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Note: This is my own fan account. Everything posted is my own writing/photos/videos. Please give full credit if you wanna take anything out. Thanks.
And pardon me if there’s any grammatical error/wrong word used. May add in/deduct some info when needed. 🙂

Okay, here it goes!

We reached Stadium Negara at around 12:40pm and were greeted by a big crowd of Cassies! There were banners hanging outside the stadium, people taking photos, people selling some DBSK/JYJ related stuffs, people queuing outside the entrance. There were Rock Corner (music store) and RedStar (the organizer) booths as well.

I went to get the goodies pack that I purchased for myself and my friend (thanks to a kind Cassie who led the way as I was lost). Thank you Saranghaeproject team for the goodies! Red glowstick, red balloon, two JYJ stickers, one JYJ card & saranghae paper banner. 🙂

After a while, loud music could be heard coming from inside the stadium. JYJ were rehearsing! A number of Cassies screamed when JYJ’s voices could be slightly heard. I saw a lot of Cassies bought the album from Rock Corner (normal or luxury edition). At around 1:30pm, My friends and I started to queue up at the back of the line in front of the M1 entrance. While waiting, JYJ’s voices could be heard quite clearly and they were rehearsing “Chajatda/Found You”. Cassies started singing along to the song! The weather was hot and I was under the sun. We waited and waited but the door wasn’t opened when it’s already 2pm. The showcase’s supposed to start at 2. We waited again while the media such as 8TV Nite Live asked the fans to cheer loudly.

At around 2:15pm, the door was finally opened and Cassies started going into the stadium. I finally got to sit down~ More and more people entered the stadium and the Saranghaeproject staffs were distributing the green glowstick to some people sitting at M1 area in order to form JYJ later. I was hoping that I could get one but not my luck. However, after a while, the staff handed me and my friend a green glowstick each! Woah. So I was responsible for the JYJ formation too! *excited*

When everybody was in the stadium, it’s already 3pm. The female MC (I forgot her name) came out and asked us to shout JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun loudly. We shouted. The light dimmed. A short intro video was played. At 3:11pm, whoosh! JYJ slowly appeared (rose up) from the ‘hole’ on the stage! Such a great entrance! Everybody screamed and JYJ performed the first song – “Empty”. I was torn between recording the video and watching them properly. I did both anyway. Saw them dancing in real live. Weirdly, there wasn’t much feeling of excitedness in me. It’s just like: “Oh. They’re finally performing live in front of me.” without increasing heartbeat. I wonder why….. 😦 Maybe it’s because I was sitting far away from them and I can’t see them very clearly, like whether they’re smiling or not. >.<

The next song was “Be The One”. Junsu’s dance was so sexy. And he’s wearing sleeveless. Lol. And then it’s “Be My Girl”. I held the A4 size banners I made for my roomie and Alya while JunSu and JaeJoong were singing. I know they looked at my direction but I also know that they wouldn’t be able to see what were written on the banners as they’re small size. It’s ok. I took the ‘challenge’ anyway. 😛

In the middle there were the JYJ to Fans video and the LA video. I’m blur now so I forgot when those were played. But I really like the JYJ to Fans vid. So cute and sweet of them. Smiling and writing saranghae and drawing loves and all. ❤

It’s talk time! JYJ came out and introduced themselves. Junsu and Jaejoong spoke in Korean and Micky was speaking in English all the while~ They mentioned about being here 4 years ago and they were glad to be back here again. I noticed that Yoochun spoke the most and he’s the most active one in speaking. Meanwhile, Junsu and Jaejoong were really quiet and they seldom spoke unless asked to. The MC was telling them about the Manglish commonly used in Malaysia “lah” and Yoochun said “lah” loudly. It made us laugh. XD He even used Jaejoong and Junsu as examples. Then the MC asked Junsu and Jaejoong to say something. Jae said “I love you lah, Malaysia!” Lol with the ‘lah’, it sounds like a reluctant sentence. The MC’s teaching them the wrong thing. XD

When asked about what they’ve been busy doing lately, Junsu talked about Mozart musical, Jaejoong said he filmed a Jap drama, and Yoochun talked about Sunkyunhwan Scandal. Then the MC asked a very important question: Are the Malaysian girls hottest in the world? Junsu said: “Yes” (in English) and gestured at all of us there. Before Jae answered, the MC told him that if he answered no, the fans would cry. And he paused for a while. Seemed uncertain, and shy. XD Then, he suddenly said: “I know, I know, I know. I know. You’re beautiful Malaysia!” (in English too!) Lol was he saying that Malaysia’s beautiful, not the girls? XD And he added in Korean: “But the weather is a bit hot.” Sorry Jae… I feel hot too. >.< Yoochun wasn’t given the chance to answer that question though.

