was 12 years old, I remember he buying a TVXQ album and sneaking it home. Four years have passed and many things have happened…

Ah.. My daughter, sometimes she sits in her room crying, other times laughing. Whenever we’re sat around the table at dinner, she’ll jabber on and on about TVXQ, about Yunho to me and her dad. It’s almost as though she’s gone insane.
Every now and then, she’ll talk to me about going to Korea for days and days. I remember her telling me you fans were organizing some kind of group dance this summer? (flashmob) When she was young, we used to send her everywhere and pick her up afterwards. She rarely goes on public transport because our home is simply too far away from the city. I still remember her excitement when I agreed to let her go to practice sessions for the flashmob. Her father said ‘Will you be dancing to songs of TVXQ? Don’t muck up and embarrass yourself~’ I nearly laughed.

That morning, she went off with her friends to catch the bus and still hadn’t come home after 6. I panicked. She wasn’t picking up her phone, and it wasn’t until 7 that she was finally home. Her father said in relief ‘I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it, but you managed to get back yourself’ And from then on, she went to dance practices every week, and sometimes she’d even practice in front of us. I’ve never seen her take anything so seriously before.

I remember once last year, when we were having dinner, she was arguing over something with her dad… I think it was about TVXQ. She said she wasn’t going to eat and was absolutely fuming. I kept asking, but she paid no attention to me. In the end, I found out that she’d wanted to see TVXQ in Shanghai.

In early April this year, I noticed how she seemed to always be in a bad mood, I honestly thought she was suffering from depression~~ When I brought it up, she told me ‘TVXQ’s activities have been suspended’ through sobs~ Her dad heard and commented ‘Have they disbanded? I told you idol groups don’t last for long.’ Something in my daughter’s eyes changed and she started screaming at her dead. Screaming and crying her heart out all at the same time. ‘Who says they’re disbanding?!’

To all you fans, maybe you love TVXQ as much as my daughter does. Maybe they’re the first thing you think of. You’re people who are willing to sacrifice so much, everything, for TVXQ.. People have told my daughter that she’ll stop liking them once she’s older, that she’s only interested because they’re young and handsome, but she insists that it’s because of their talent, of their charm~~

In being a fan, I hope you treat your idol as your motivation and target so that you’re able to achieve the things you want in life.
As fans, I hope you’re able to make your idols proud. TVXQ are great kids, I thought it was just an infatuation at first, but now I sincerely believe in faith and determination. Please continue to protect your idols!
Don’t forget: In protecting those you love, you must also work towards making yourself a better person and make your idols proud.

There are lots of you out there who are high school students, university students or even working adults. Please be the best you can be and keep your faith for TVXQ. Loving someone is no simple feat, you’ll understand when you grow older. But watching you guys and seeing your love for them has made me realized how much you’ve grown as a result of this fandom. You’ve all really matured.

Finally, I’d like to thank TVXQ and to thank you Cassies (is that what you’re called?) You’ve really helped my daughter along the way. She’s changed so much. She now knows the meaning of determination, of faith and belief. Everybody hwaiting!

Credits: loveuhc@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[TRANS] 100813 Typical Cassiopeia Traits

1. Characteristics

1. Female, usually born in the 80s (after ’86), single.
2. Little to no previous dating experience prior to ‘meeting’ the 5 members of TVXQ. After meeting TVXQ, dates = 0.
3. You compare everyone you meet with the boys and nobody seems to meet your standards besides the 5 of them.
4. You refuse to imagine what life would be like for them after they’re married and you feel an immediate dislike towards any female that appears beside them.

2. Process

Main Reasions:
1. Love at first sight: Drawn to the boys because of their appearances, bodies and voices. Reaction to seeing each of the members:

* Park Yoochun – Ah… look at his warm gaze
* Kim Junsu – Omo! Look at that adorable smile!
* Jung Yunho – Oh he’s so manly!
* Shim Changmin – Look at that chiseled jaw…
* Kim Jaejoong – His eyes are huge… he’s so pale and his waist is tiny! (And then you look at yourself and you’re overcome with shame)

2. After getting to know them through watching variety shows in such, you fall in love with their personalities, whether it be Yoochun’s kindness, Junsu’s cuteness, Yunho’s cool, Changmin’s maturity or Jaejoong’s cold appearance and warm personality

