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[TRANS] 100714 Kitagawa Eriko’s Blog Update

I can just imagine Jejung’s smile(‐^▽^‐)
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I read received, everyones’ comments on
“Sunao ni Narenakute”
winning in the “Nikkan Sports Drama Awards”,
and also, Jejung’s win of “Supporting Male Actor”.

All the actors, all of them seemed to be praised highly.
That is the happiest thing of all.
Thank you very much.

Thinking he didn’t know, I was going to tell Jejung, but he already knew.
He seemed very happy about it.

That’s good.

I can just imagine Jejung’s smile~

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[TRANS] Heaven’s Postman, The Showing Time Has Been Prolonged Again

Heaven’s Postman, the showing time has been prolonged again. (omitted)

Today, my husband finally went to watch Heaven’s Postman. He said it is great.
There were men who sat beside my husband, he noticed that they were sobbing and wiping their tears.

My friend Mayumi also been there, thank you.

How to put them in words? I feel like want to convey all my gratitude to those who went to watch it.
It is cute, and the showing time has been prolonged again. I am thinking of watching it again.
Maybe it is the last time I can watch it in cinema.

Starting to consider part 2 (now still in my mind)

The photo was taken with Park-chan who was doing subtitles with me in front of ‘angel in us’ when she visited here.
She is the one in the middle.

There were cups which were signed by Jejung and HyoJoo in that cafe.
But the staff said Jejung’s cup had been stolen.

The scene which Jejung gradually vanished in this cafe, I really like it.
Lee Hyeong-min is great. (ah, he is the director of this film)
‘Angel in us’ seems like a South Korea’s chain cafe.

It was originally scheduled to broadcast for only 2 weeks, but because
of the tremendous response, it was extended twice. If I am not
mistaken, this is the third time.)

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[Trans] 100702 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter: Heaven’s Postman Updates

Thank you so much!

Please let even more people know that the movie “Heaven’s Postman” will air for the last time in several cinemas.
If you are able to go, thank you so much!
Because I heard that around July, it will broadcast in places like Roppongi and Shinsaibashi,
people who missed the airing today, please take hold of the chance in July.
So, the link below is the official information release of the DVD
From what I heard, the release date is: DVD-BOX (7 discs) September 23 (Thursday)
Rental date: October 8 (Friday)
But the individual DVD release of “Heaven’s Postman” is unconfirmed.
So, please continue to follow “Heaven’s Postman”.

Continuing on with “Heaven’s Postman” becoming a novel

The transformation of “Heaven’s Postman” into a novel is still existing in bookstores.
Firstly, arriving at the Bunkyodo and Gyotoku bookstores,
I saw Jejung and Hyo Joo’s canvas board at a very striking place, so I’m really thankful!
Next I went to the Fukuya and Ichikawa bookstores,
the sky-blue covers were really beautiful!
Thank you.
On July 15, this movie will become a teaching guide for elementary Korean.
It will be called “Heaven’s Postman Elementary Korean Conversations”,
and will be published by the Discover 21 publishing firm.
(Set price: 1300 Yen, non-inclusive of tax) (approx. 15 USD)
The exact details will be announced later on, so please take note.
I wish everyone a happy weekend!

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[TRANS] 100623 Eriko Kitagawa’s Updates

On the 22nd, Jaejoong attended the finale celebratory dinner for Sunao Ni Narenakute .

At the celebration, in the short time, I said a lot of stuff to everyone. Things i want to say, and things I must say, I said it all. Because it was my mission. While drinking, getting a little drunk, what is right is truly a little different.

Ah~~ Also, Jaejoong’s Heaven’s Postman, I understand that it received a lot of praises in Japan. “How come??” I ask with lots of excitement. They say its all because of how well I did the subtitles (bitter laugh)

Ah. During the celebration talk, we also talked about the things here. If every week there are people happily enjoying Sunao Ni Narenakute, we would feel really happy. I got the response, thanks very much.

Goodnight everyone. Linda did say this to doctor, this isn’t the end.” I was comforted. Also influenced by them. Don’t know when, a feeling of loneliness appeared.

Someone send this, I’m very grateful
Sunao Ni Narenakute chocolate
Received a lot, very happy, so I gave it to everyone
Everyone were so happy

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[INFO] 100613 Eriko Kitagawa Blog Update

Well, after careless preparation. Now everyone is already at Dome. See you soon.

Then, my favorite song is Yuchun’s, what is the official title of it?

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[TRANS] 100529 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter’s update

Sunanare’s book doesn’t seem like its going to end. It seems like I can’t go for a while. Tentatsu (T/N I don’t know what that is) After the drama ends I’ll go.


Chiba-sama. This is Kitagawa the scriptwriter.I’ve been thankful for your Jaejoong-kun.
Thank you for the re-tweet.The movie seems to have a lot of audience and is liked. Chiba-san please watch it and tell me your opinion!

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[TRANS] 100527 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter Update

This. If 650 people were all full I’ll die from happiness. I want to go see it. I want to see it at a big place!


Heaven’s postman is all sold out up until 6/3

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