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[Trans] 101112 ElleGirl Chief Editor’s Twitter Updates On ChangMin

ChangMin will make an appearance in the next issue of Elle Touch! This is all for this month! Sorry

People who like ChangMin~! The ELLEGirl which will be released tomorrow won’t make you regret~

source: ElleGirl Chief Editor’s Twitter + NeverEnd + BaiduTVXQ
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credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 101015 ELLEGirl Editor Twitter Update

Today, all the shooting was completed for the November issue~
Ahhhh, it was so cute~
In the end, we started partying it up~

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[Trans] 100729 ELLEgirl Chief Editor’s Twitter – ELLEgirl August Sold Out!

To all our dear readers, thanks to you, ELLEgirl August issue has all sold out. Thank you very much!!! There might still be some shops that have a few copies left, but there are zero copies left in the company! It feels like… everyone’s supporting us~. For the next issue we’ll make pages that’ll make you happy. Please wait for 9/12.

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[TRANS] 100722 Elle girl – Changmin’s Ultimate Decision Part 1

Changmin will be appearing in the August edition of the ‘Ultimate Decision’ game. From this week onwards, 4 weekly issues will be released and the game will revolve around Changmin’s every day life and his personality. Look out for part 2 on July 29th (Friday)!

Question 1
At which pace of life do you feel the most content, when you have a lot of time or when you’re super busy?

When I’m super busy
‘Right now, I’m kind of in between the two, and it’s not that I have a problem with it, but I’d like to be more busy.’

Question 2
Which type are you, are you afraid of the cold or afraid of the heat?

Afraid of the heat
‘I like winter a lot more compared to summer, so I guess I’m the type who’s afraid of the heat. Even if I get sick because of the cold, I still like winter more.’
Despite being irritated by the hot weather, Changmin was mindful of the air-conditioning settings due to the dehydrating effects it might have on his voice and skin. This is true professionalism!

Question 3
Which do you like more, morning or evening?

‘No matter how you put it, I’m never in good shape in the morning. It was like this last night, I spent the whole night doing a magazine photoshoot but I still felt really awake and energetic afterwards.’ Changmin said that whenever he has trouble sleeping, he watches TV or listens to music. Recently, he’s been following news on Keri Hilson, who is visiting Japan to attend activities for ‘Summer Sonic’

Question 4
When you leave home in the morning, do you waste a lot of time getting ready or are you able to leave quickly?

Usually I spent 40 minutes to an hour getting ready in the morning. I shower, then I pick out my clothes… Oh and you CANNOT miss breakfast!’ This was what Changmin, who never misses breakfast, said. What’s more startling is that he always eats a whole bowl of rice in the morning! Achieving that with only 2 men in the house, it’s just completely amazing!

Credits: TVXQBaidu + neverend-scm.cc
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100714 ELLEgirl Editor’s Blog

ELLEgirl August Issue, Backstage Secret Talk 【Changmin version】
By Culture correspondent Miyacco

Everyone. Sorry for the long wait! In the ELLEgirl August issue on sale now, there’s round 2 of Project Changmin in it! At the same time, backstage and other projects will continued to be uploaded online yo!

There’s something regretful I have to tell you this time…… Like in the issue last time, everyone must be waiting for the video interview, but in fact something bad happened, and there’s no video (tears). Right till the day before the shoot, we we’re hyped up for the video, and even prepared two teams! And even though we had such a great standby like that……! However, we have many photos and backstage interviews, so please wait for those.

Well moving on, about the magazine’s interview, there’s quite a bit we want to supplement.

First is visual.

This time we could only use two cuts, so it was really hard to select them~. We were worrying right until the end about one picture that we didn’t include, but we included it in the making page even though it was small, and yet there’s also these other precious shots!

The arm’s muscles somehow look manly and cool! That was what we thought, but because it covered the face, sadly it didn’t get chosen. Such a casual pose too, just doing it without being requested to is really amazing!

Next is the interview.