3. After learning more and more about the boys, about the stories behind each of them, you are deeply touched and moved by their talent:

* You’re deeply moved by his (Junsu) beautiful voice and touched that he never gave up on his dream even whilst his voice changed
* You cry when you hear about Yoochun’s family and you admire his skill in playing the piano
* You’re awestruck at his (Jaejoong) ability to cook and chilled to the bone by his husky voice
* You’re impressed by genius boy’s (Changmin) quick wit, his ridiculously powerful voice and the way he managed to score full marks in his maths test despite having to practice for performances
* You’re unable to tear your eyes off Yunho as he’s dancing and rapping

4. You read anything and everything you see related to the boys, you completely lose control whenever you see photos of your bias and you incessantly collect them because you just can’t get enough. Without realizing it, you begin to compare all creatures with XY chromosomes (males) to your bias.

5. You’re greatly inspired by the boys’ determination and dedication and you try as hard as you can to do the same. You want to do well in school and to get one degree after another.

6. When you finally reach the age to start dating, you realize that most people are too afraid to ask you out because they know that you have outrageously high standards.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[TRANS] My teacher Is A Cassiopeia

I am studying in a high school in Japan, almost half of my class are Cassiopeias. Speaking of this, I must give credit to my class teacher…

My teacher is a 45 years old, beautiful temperament lady, who is responsible in teaching us chinese language. She is a humorous and nice lady. She became Cassiopeia 1 year ago and is currently intoxicated by TVXQ.

First, let me introduce the glorious history of my teacher.

She set the 7th period class of every Tuesday and Thursday as “TVXQ’s DVD appreciation lesson”. Every time, she will pull down a large screen, and plays various DVDs of TVXQ which she brought from home. There were concerts, “History in Japan” series and so on. Sometimes she will sing and dance along while watching DVD of their concerts. However, her ability in dancing and singing is a bit…… so my class usually burst into laughter because it was too funny. Once because we laughed so hard, we were scolded by school director….

Got once she finished her teaching earlier, and we got nothing to do. We were silent for a while, then she suddenly said, “Since we still got a lot of time, how ’bout we talk about TVXQ?” And all of us agreed. Then we started our “General knowledge of TVXQ” lesson. My teacher is indeed a super fans, from TVXQ’s each member’s name, height, blood group, experiences, she can remember all of them clearly. She knows almost everything I knew. She told us that she originally thought only TVXQ’s fans would listen to her when she brought up this topic. She did not expect everyone would listen to her seriously, and she was very happy.
Therefore, starting from that day, we have our own “General knowledge of TVXQ” every time we finished our lesson earlier……………..


My class is going to take part in music festival in September. When the class monitor asked our teacher which songs should we choose, without hesitation she said, “Of course is TVXQ’s song, does anyone have objections to that?” The whole class unanimously answered, “Nope!” After hearing our answers, my teacher said joyfully,”I knew you guys will answer that, you guys are the most adorable kids! Ah! You guys really understand me well!”
Finally, we decided to sing “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?” and the other song in chorus, while singing she praised “The harmony parts of TVXQ are really beautiful, we have to work hard like them too!”

Last month, my teacher went to JYJ Tokyo Dome concert and dragged her son along with her. When she came back, the first thing she told us was, “Ah! I am going to die! I was killed by Jejung!” This led to the exchanging glances from whole class. My class monitor said, “Teacher, you are not a little girl anymore, why are you so excited?”
After she finished this sentence, my teacher said, “When you mentioned about little girl, I remembered one thing. During the concert, Yuchun will invite a girl on stage when singing ‘my girlfriend’ right? So I was thinking, since he already selected 16, 17 years old girls in the first three concerts, will he select a middle-aged woman? So I asked my son, what to do if I was selected. However my son without any hesitation, answered me that it was impossible to happen. My heart immediately broke into pieces………” (omitted 10 000 words of sad description from my teacher)

There is a beautiful landscape at the back of our classroom, which is —— giant posters and calendars of TVXQ. Well, of course, that’s my teacher’s masterpiece. She said that she is more energetic in teaching us when looking at TVXQ.