The MC then asked them to say anything to the Cassies. As last question. And Yoochun asked: “Is this the last question?” *sigh* Should have more questions, I know. :S Yoochun mentioned concert and when asked when will it be, Jae slowly answered (prompted by Yoochun I think): “Maybe….summer.” And the MC said it’s summer all the while in Malaysia. It’ll be around June/July 2011, as a conclusion. 🙂

They sang “Chajatda/Found You” next. That’s when we waved the green glowstick. But I heard that the JYJ word formation couldn’t be seen. Feel sad. Sorry JYJ. I waved and tried my best. Maybe you were looking at those green lights and wondering “what on earth was that?” It’s ok, I was there! And I know you looked at me at least once. Lol. *assumption* Don’t throw stones at me.

“Ayyy Girl” was next. Great performance. Great song. Yoochun and Junsu rapped a bit. 😀 Lastly, it’s “Empty” remix. Everybody stood up and jumped together with JYJ. They were shouting for us to “Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!” Junsu was ‘hyper’ and he jumped and twirled a lot. The atmosphere was a bit high and then, the end. JYJ disappeared into the ground (the reversal of how they came out) saying thank you and see you. It’s like, so sudden. I was just getting into the mood and the whole thing’s over. At 3:55pm. The MC came out and said there’s no encore, the last song was the encore. She asked all to leave and VIPs to stay. Many of us were reluctant to leave the stadium. Some complained that it’s too short. And where’s the game session? We thought JYJ might come out again. But no. The securities were blowing the whistles and ‘chasing’ us out. We left. I have the unsatisfied feeling. But I’m so thankful that at least, I recorded some videos and audios. At least my ticket will be worth it that way. That’s how I feel… >.<

JYJ, I want more love from youuuuu~~~~~

Jae, I couldn’t see you clearly. But you’re still hot! I saw when you pulled the collar of your shirt. It’s on the screen. *droolz* Lolz. XD And I love your voice! And you’re blur sometimes. That’s so cute!!! <33

Chun, your English is good~~~ Love the accent. The way you speak. 😀 And you spoke a lot. That’s cool. Like a spokesperson for JYJ. 😛

Su, you’re so good in dancing! Sexy dance all the while. Woot! Glad to see you being more hyper towards the end. 🙂 I was hoping that there’ll be some funny stuffs that come from you~ Please don’t be too quiet. 😛

JYJ, you looked tired. Rest well!!! You performed so well. All the best in everything you do. I’m glad I was under the same roof as you and breathing the same air as you~~~~~

Lots of LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤
From –Sushi-

Here are some photos:


Hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

Credits: K_szenin87 @ DTL
Shared by: DTL


Hi everyone, finally back in Paris, my hometown, this journey in Bangkok and Singapore was crazy, glad I cancelled Malaysia, now I know how hard it is for the boys to travel so much in such a short time.
This is half of the story, the part I feel like sharing, I keep few things for my friends and I lol Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Bangkok – day 1

I wasn’t into stalking the boys but somehow I didn’t mind going to their hotel, especially when I knew it was 10 minutes away from the press conference place, Central World. While walking to their hotel to meet my friend, I heard police siren and then saw a lot of vans coming near my spot, I’ve realized that those were JYJ vans .. they stopped in front of me for at least five minute because of the traffic. I was the only fan in that street until I spotted 2 other girls. Since I’m a foreigner, starting to film was a bad idea, all I could do is calling my girl at the hotel telling that they are coming, and also trying to act like a normal tourist. lol

Press conference was OMG! That was kind of bad experience, actually I didn’t want to go but I followed my friend. I was already on cloud nine after seeing them few hours ago. JYJ came with a hour late, let’s not blame them for that, but I really wonder why the promoters thought that organizing this press conference outside was a good idea? I mean, Bangkok is so damn hot and it’s also rainy lately, fans are just amazing to wait so long for them! The real good side of this press conference was meeting so many people. This is the 4th time I go to Bangkok, so I’m not surprised at people sweetness, but Thai Cassies are beyond nice! When JYJ stood up on stage, the first who caught my eyes was Junsu.. let’s say that Junsu clothes were.. so trendy! I had a major fashionista spazz. Jae was smiling with all his heart, and Yoochun so cute! Hearing them greeting the fans in Thai was pretty funny. I met some tourists who were amazed by this event, my first reaction was to promote JYJ and it worked. They got really curious, fans also came to support and show pics of them. Yeah promoting will never end!! I know it sounds crazy but I left the crowd after two minutes, too much for me and I knew I will meet them soon, so I left my good spot to someone else.