First is “the things fans ask for don’t feel real”. This, is of course not because you “totally can’t feel it”, I gathered some statistics that would create a great reaction(online PV viewership numbers, data like that) and told him, and he was surprised by it, having a nuance and said “I didn’t realise that it was that good”. Then, because he was such a modest character, he spoke humbly like “no no, I’m not that good……”.

For example, when there’s clothes that fit him well and everyone praises him, he would go “no no, not at all”, and says things like, he saw his own looks already and has no confidence.

By the way, we told Justin Bieber that “you’re really popular now”, and he smilingly said “Thank you!” without a hint of modesty (laughs). As expected of an American. This might be a culture difference!

Anyway, about how passionate Changmin’s fans are, I told him clearly already, so please don’t say saddening things like “Why didn’t you tell him!!” anymore~.

Then, about the talk of him receiving energy from his family and lover, many related that to him having a girlfriend right now. From Changmin himself, he said “Although I don’t have a girlfriend” purposely before answering that question, and thought of it only as a ‘maybe’ situation! A gentleman that thinks of his lover over his friends. Japanese men might not have this idea! Different from what we’re talking about just then, Korean men are more like Westerns, I think they have a deep culture of treasuring women~. Lovely☆

Written in the making page of the magazine there’s the online project of “The Ultimate Choice”, and in the following week, there will be around four entries made. Look forward to each time, and please choose to have this or that! Even though there were near 20 questions, we thought he’ll just answer them however, but he took the time to think through each one of them to answer us…… he’s so serious! -That was what the manager said (laughs).

Without further ado, at the pace of a week, we’ll continue through with Project Changmin, don’t miss it!

By the way, we collected questions for Changmin in the blog before, we totally forgot to tell you that it’s already finished, and there’s still a lot of questions that we’re thankful for being given in…… Anyway, we’ve ended the collection of questions, and so, thank you very much! If you have anything to say, please leave a comment!

Source: [ELLEgirl Blog] + [NeverEnd]
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[Trans] ELLEGirl Official Website Update – August Issue Behind The Scenes

These 2 days 1 night with Changmin who rushed to Japan, although the day before he was busy selecting photo material late into the night, but he still walked into the photo shoot beaming. By the way, the personal clothes Changmin wore were a black V neck T-shirt, sandals on his feet, very comfortable and relaxed style

The photo shoot studio was illuminated with Hunan lights. Wont the staff there feel sleepy? When asked them, they said “no no no!” wont even let us look at Changmin’s slits. Doesn’t matter about insufficient sleep before completing all the work, maybe the nervous feeling keeps someone from feeling sleepy.

In the make-up room, with the surrounding Staff talking and laughing in half Korean half Japanese. Sometimes he laughed so hard that people on the outside could hear.

The 8th of this month we ordered the first set of clothing, truthfully the look on the entire body has this kind of feeling. Changmin says this style and his personal clothing style is more similar. Saying it like that, the day before shooting at the Chanel show, saw with personally how wore his scarf the same way.

During the photoshoot, Staff requested Changmin to “try acting as if the photographer is your girlfriend!”. The effect was looking at the balding strong facials of the photographer, MITSUO, and continueously exhibiting expressions of being in love!!

By the way, this one is MITSUO. Today he became「MITSU子」and filmed many amazing photographs for us!

These cloth and decorations are prepared for the filming. When coming to Japan, do you bring many different types of luggage? When asked him, he answers “Before, even for short stays, I would bring a lot of luggage here, but recently is lessened. Because in the end, the stuff used are very limited. Necessities only include simple stuff like skin care products. Wont use the make-up water from the hotel, only use my own.”

Because he is really busy, Changmin hardly has time to buy his own cloth. Picking out cloth for the photo shoot could give a feeling of buying cloth. Although it wasn’t chosen for the magazine cover, this time’s outfits, he seems to fancy the short sleeve “ATTO” black jacket.

Changmin and the stylist seems to get along well like friends. The friends he has good relationship with, what type of people are they? When we asked him this, he was stumped, his manager answered for him. “Watching from the side, Changmin’s friends are mostly pure and innocent” everyone likes watching sports, drinking at home, like how normal 22-year-old would live their lives.