These are the glorious history of my class teacher. To be honest, I have never heard of such lovely teacher.

Now we are practicing ‘Why Did I Fall In Love With You?’ and purple line. The dance steps of purple line are really difficult.
I am going to a-nation on 28th of August with my classmates. Thinking of being able to see Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, I am overwhelmed with happiness……

Lastly, I want to shout the phrase that I always shout with my classmates and teacher: TVXQ FIGHTING!

JYJ a-nation Fighting! Ho-Min SMTOWN LIVE Fighthing! I am going to attend both of them!

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 神起5Always
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[TRANS] 100731 To all of Cassiopeia: It’s been a year…

Today is a day that no Cassiopeia would ever forget. It’s been a year, and it’s gone by in a blink of an eye, hasn’t it?

We’ve waited an entire year, and in truth, it is undeniable that this period has really shown to us all how much we genuinely love our boys.

Throughout this time, we’ve had our doubts, our worries and even conflicts amongst ourselves, but all that is behind us now, we’ve made the decision to stay, and to keep waiting. Cassiopeia is a force to be reckoned with, seeing our enthusiasm, it’s almost as though nothing ever happened. Every now and then, we may speak of our boys, about how much we miss them, but it’s only because we want to see the five of them together again. We motivate one another, we encourage those around us to stay positive, and we vow to wait together; I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, of this entire fandom.

Many of us have shed tears, and yet we continue down this path because we believe. The boys have our unconditional and wholehearted faith and patience.

Some say they are charmed by our boys’ looks, some by our boys’ music, and some by our boys’ love and emotion. Me? I’m a fan of these fans.

Others may not ever be able to comprehend this kind of unconditional love that we fans have to offer, yet we sacrifice it anyway, to a point where we could almost be deemed reckless and foolish. Even if we may never see those that we love, we love them anyway, regardless of other people’s words, perception and lack of understanding.

It is magical, the way the emotions of others are able to affect our own.

Some say that to be a fan of an idol group is to inflict pain upon oneself. Groups inevitably separate, leaving fans with no choice but to focus their support on one particular member. On the other hand, we are Cassiopeia, and each and every one of us knows that we will continue to support DBSK as a whole regardless of the outcome of this difficult situation, wouldn’t you agree?

And after writing all this nonsense, my one hope is that all of you will continue to wait, to support and to protect our boys.

Those of you that have twitter, please tweet #imissdbsk, thanks!

Credits: 秀秀小兔@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[Trans] 100630 Ryoji Sonoda’s Blog – Thankful Words Lyrics Dedicated To Tohoshinki, Cassiopeia & BE

Love Song (Written By Ryoji Sonoda)
(T/N: Original lyrics below)

The distant memories
Taken from the heart
Continue with your dreams
Let’s add to their colors

Nobody knows yet,
How bright the future is

It seems like it’s sparkling
Try to trust me.

It blooms sweetly
With beautiful grace,
The soul connects so that
it protects you eternally

This pure heart
So that I do not hurt it,
Where it leads me to is,
a gentle smiling face.

We see the same sky,
We pass the same seasons
In the miracle of a meeting,
You are being loved.

It blooms spectacularly,
To release your loneliness
So that you will not be separated,
because you are held tight.

It blooms sweetly
With beautiful grace,
The soul connects so that
it protects you eternally


遥 か彼方の思い出を

未来にど んな光
僕に ほら 委(ゆだ)ねてごらん

魂 繋ぎあうように

優 しい笑顔でした


華やかに咲 き誇れ

美しく淑(し と)やかに

To: Tohoshinki, and all of Tohoshinki’s Fans. These are words to everyone in “Cassiopeia” and “Bigeast”

I thought of such lyrics as I sang, and I wrote it down. I tried to describe a sweet and gentle romance.

Even in the future, for the 5 members’ activities, together with everyone, I will be supporting them with my heart.

So that everyone will be very happy from now on.

Thank you.

・Jumon -MIROTIC-
・Purple Line
・Forever Love
・Love in the Ice
・Take Your Hands
・Beautiful Life(Japanese Lyrics)

Source: [Ryoji Sonoda’s Blog]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 100522 Cassiopeia, SM And DBSK’s Trio’s “Plea For Reconciliation Signature Campaign”

The “Plea for Reconciliation Signature Campaign” among Cassiopeia, DBSK’s Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and SM Entertainment (otherwise known as SM) has officially begun.