Bangkok – day 2

Bangkok on friday night is crazy! The biggest traffic jam I’ve ever seen in my whole life! It took us 2 hours to drive on 3km! The showcase started at 8pm instead of 7pm.. We arrived at 8:20pm!! I did something crazy, really dangerous and probably illegal to arrive there. Not proud of it, but at least I managed to not miss the whole show. I’ve heard that some VIPs missed the shaking hand session because of that traffic jam. So many people arrived late! T_T The MCs were really professional, they asked them about their album and JYJ seemed happy to talk about that. I don’t remember any private questions or so. But I thank them for making Jaejoong sing the elephant song! Chan chan chan ~ ^^ And then the dream came true! Junsu announced that they were coming to Europe! He said France, I jumped from my seat to grab my friend, screams and tears, this can’t be real.. but Chompoo Korean unnie confirmed to me the three European countries Germany, France and England. I still couldn’t believe it so I asked other people. lol After the interview, blue ocean took place, fans were holding lightsticks and waved them on ‘Found’ melody. Oh, we’ve be given lighticks too. I’ve also appreciated changing seats thanks to my baby’s friends, getting a bit closer to the stage^^ Best part of the show was the last song Empty, the remix, Yoochun screamed “now everybody stand up!” He didn’t have to tell us twice! Afterwards, some fans were waiting to see them taking their vans but I left. Outside, some fans came to me and asked for photos and emails.. so nice but also a bit embarrassing especially with messy hair and no more make up T_T. I met Jaejoong fanboy, so I took a picture with him, such as did a lot of girls. This guy is a so popular

I landed in the airport 50minutes before JYJ flight. I knew that Legra, Shinta, B… were waiting in the airport outside the immigration, I was still inside since I was travelling. I’ve waited for them at their terminal, always updating the girls. Then I saw Jae in front of me. About ~15 fans were waiting, it was quiet, too quiet, so quiet that my heart was the noisiest one. Though I filmed what I could, I wanted to see them with my own eyes, so forgot about the filming. But I lost all senses when Junsu put his arm around Yoochun’s shoulder. Junsu red jacket was beautiful, he definitely should switch black for red. Then they stopped in a private area for an hour maybe? I passed the immigration, took luggage and left to see my friends. So many people, I could hear screams from far away. ^^ Fate made me meet three Cassies I’ve never talked to nor met, who took me to my place by car. I’m still soooo grateful coz I didn’t sleep that night and I was tired of flying so many times. Cassiopeia unity is real, believe me.

I got a VIP seat so I met the boys in backstage. Being so close to the stage means seing Junsu perfect skin.. wow his outfit was translucent, we could see all of his back. And Jae expression, feels like being in a photoshoot and looking at him posing. His tattoo, we could almost read the lettering, he showed his chest so many times. Junsu almost burned himself with the fire on stage, I think he forgot about it, I got really scared at that moment. Actually, so many things happened during that showcase, but I stop here ^^
Yoochun told me later that they were coming to Europe, and I think he was wearing the black YunJae jacket you saw lately (not sure). His hair was messy but still hot ^^ Something was a bit embarassing, I somehow forgot about Jae because of Yoochun *failed* He got a little bit closer and that’s when I looked at him, his smile was sooo wide that his dimples appeared, and his eyes were shinning. He was laughing a bit. I’m a bit scared of Jae but his smile and eyes, face so close, warmed my heart, it’s a good feeling~ Junsu.. so energetic, so happy.. his hand is sooo hot!! what’s up with the bloodstream boy? my hand was hot for at least half an hour after that. lol He’s always a bit shy which makes me also shy, his laugh is cute. By the way, he’s taller than last year!

I know that this showcase was messy for many reasons. Security was nice with me but I saw how they treated people. Fans are not 12 years old, a lot of them are already adults, also have their own work. So there was no excuse for that disrespectful behaviour. MC and translator.. well not blaming them but it’s not normal that they were hired few hours earlier that day, something failed with the promoters. I appreciate they apologize though.

Always Keep the Faith means they won’t disappoint us. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are real artists who will never stop surprising us. Don’t forget to buy their album The Beginning.

credit: Kenoa@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100904 JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting 2010 In Seoul Fan Account 2

The event lasted from 14:00 to 17:00, with over 2000 fans in attendance.

