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[INFO] 110107 Shim Changmin Is Trending On Twitter

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[Trans] 101112 ElleGirl Chief Editor’s Twitter Updates On ChangMin

ChangMin will make an appearance in the next issue of Elle Touch! This is all for this month! Sorry

People who like ChangMin~! The ELLEGirl which will be released tomorrow won’t make you regret~

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Going home after practice, bumped into ChangMin who was also practicing at the office. He calls me ‘Hyung’ everytime, and I always feel kind of embarrassed haha why is this so? You continue working hard, I’m preparing and arranging my luggage because I’m flying to Nanjing in a few hours.

Today at 02:35

source: ZhouMi’s Weibo
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At the next issue, once again this person will appear

Hello, its been a while, this is MIYACCO.

I’m actually on a “maternity leave”. I get rest for about half a year, but during the leave Elle Girl has gotten even more exciting-!!

The last work before leaving. Editor SUMIMIN has already tweeted about the report, it was our Changmin’s photo shoot-!!
Last week he came for 2 days and 1 night and went to the Louis Vuitton event, which was shown on the news but he actually did an ElleGirl photo shoot too.

This is Changmin’s 3rd time. So, we did it in a little bit special version. Of course, what Elle Girl is good at, magazine–> online –> touch (free paper) needs to be given some attention too. Also a video project we couldn’t do last time!! We did the post card picking too, and it is full with excitement. This time we had to do it in a tight schedule more than ever and we were doing the photo shoot until 2 hours before his flight had to leave *sweat*

This time we went out of the studio and did the photo shoot at a billiard/pool bar. During the breaks we were able to catch Changmin’s “real” face while he was playing billiard and darts-!!

It has been 4 months from the last interview, and it seems like he has gotten a little softer [as in chubbier] (especially his face?) and it seems like he is living a very satisfying life. He is like this every time but he is always polite, and the first thing he said was “It’s been a while! Please take care of me today (too)!” and it made me notice he actually remembers the staffs face~.

It’s before the magazine release date still, so just a bit of behind the scene story.

Last time was during the World Cup we got exciting talking about soccer. This time too, 2 days before the photo shoot, there was a soccer game of Japan and Korea so we asked “Did you watch the game at your house with Yunho?” and he said he couldn’t watch it real time due to work. Maybe he wait for the stadium!? That’s what I was imagining but….!

“Did you hear about the results right away? Or did you record it and watch it after?” he then said “I had a staff tell me right away! I’m the type that want to hear sports results right away~”. These things reveal your personality~. There are people who want to know the summary before watching a movie or drama too.

So, the exciting project of Changmin is on the next issue Elle Girl December Issue (released 11/12) so please check it out!
After the magazine is released, we will update the online project-!

Also around the release date is when MIYACCO’s due date is supposed to be. I hope I can update the blog before that.

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[Trans] 101018 SBS’s Monday-Tuesday Drama Slot To End With “Paradise Meadow”

After one year and three months, SBS’s 9pm slot for dramas on Monday and Tuesdays will be abolished.

SBS is currently airing “Dr. Champ” in the 9pm Monday-Tuesday slot, and following the steps of other broadcasting stations, it will abolish the slot next Spring.

A SBS personnel has revealed on the 18th that “‘It’s alright, Daddy’s daughter’ with Moon Chae Won, the follow up drama for ‘Dr. Champ’,and ‘Paradise Meadow’ with Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee are already scheduled to air. After the broadcast of ‘Paradise Meadow’, the 9pm Monday-Tuesday drama slot will be abolished.”

-irrelevant details omitted-

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TVXQ agency released an official statement regarding TVXQ Yunho and Changmin preparing for a duet comeback.

SM Entertainment clarified to Newsen through phone call on the 18th about the news of Yunho and Changmin are getting ready for a comeback, “There is nothing that has been decided yet,” he said, and continued, “A specific plan is not yet to release,”

SM Entertainment has been in conflicts with Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Youngwoong Jaejoong who teamed up under name JYJ and recently released a worldwide album, therefore a lot of eyes have been piercing towards the other two members’ future activities in return. Furthermore, the fact that the two members had performed their new songs in SM TOWN Concert has caused great expectations towards the preparation of their duet album.


source: Newsen
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[News] 101018 TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho Preparing for Official Comeback Next Month

TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho are preparing for a comeback! It’s been reported that they’ve completed recording the songs for their newest single, and are rehearsing the choreography. The representative also revealed that the single is due for release by the middle of next month.

The two will deliver their activities as a duet, having already performed “Maximum” together on August 21st. Unlike JYJ, who are currently opting to promote as a trio on their own, the representative stated that Changmin and Yunho will most likely perform under the name of TVXQ.

Their Japanese agency, Avex, has also announced that it is would be possible for the duo to return to the Japanese market as well.