A DBSK fan from Japan spoke on the afternoon on the 21st on minitoday star news, expressing that, “For the DBSK whom we have cared about and supported so much, the online signature campaign asking for a negotiation of settlement between DBSK’s trio and SM has begun.”

The association also mentioned, “With an 80,000 strong fan club membership, and such a large-scale fan daum, when faced with the crisis of a sudden dissolution of DBSK, nothing brings more anguish to the fans than this issue. We hope the three members and SM will be able to settle their differences and have a successful negotiation, so that DBSK’s activities can resume.”

There are the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English versions on the website of the signature campaign. This campaign is not just limited to local fans in Korea, but international DBSK fans are also allowed to participate!

This campaign was started based on the unconditional trust placed upon the numerous fans of DBSK, along with a minority of fans who may have a different thinking and opinion.

The purpose of initiating this campaign is not to ask for a termination of the contract of the three members, but to get them and SM to coordinate for a more sensible solution.

In addition, based on the first public trial between the three members and SM company held on the 7th, if both sides still remains unchanged in their stand, the differences between them will still not be resolved.

DBSK’s three members had submitted an application of deposition to the Seoul Central District Court on 31st July 2009 regarding the termination of the exclusive contract with SM.

Furtheremore, the following part of the decision cited the Department on 27th October 2009 that “SM is not allowed to stop DBSK’s activities unilaterally. SM’s objection regarding the solo activities of DBSK was also rejected.”

T/N: The website for the online campaign was not included in this article.

Source: StarNews + Hey!JJ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100328 Special Message From Yunho

to Cassiopeia

Despite the cold, you still came, thank you.
It was a really cold weather, so I’m really worried.

But everyone was really enthusiastic, and you had cheered me so loud, I’m very grateful.

In the future, I will continue to work hard too.

From UKnow…

credit: fromTVXQ

shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

[TRANS] Letter #132 “Cassiopeia”

It’s a very familiar name, right?
If you’re a person who likes TVXQ
you will have heard of it at least once,
and you will have introduced yourself as one at least once.
We have always thought of the name ‘Cassiopeia’ so proudly
and I believe we will keep doing so in the future.
I’m here to talk about our name

Do you remember how we got the name ‘Cassiopeia’?
We got it off of the constellation ‘Cassiopeia’.
Five stars that shine brightly in the northern skies.
That is ‘Cassiopeia’.
But, there’s something you should know about ‘Cassiopeia’.
The constellation ‘Cassiopeia’
is one you can see all year round in Korea,
and it is also a constellation winter travelers use as a compass to find Polaris.

Our name,
stays in one place no matter what
and guides travelers who have lost their way,
and their hope
towards the right path to bright Polaris
That is where our name comes from.
Did you know that?
If you did, have you forgotten that?
When we chose our name as ‘Cassiopeia’,
we made a promise to ourselves.

That we’d always brightly shine upon our stars TVXQ.
That we’d shine and protect our stars TVXQ.
When they lost their way,
when they felt worn out,
We would always shine on them from one place
so that they could find their way,
so that they could find hope.

……….. We haven’t forgotten that, right?

Those feelings we had at that time,
that faith,
we still have all of those.

Do you see it?
Shining so bright in the sky,
that’s us.
It’s going to be hard.
Keeping our faith in hard times like these,
it may be hard to believe in them till the end.
But we are ‘Cassiopeia’.
I believe that what we have to do is stay right where we are and wait for them/
Those feelings we had at that time,
that faith,
we still have all of those.
In this spot,
so that TVXQ don’t lose their way,
So that TVXQ has somewhere to return to,
So that they do not lose hope,
We have to wait.
I don’t know how long this will take.
But I will wait.
Right here, not changing one bit.
Like ‘Cassiopeia’, that shone light on the path for people for thousands of years

I will shine light on the path so that TVXQ can return whenever they are ready.

Because I am ‘Cassiopeia’, for whom even the wait is sweet…
Always keep the Faith

by. 은령
Source: [Naver Blog]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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