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[TRANS] 100613 DJ Makai Blog Update: JYJ Live

JYJ Live

I went to.

First day of Tokyo Dome.

In fact, this is my first time went to Tokyo Dome.

Yuchun, Jejung, Junsu. The fan service was so nice. and it’s cute too.

But Jejung handsomeness was passing over all men handsomeness.

The most important part, TOKYO LOVELIGHT.

It was great. They had sung the song in front of 50,000 audiences it’s really amazing.

The audiences were hype as well, I was really happy.
Nearly I cried. Truly thank you. I felt that they’re loving it (this song) because they pulled it on stage very well.

It was a really great live, I was surprised they did good elaborate even to the songs which I knew well.

Damn good singing.

I could catch a glimpse effort of them to be top artists.

Jejung said something towards the end.
In my opinion, he is a person with such strong sense of responsibility. He really thinks about his fans.

I think I’m gonna continue supporting them in the future.

Thank you!

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[INFO] DJ Makai’s Premium Remix Album” Virtual Party” To Include “TOKYO LOVE LIGHT”

DJ Makai’s Premium Remix Album ” Virtual Party”
Release Date : 2010.03.24
Price : 2,000yen(tax incl.)

Garden of Love feat.青山テルマ -Exclusive Edit-
SHINE YOUR LIGHT ON ME feat.KCO -Kaaltechs Remix-
MY ONE STAR feat.LISA -Exclusive Edit-
STAR IN MY SKY feat.BENI -Kaaltechs Remix-
TOKYO LOVE LIGHT feat.YUCHUN (from 東方神起) -Exclusive Edit-
Love So Bright feat.Ryohei -Kaaltechs Remix-
Dreamin’ feat.日之内エミ -Kaaltechs Remix-

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