He was stretching while waiting, Changmin rubbed his facial muscles. We asked him “You are not good with laughing?” When the staff asked, he flatly denied it…… He wouldn’t admit defeat. Its regretful that even though we mentioned it on the cover, but we really haven’t revealed Changmin’s smile, its hidden in our private possession.

In the previous filming, Changmin listened to the photographer’s instructions on striking poses, this time he was very active. He tried putting his hand in his pocket, tried changing his foot position, also had done his one hair…… very straightforward rhythm is very nice, the change is very abundant! Changmin’s photos, will be published in the August issue, must take a good look at them!!

Finally, because most of the questions from readers were about “ingredients”, after some review, this time we prepared for him, is something he hadn’t been able to enjoy for a long time, hope he likes Japanese cuisine

Refreshing foods, at Japan right now is the most fresh, imported cherries. This time coming to Japan, no matter where, cherries would be brought out.

Right after finishing filming Changmin screamed “I’m hungry”, quickly brought out the pastries and cakes, to end the day. Last time during filming was in the middle of losing weight, this time can eat to my heart’s content.

credit: Elle girl blog+neverend
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[Trans] 100711 ELLEGirl Behind-The-Shooting + Editor’s Blog

ELLEgirl Behind-the-Shooting + Editor’s Blog


Left – This time it wasn’t used as a poster
Such a masterpiece was hidden in other places!!

Right – The Changmin who had a great amount of concentration in the dressing room
During the resting periods his expression was really relaxed, but once the shooting started, he immediately started becoming enthusiastic!

Top – During the interview, because he answered questions after seriously thinking about it, saying to the staff, “I should say things a little bit more interestingly.”

Right – Personally picking the candidate who will receive the autographed polaroid! Later on it will be announced online

Left – The individual scene during shooting

This time he also gave us 3 newly signed polaroid pictures!

Tohohshinki’s Changmin – Second appearance on ELLEGirl!

Continuing on with June’s highly favored “Dream Date”, this time will be Changmin’s second project. How were the reactions of the people around regarding the cute Changmin? The president of the company said “very refreshing, it was cool.”

“This is the first time I’ve acted cutely so I feel really embarrassed,” was what Changmin said to us. When we told him about the crazy responses for his signed photos and fans’ excitement through the blog and twitter, he said “honestly, I still don’t feel the reality of the Japanese fans’ longing towards my activities, even until now, but when these all become evidence and are presented to me, I’ll bit by bit feel “happy” and smile.”

Changmin came to Japan this time as a model to shoot for a fashion magazine. In all fairness, it feels as if he has become even more perfect than the last time!

“I’ve also been asked by others if I practiced being a model at home, but I’ve really never practiced before (laugh). In a lot of photoshoots, the styles suit my habits. I think that a lot of clothes started fitting me really well after I lost weight. Maybe it’s because of the way my face has visibly become smaller.”

With the online section, “Beyonce or Lady Gaga, who would you date?” etc., there are a lot of extreme questions prepared for Changmin to answer. Please don’t miss out on it.

ELLEGirl Editor Blog

Facing Ellegirl’s photographer TUSI’s nonsensical questions, Changmin still answers them nicely. His expression looks really attentive!!

TUSI’s recommendation for Changmin’s photoshoot theme was: A night out on a date (meaning he wanted Changmin to express seduction!) When they were shooting, although Changmin was facing a male photographer, he transformed perfectly.

Girls that are buying ELLE, you’ll be able to see that expression of Changmin!!

Changmin really is the man!!! You’ll understand when you see the magazine!!

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[TRANS] 100624 ELLEGirl + ELLE JAPON – Changmin’s Photoshoots

ELLEGirl Twitter

How was Changmin’s photo-shoot?
Even though I came late to the shooting set and introduced myself as Sumimin to him, he especially stood up to bow to me even when he was in the middle of striking a pose… he really is a well-mannered, extraordinary boy~

ELLEGirl & ELLE JAPON appear at the same time
Editing Department – Changmin, came for the photo-shoot

Hello everyone~ I can finally say it. Changmin’s feature on ELLEGirl August Edition (release 7/21) has been confirmed. Today was the photo-shoot!!!