The Lotte PV was played to signal the start of the fan meeting.
Then the three walked on and performed ‘いつだって君に’ (Itsudatte Kimini)

Some talking…

Followed by ‘Long Way’

They gave out their personal items

Yoochun’s baseball glove.
It didn’t look very used (laughs)
Why? Because it’s for females!
Glove… Yoochun ah… he’s truly unpredictable.

Jaejoong gave out the ring that he was wearing on his left ring finger.
Oh why~~~

Just as he was handing the ring over to the fan, the MC asked ‘are you going to put it on her ring finger?’
and Jaejoong said something like ‘You’re being very sly~~’
Then I think he put it on her thumb

Receiving a gift from the hands of Jaejoong…
No matter what it is, (she) must be very happy…
As a Jaejoong fan, I’d really die to have it.. oh ring..

As a Jaejoong fan, compared to the things that you buy for yourself,
this is completely different, it’s something you can’t buy with money

This was followed by ‘Xiahtic’ and then ‘W’

Then JYJ gave out posters.
You couldn’t really choose which member to get your poster from,
but I was told that you could at first!! aish lies
Even though I was really uncomfortable and extremely nervous, I was completely ecstatic
JYJ stood in a line, waiting for us to walk over. It was like receiving a poster from one’s love.

Gifts. The three of them stood side by side. I could get one from my bias. I was standing in front of Yoochun but he didn’t notice me because he was watching the a crowd of people walk towards JaeSu. I said ‘Yoochun’ and then he said ‘Oh, sorry’ and handed me a poster.

The three of them stood together and I managed to get a poster from Jaejoong.
Coming all the way to Korea was really worth it. Jaejoong looked so beautiful up on screen, but even when I was standing in front of me, he didn’t have a rough kind of feeling.

I told Junsu that I would be attending the XIahzart concert next month and smiled at me. Although… the way Junsu kept standing there kind of made him look like he was receiving a punishment of some sort.

Credits: xiahome
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This is by a Chinese fan who went to a-nation.

I went to a-nation yesterday. Since I live pretty far away and I had to go to a meeting at my University beforehand, I left home at around 8 in the morning. After I attended my meeting, I took a bus to Shinjuku from Shibuya and then took the Keio line to the venue. The stadium was around 10 minutes walk away and it was 1:30 by the time I finally arrived. This was my first time there and it felt a lot like Tokyo dome. Since my friend and I arrived pretty late, we were worried that all the merchandise might have sold out so we quickly hurried over to the stand. There was a really long line and up ahead we saw a sign that said “JYJ T-SHIRT SOLD OUT’. Apparently only the JYJ shirts had sold out, tshirts for other artists were still in stock. As we were waiting to get to the front of the line, I scanned the rest of the crowd. I was in such a hurry on my way in that I didn’t really take a good look around, when I did, I realized that almost everyone around me had an orange towel around their necks with ‘JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN’ in big bold print. I felt really happy then because no matter where I went, I’d bump into people with orange towels, even fan boys. Because I was so late, the t-shirts, bows and totes had all sold out and I only managed to buy a towel and a fan. The fan had a cartoon version of JYJ, kawaii.

When I was done buying merchandise, it was 2. My friend and I hurried into the stadium, found seats and sat down. A sudden loud noise shocked us both and we saw that Koda Kumi was first up on stage. People started to get excited as she walked on. Koda Kumi’s singing is absolutely amazing, the studio and live versions are exactly the same. The Bigeasts/Cassiopeia that were there cheered really loudly for her, probably because she takes good care of our Dong Bang boys. She sat on a vehicle and went around the stadium once, waving to people along the way. A few singers that I didn’t know the name of followed after that. Since it was right in the afternoon, the heat really was quite unbearable so my friend and I decided to go out and wander around for a bit because we were both only here for JYJ anyway, it didn’t really matter whether or not we saw the other performances. We bought shaved ice but were still really hot afterwards. We agreed to go back in after the sun set and so we went back in at about 4. More artists we didn’t know the names of performed… We waited… and waited… During the break, the cameraman panned the camera on the audience. We saw a few cute kids but then the camera suddenly focused on a few JYJ light boards, they wrote ‘JYJ We Love You’. At that moment, a thunderous round of applause sounded throughout the stadium and everyone enthusiastically cheered for the girl holding the board. Then the cameraman zoomed in on even more fans with JYJ signs and merchandise, and everytime he did, the audience would applaud. Looking around, the entire venue seemed to be covered in orange. My friend is a new fan and didn’t really know how legit us Cassiopeia/Bigeasts are so she was completely awestruck. DBSK has so many fans it’s kind of scary.

