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[TRANS] 100407 “Easy” Magazine April Issue Interview

Shim Changmin:

“Everyone has grown up; their ways of thinking are different as compared to before. But if we are to spend every single day together, then we might not be able to notice the changes in each other. It’s like this for me – it’s only through an interview that I could feel that I have changed. I guess it must have been the same for the others too, and I think it’s a good thing – entering this world, being able to feel pleasure, and also the hardships and sufferings an average person would not experience. Therefore, I would always think of changing for the better. Nothing can stop my pace in moving forward. I will continue to work hard in this manner.”

Jung Yunho:

“Right now, I’m still thinking about exceeding my own abilities and making greater efforts. In any case, I would blame myself first, not wanting to be hated by others because of my insufficiency. This characteristic of mine has not changed since my youth. After becoming the leader of TVXQ, I want to be placed ahead of everyone else. Everyone might have felt strained and even I felt out of breathe at times. The members’ personalities are rather similar. Even though each of them has their own way of thinking, they still need some discipline from a leader, and with that I will unwittingly become serious. I do feel impatient and frustrated too at times because of some issues.”

Kim Jaejoong:

“During the latter part of the year 2006, all the big awards during an award ceremony in South Korea were bestowed upon us. Later, after going to Japan, many people did not know us. The stage didn’t even have a podium, and there weren’t many occasions when we were given cordless microphones. Also, there was a time when we were performing “O” and the atmosphere was so cold that I wanted to die. After four years, they now have expectations for us – we will always strive for the maximum.”

Kim Junsu:

“When one is sad, and another could accompany him to cry, doesn’t that mean the person was also sharing the pain? It was very difficult for the others to understand each person’s pain and grief, in addition to his own. It seems impossible to divide the pain, but because we were having similar feelings, the pain halved. I do not know what is ahead of me, but I know who it was that recommended me to walk this path, and that’s good.”

Park Yoochun:

“I remember – because I have my members, fans, and staff along with me, I’m not alone. I still felt lonely and wanted to close my heart to the stage, and there were times when I lose confidence and courage.”

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