Nevertheless, here is a photo. It is the behind-the-scenes plunder from today’s photo-shoot, so everyone take a look ^^

Changmin is full of energy!! However, because of the countless days of watching the world cup, he didn’t get any sleep. The day before he arrived in Japan, the Korea game was on during the night, so Changmin boarded the plane without any sleep at all. That’s probably why he seemed a little inattentive while at the Chanel fashion show?

This time, many recent questions were asked in the interview to the very handsome Changmin. Because the magazine is being released on July 12, all the compositions and preparations need to be completed by the end of next week, so it really is a product that comes out right after it’s shot! Of course, there will definitely be special plans online ^^

Tohomobile should also be uploading Changmin’s photos in Japan one after the other! (Or are they already uploaded?)

Also!! ELLEGirl’s sister magazine, ELLE JAPON’s model on their monthly edition that is being released on July 28 will also be Changmin!!!! That way, Tohomobile should be releasing these as well right? July is the month for choosing Changmin!!!

(irrelevant information omitted)

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[TRANS] 100621 ELLEGirl Changmin August Edition Confirmed!

CD Japan August Rankings:

ELLEGirl will start pre-orders at 2PM for the 2010 August edition
Release: July 2010
Price: 380 Yen (tax inclusive) (approx. 4 USD)

HOT BOY Special edition
【Special project】 Tohoshinki Changmin – the second edition
4 pictures will be chosen to feature in the production of the 2011 calendar

t/n: this information came from CD Japan. The official EG website doesn’t have the specifics on the pictures or if Changmin will have a photo shoot in Japan, so updates will follow once the official news have been announced. Thank you for your patience!

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[TRANS] 100616 ELLEGirl Blog Editor Future Questions For Changmin

ELLEGirl Editor’s Blog

Changmin’s autographed photo collection & our request

Last month, there were many replies from everyone on the blog post about Changmin’s photoshoot afterword, so a big thanks to everyone!!
I hope I can express my gratitude with this opportunity. The “Like” count also showed an extraordinary reply rate! It’s awesome being able to receive everyone’s love.
Next is the situation with regards to the collection of autographed pictures.

Everyone, please take a look at this!
Even though it has been released for over a month’s time, we still receive countless postcards every day, so the editing department is being attacked with endless amounts of postcards! Because the content relates to individual information, we will pick important parts and keep it safe.
Up until now, we have received about 3000 postcards, but among it all, we can only give out 3 signed photos of Changmin. We feel really regretful!

These are the pictures that are going to be sent, with Changmin holding onto the 2 magazines!
Due to there being massive amounts of everyone’s requests to “collect materials once again” or “wanting to see more of model Changmin”, to prepare for the day when we can once again shoot Changmin in a photoshoot, all of the questions that everyone wants to ask, no matter what it is, please tell us! Because the photoshoot was suddenly decided, and order to avoid being frantically busy with last minute things, we needed to be fully prepared for everything (laugh).

With regards to Tohoshinki’s latest activities, I think it isn’t a suitable question to ask at this time, so other than this, like his own work or individual questions, can all be asked. Don’t ask questions in the comment box, but in this address listed below~


Before the photoshoot, other people responsible for collecting questions on Twitter came across this query: “do all the questions that come from readers remain intact and original and then asked to Changmin himself?” Because we are professionals, these types of things that could cause our jobs to be flipped upside down would never be done by us, so please rest assured! We really looked at everyone’s messages and sorted them into groups, going with the flow of the interview and asking when appropriate.

But since Changmin is an artist who is able to receive such passionate support from his fans, taking in questions and thoughts from fans must be pretty precious to him. So it is important that we hope to use everyone’s questions as a reference. But we’re only just talking about this, and the next photoshoot hasn’t even been scheduled or confirmed yet! Aren’t we thinking a little too much right now? (laugh)

What is Changmin’s thoughts during this period of the JYJ Live concerts?… Even if we can interview him right now, we can’t ask such a thing. Seeing everyone’s urgency and desperation to see Changmin sing again, I really do understand.

Miyacco, Sumimin, and I all went to the Dome Performance, so next time I’ll probably update a report about it.

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