People started to get restless at 6:30 and many started taking out their red glowsticks. There even seemed to be more members of staff all of a sudden. One held up a sign which said ‘No video/audio recording or photography, even mobile phone photography’. There were lots of staff around us watching our every move so we couldn’t take any photos or film anything even if we wanted to. In front of me, a girl took a photo, but then got her camera confiscated and was told that it’d be returned after the concert. Despite this, I still managed to sneak in a few shots.

After a while, JYJ appeared on the big screen. All the red glow sticks came on around the stadium and the screams hit peak. Cassiopeia/Bigeast completely took over the concert. Even though you weren’t the focal point of the concert and even though your performance wasn’t particularly long, we gave you your red ocean. I wanted to take a photo of the red ocean, but couldn’t because the security was so tight.

Then Jaejoong appeared followed by Yoochun and Junsu. My immediate thought was that Junsu had lost some weight and then I noted how cute he looked with his new blonde hair. I’d thought that Yoochun would’ve cut his hair short by now since filming for his drama was already over. In the end, he still brandished the same long hair and his wide forehead. Jaejoong ah, he was still as handsome as ever.

After the first song was over, it was time for Junsu’s solo. His amazing singing and sexy dancing had the audience screaming incessantly throughout his performance. Then it was time for soulmate’s ‘Colors’. Jaejoong and Yoochun stood on opposite sides of the stage and then swapped positions. In the middle when they were singing “lalala’, the sound was completely phenomenal. On the last line, Jaejoong playfully stopped singing and just as Yoochun got ready to sing, he said ‘hold on a moment’ and then started laughing….

They then performed some songs from their new album. When they were singing ‘Get Ready’, the fans sang along with them at the ‘OK’. When they got to ‘W’, I really couldn’t hold my tears in anymore, the lyrics really brought tears to my eyes, but since I had a friend beside me, I tried to contain myself. Shockingly, my friend started to cry before I did and I burst into tears with her. When their performance was finally over, nearly all of Cassiopeia/Bigeast was in tears. The stadium was completely covered in red. I’m grateful to the Japanese fans, thank you for your unconditional love for them.

As Junsu walked off stage, he turned back longingly to look at the red ocean. His eyes seemed to brim with tears….

My friend and I left after JYJ’s performance was over. Even though we felt slightly apologetic to the artists who performed afterwards, I had to leave because I live so far away and I was afraid I wouldnt be able to catch the bus.
Being able to see JYJ had me completely content.

Even though I’m really tired, seeing JYJ made me really happy. My only regret is that I went in heels and now I’m so tired that I’m afraid to walk.

A-nation really moved me. Those of you who haven’t seem them live really should go and take a look for yourselves. Seeing fan videos is nothing compared to seeing them live.

Credits: 神起5Always@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100828 A-nation ’10 in Tokyo – Fan Account

The three of them all had expressions of bliss on their faces. Their hearts seemed to be filled with happiness.

I cried during ‘Colors’.
In Junsu’s ‘Intoxication’, he was like a fish swimming in the water, his body was so flexible and relaxed and he seemed really happy. How should I say it… I just felt that he was full of happiness and contentment.
Yoochun’s gaze, his expression of joy, the warmth in Jaejoong’s eyes when he was looking at his members, I could really feel their happiness.

I’m thankful to have had such a wonderful summer.
Even though today marks the end of my summer,
being able to feel such contentment from them has really completed it.
Those of you going to see tomorrow’s performance, please bring along my share of support.

Credits: t.sina.com.cn/tvxqcnfans + たけこの部屋
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

[FANACCOUNT] 100827 Movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” Premiere

The theme song: “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~”

Today, August 27, I went to the Bigeast event, the premiere for the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”.
The event was taken place at Yomiuri Hall, Yurakucho, Tokyo, starting 14:00.
There should be 1000 Bigeasts, the hall was mostly full. I was sitting in the very front row of the 2nd floor.

The hall was very quiet while we were waiting. Maybe it was because most of the fans came alone. (We were to apply for the event one by one.) And, since the place is an event hall and not just a movie theater, the BGM (during waiting time) was classical music, making the atmosphere calm and relaxed.

First of all, the movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” was shown on the screen. I heard that the movie time was 2 hours and 3 minutes. The movie itself was lovely, the storyline and images were wonderful, I was really impressed. Even if it had a different theme song, I should have been touched by the lovely story, it was full of youth dreams and love. I will just write down one phrase which impressed me the most. “Yosakoi (note: traditional Japanese festival dance) is a positive dance.”
The movie will be released nationwide on September 11.