Regarding their fans’ increasing concerns over the clearer 3:2 divide, a representative revealed, “The friendship between the five has never changed. They may be walking separate paths, but now is the time that they need their fans’ support more than ever.”

source: Sports Korea, Korean Journal, allkpop
photo: Newsis
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[TRANS] 101015 Changmin LOVE PHOTO Japan Fashion Week In Tokyo

Combining the most fashion-front popular celebrities, top Japanese photographers will shoot at the 11th Annual Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo that will start on October 18. Photos will be featured in the special edition of “LOVE PHOTO Vol.3 in JFW” planned for release on October 28. This is an event that fuses the elements of visual and charity together.

The photographers will shoot the likes of Mika Ninagawa, Mukai Osamu, Max Changmin, Nakashima Mika, Rinko Kikuchi, Anna Tsuchiya, and Masami Nagasawa among others.

The charity t-shirt will have “Fly to the world from the LOVE created in Tokyo” as the main theme. The design of making the world as the stage came from the cooperation of famous designers and the celebrities, which will be a limited edition item sold at Magaseek. Part of the earnings will go to Doctors Without Borders, Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF).

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[Trans] 101006 Changmin Interview – Goodbye Excellent Student!

November Edition – Nikkei Entertainment

Q: What did you eat today?
A:(looks at the food prepared by the staff) It’s become meat and vegetable over rice (laugh).

Q:What type of alcohol do you like drinking?
A:Beer, cold beer. But if I go to drinking places, I would have Soju and listen to rock music.

Q:What’s the most recent item that you bought?
A:Not too long ago, a PS3. It broke, but because it was so fun to play, I bought it.

Q:What games do you play?
A:Although I like RPG, I also like sport ones like “Winning Eleven” (a soccer game)

Q:What do you play in RPG?
A:Final Fantasy.

Q:So you’re really good at games?
A:I used to be really good at “Winning Eleven”, but because I didn’t play it during the time that I filmed my drama, I became a lot weaker. My friend practiced day and night without sleep at that time (laugh).

Q:What music do you listen to now?
A:Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”. I’m also obsessed with Band music. Not only do I listen to the music from rock bands, but also from a variety of bands with different genres.

Q:Do you still play musical instruments?
A:I’m learning the guitar by myself.

Q:What Japanese artist do you like?
A:Ever since the beginning, B’z. I really like them.

Q:If a girl were to give you jewelry, what would you want?
A:Although I may be thought of as rustic, for me, I would choose a necklace.

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[Trans] 100925 Changmin SWAK Interview – “I Don’t Lie”

We want to know more about you!
Personal life, ideal girls, self-analysis… everything was asked.

Despite coming to Japan on a very tight schedule, he didn’t show us any signs of fatigue. From the beginning to the end, Changmin always showed us a comfortable and steady smile. When the shooting began, he blended into the situation, expressing a feeling of masculinity that at the same time, felt pure and innocent. Showing us a variety of expressions that flaunted his charisma, the atmosphere was naturally full of happiness of which he had created.

As an artist, as an actor ascending a new stage, you will never be able to take your focus off of this future Changmin.

Photos: Mika Ninagawa

Q: Do you usually exercise?
A: Because I’ve recently become deeply interested in boxing, I will frequently go to box.

Q: How do you spend your vacations?
A: Watch movies, dramas, DVDs…

Q: Your recent obsession?
A: Boxing.

Q: Do you have a lot of friends?
A: Not a lot.

Q: What do you usually do with friends?
A: Go bowling and play basketball- things that involve sports. Then we go for a drink.

Q: Your favorite music?
A: I recently like Band (Rock) genres.

Q: What is the focus on your personal life clothing?
A: For the coming season, probably a jacket and a striped-styled clothing to match.

Q: If you could change into something one day, what would you be?
A: I want to try becoming a person related to fashion. Like a stylist or something of the likes…

Q: How would you relax after a very tiring day?
A: Go half-body bathing.

Q: Please tell us your method of relieving stress.
Exercise that makes you sweat like training my muscles.

Q: Can you cook?
A: I generally don’t cook.

Q: What type of woman really stands out for you?
A: Really, a girl that takes care of her family.

Q: When are you the most happy?
A: When I drink cold beer after the schedules of the day are finished.

Q: Do you have thoughts on getting married?
A: Around 30 years old, I’ll probably want to get married.

Q: Using one phrase, what type of person are you?
A: An earnest person.

Q: What is your ideal type of woman?
A: A lively and cheerful girl who is pure and has her own style.

Q: What is the one thing that you say to your girlfriend that isn’t tolerated?
A: There really isn’t anything like that.

Q: What do you like about yourself?
A: I don’t lie.

Q: What don’t you like about yourself?
A: It’s still, I don’t lie…

Q: Do you have a favorite actor or singer? Who is it?
A: Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Q: What was your dream as a child?
A: To become a sports reporter, and then a news broadcaster.

Q: Please leave a message for the readers!
A: In the future, I believe I will challenge may different things, so I need your support. I’m counting on you!!!

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