But, what impressed me the most was the talk part, which followed the screen.
The total time of the talk was only for approximately 10 minutes, but we were able to hear wonderful stories.

First of all, the producer for this movie, Shun Arikawa spoke.
(contents in random order)

Four years have passed since the plan for the movie came out.
I thought that Tohoshinki is the one and only group that can sing the theme song, so I made the request.
The theme song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~” is used in the first part of the movie (note: piano version), during the scene in front of the shrine (note: 2nd part of the song starting “Futoshita shunkan”), and during the first part of the end title roll (note: full song).

I myself have all the DVDs of Tohoshinki, I watch them every night. My favorite DVD is of 2007 Budokan concert, around the place when Yoochun starts crying.
I am a fan from their debut days, and went to buy their single CD “HUG” immediately after I found them. Of course, I am a Bigeast.

I have sent the plan to avex on August 2009, and did not receive the reply for a while (since difficult problems occurred).
Suddenly, on December 2009, I received an urgent telephone call from Mr. Seki of avex. He said that he will come to meet us on that day, and brought a CD with him. In the CD was the song “With All My Heart”. Immediately after hearing the introduction of the song, I thought, “Oh, we should go with this song!”
On the same day, Mr. Seki flew to Seoul, held discussions with SM, and solved all the complicated problems. Therefore, we were able to use this great song as the theme song.

I went to Kanuma (Tochigi) on January 29, 2010. That day, the filming of the PV for “Tokiwo Tomete” took place. That should have been their last work as Tohoshinki…
I met with all the members, and told them “Your are to be worldwide artists, not only inside Asia but throughout the world, so please do your best.” All the members were delighted, they showed me their best smiles. I shook all their hands. Especially, Yunho took my hand in both of his hands, and said out loud, “Thank you very much! I will do my best!” Changmin showed his shy smile.

I cannot give out the source, but all the 5 members are still very good friends, and they want to sing together. However, the problem seems to be beyond their control…

But, if you keep on believing, your wishes will come true. The fans’ supports are the most important. Please keep on supporting all the 5 members in the future.

My dream is to see the 5 members singing the song “With All My Heart” together. Of course, I would like to see them sing “Somebody To Love”, I want to swing the towel around, lol.

I would like many people to see the movie, and to attract more people to this movie and Tohoshinki.

I was comforted by Producer Arikawa’s cheerful and hearty way of talking. Thanks to Mr. Arikawa, the great song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~” was born, was made the theme song for the movie, thus, we can hear the song today. I was very thankful. Moreover, Mr. Arikawa is a great fan of Tohoshinki. Since he is a Bigeast, he understands the current situation. But he is very forward thinking, I received a strong power from his positive attitude. His stories were not just lip-services, but held a true meaning. I was really impressed by his lovely talks.

The next person to speak was, Shinjiroh Inoue, the lyrics writer and composer for the song.

I am not familiar to these kinds of talks, so I am more nervous than playing the guitar at the Tokyo dome.
This is the second time I watched the movie. Sitting in the very back row of the 1st floor, I was almost in tears.
I started to write the lyrics from the very first part of the song “Kagamini~”.
My dream is to see the 5 members singing this song together.

I was in tears hearing his quiet way of speaking…

To tell the truth, I myself had almost given up. Especially after August 21, I thought many times that I should give up the hope. But that should be a mistake. If we fans do not believe in the 5 members, who will believe in them?
I recall Yoochun’s message the other day to us fans, to please enjoy the time we are waiting.
We should support their solo and unit activities, and look forward to the date when they resume their activities with smiling faces. This should be the road of the true fans. But can I, a very weak person, do so?
At that timing, I remembered Yunho’s words in a magazine a year ago. He said that Tohoshinki has grown after going through various difficulties. So, should this situation be the birth pangs before they become worldwide artists? I really hope so.

Source: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100822 Osaka A-nation Fanboy Account

8/22 Japanese Fanboy Fan Account

I went to watch A-nation with my family, and when we arrived at the station, there were about 1-2 fans already there. I was surprised by the number of fans.

JYJ’s fans got off the tram, and beside me they were all wearing orange t-shirts or orange towels; I was really surprised.

Also, when I arrived at the venue, about seven sections were all full of Tohoshinki fans!

They’re truly amazing~ These five people!


When they came on stage, the entire venue turned red! Why was it red? Because at Tohoshinki’s concerts, the lightsticks are always red~

Every year when Tohoshinki’s opening begins to play, the entire audience would yell “START! 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1~ *Scream* “ Like that. (lol)

When JYJ came on stage the cheering in venue was like an earthquake!

Like the Thanksgiving Live in Dome, the beginning song was “Itsudatte Kimi ni”

Why must they sing the type of song that makes people want to cry first~ (lol)

1. Itsudatte Kimi ni
2. Intoxication
3. Colors~ Melody and Harmony
4. Get Ready
5. Long Way
6. W

Overall, they sang six songs!

The outfits they wore were very similar to last years.

Jaejoong’s light blonde hair has become a slightly darker shade of blonde, and it is also a bit longer.

Junsu cut off his side fringe, and he also dyed his hair blonde, it’s very handsome!

Yoochun’s hair is also longer, and a bit curly.

After the first song ended, they greeted everyone and Yoochun shouted “Everyone~ Get ready OK?”

During the second song Junsu’s charisma exploded (lol)

For the third song, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s harmonization was perfect! And both of them were very cute (lol)

They sang the fourth and fifth songs together!

The sixth song, W, was so sad (tears) When I heard the song, it made me think of Changmin and Yunho. I cried during this song too, it really was heartbreaking.

However, when I was loudly shouting “Jaejoong! ~Yoochun~” the people around me stared at me, probably because they don’t see fanboys often (lol)

Next time I see them live, I hope that I can see all five of them together, I hope that I can see the smiles on all their faces…

Source: TVXQbaidu
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100823 Japanese Fanboy’s Osaka A-Nation 8/22 Experience

Before, on the way to watch a-nation with my family, other than my family and I, there were about 1~2 fans who also reached the station and were shocked at the throngs of fans.
JYJ’s color orange was on the tram, and I was shocked as all around the people were orange T-shirts and orange towels.
Also, reaching the venue, from the 7th floor onwards were Tohoshinki fans!

Really impressive~ Those 5 people! JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN

When (they) come onstage the whole place became red! Why red? Because Tohoshinki’s concert lightsticks are all red~
Every year during Tohoshinki’s OPENING video countdown the whole stadium will count together
START! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ah~~~~ (screams) Like that (laughs)

When JYJ came onstage, the cheers from the audience was like a storm (laughs)
Like THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME, the first song to start was “Itsudatte Kimi Ni”
Why is the first song be the type that makes people cry~ (laughs)

1. Itsudatte Kimi Ni
2. Intoxication
3. COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~
4. Get Ready
5. Long Way
6. W
Sang 6 songs in total!

The clothing was much like last year Tohoshinki’s.
Jejung’s hair color was light blond hair becoming a deeper blond, and its also a little longer
Junsu lost his asymmetrical haircut and his hair color has become blond, very handsome!
Yuchun’s hair was slightly long and curly.

After the first song, Yuchun, who said hello to everyone: Everyone~ Ready OK?~~~~~
As soon as JYJ apppeared the atmosphere of the whole venue changed!
During the second song Junsu’s charisma had an explosion (laughs)
In the third song, Jejung and Yuchun’s chorus was not fully covered, but the two of them are both really cute (laughs)
In the fourth and fifth song, the whole crowd had fun together!
Sixth song… “W” is too sad (cries) Listening to this song I’m think of Yunho and Changmin’s face wanting to hear their voices, crying. It’s a very sad song. However, when I shouted Jejung~Yuchun~, the people turned around to look at me
Should be because seeing men shouting loudly is a rare thing to see (laughs)

When seeing the next LIVE
I hope to see 5 people
And that we can see the 5 people’s smiles…

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[TRANS] 100822 Fan Account Osaka A-nation – The Fan Account Which Isn’t A Fan Account

My fanaccount can’t really be called a fan account, as I will probably stray from the topic.

This fanaccount is the fan account of the three of us, Da Xian, Dou Bao and I.

I arrived in Japan on the 20th, and I intended to go watch their dress rehearsal, but I’m not sure why, I suddenly had the urge to tour the streets of Japan, so I did not see any of the first day’s dress rehearsals, but I heard my sisters say that they seemed really nervous.

At a-nation, I didn’t recognise any artists except Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and Suzuki Ami. Most importantly, the only artists i actually knew were of course, JYJ.

Japan’s weather was incredibly hot, and because my body is weak, I soon had a heat stroke, feeling cold and then feeling hot, scaring my mum who was sitting next to me, telling me to book a ticket to Seoul immediately, to not stay in Japan any longer.

I didn’t know who was performing on stage, I really didn’t know. In the waiting process, I sent text messages to Da Xian and Dou Bao (who were sitting in the F section) to pass time.

Suddenly, the Korean fan at the SMTOWN concert called, she was incredibly excited, and said that the the venue was slowly filling up, said that they had prepared a surprise for Homin. We kept waiting, and the Korean fan kept calling often, asking who was performing. In the back, I could hear the sound of many voices singing Balloons, and heard yells of “Dong Bang Shin Ki, Miduhyo!”

At that moment, Dou Bao and I began to cry, not understanding; what were we doing here? Why weren’t there five people on one stage? Why was it that, we, who were here waiting for JYJ, still thinking about the two who are in Seoul?

I began to feel bad, and the Japanese fans next to me chatted with me, trying to make me feel better. Da Xian and Dou Bao continued to send text messages, telling me to hang on, to wait until JYJ came on stage.

So, when JYJ finally did come on stage, I began to cry uncontrollably. I’ve waited so long, and now I finally see them. From their debut until now, I didn’t realize how much I had missed them.

However, I did notice: Yoochun looked skinnier, Junsu’s blonde hair was incredibly cute and Jaejoong was still as handsome as ever.
They sang song after song, letting me remember back to their debut days; they were exactly the same.

On the way here, my mum asked me why I was so excited. I proudly replied: because of the men standing on that stage, because I will wait until the day when all five of them will stand on one stage.

Crying from their debut to their end, this is completely how we feel; no matter how much pain, how much sorrow we go through, as long as we are able to see them, it will all have been worth it, no matter how long we have to wait, because as Jaejoong said, the wait will be worth it, so I will wait.

God knows what I looked like when I saw them, how badly i wanted to go and touch Junsu’s golden hair. I’m not sure if the Jaejoong I saw was crying because at that time I had already cried so much that my tears had mixed with my sweat.

The audience in the area which I was standing did not have a strong reaction before, but when JYJ appeared I saw that everyone around me was calling out Tohoshinki’s name, we were all cheering together, all commenting on how amazing they were.

Closing my eyes, listening to Get Ready and hearing the audience scream ‘OK!’ made me think of Homin who are currently in Seoul. Please do your best, we will always be here for you.

I could hear the Korean fans chanting “Dong Bang Shin Ki!”, and also hearing the audience cheering for them, I believe that there will be a day when everyone is together.

Itsudatte Kimi ni and Colors really made the tears pour out of my eyes, really, seeing them performing made everything worthwhile, though it was a pity that we sat too far away to hear what they said during the talk.

I’m not really a good fanaccount writer, I won’t write about what they sang, because you can find the song list anywhere. What my fanaccount is about, is how I felt.

As soon as I finished watching JYJ’s performance, i left; my mum wouldn’t let me stay any longer. On the way back, she was very angry. A-nation on the 22nd, I had agreed I would enter the venue early, but my body just couldn’t take it.

Before coming to Japan, my brother yelled at me, telling me that I was wasting my life, because in his eyes, my body was not capable of traveling long distances. But the moment I saw JYJ, truly, everything was worth it.

Also, the goods outside the venue, the mobile keychain was quite simple, the towel and tshirt were quite nice. Most importantly, the bow headband everyone had been so hyped about, the Japanese fans proudly told me: This is DBSK’s spirit, this is Jaejoong’s effect. I am so proud of them.

All photos of a-nation I will give to (囧囧有神), so everyone, please anticipate it. Yesterday i felt so bad I barely had the energy to hold up the camera, but today I will do my best. Dou Bao will also try her hardest. As for Da Xian, it is good that she is excited.

After watching the perfomance, I went to Waseda, I took my mum and showed her all the universities I wanted to go to. I will definitely go to Waseda Research Institute!

Also, I secretly keep from my mum, that when JYJ come to China I will go see them, because I simply can’t miss the chance. This time, I really have to thank Xiao Xue for looking after Dou Bao and Da Xian, I really am thankful, for helping me look after my little sisters. I will prepare your tickets for 911 (SMTOWN), I will wait for you to come watch. And to the people who accompanied me to the airport, thank you. I said I would give you the tickets to a-nation, so stop mentioning paying for it!

Finally, thank you to my mum, I know always going from China to Japan made you worried, and when I started spitting out blood you nearly fainted, afraid that I would be like I was after 1002 (I think she means the Mirotic Concert last year in Shanghai) Don’t worry, I’m fine. Thank you all for your support, I will keep my promise.

Source: HAPPYWING1988
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
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We are at a-nation’10 Osaka for now.

This is JYJ’s song list. They are going to sing 6songs.

いつだって君に(Itudatte kimini)
Get Ready
Long Way

credit: erije@sharingyoochun
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