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[Trans] 100215 CDTV Vote For Your Favorite Graduation Song

*TVXQ ruled the recent CDTV voting. Now, let us get busy by voting for the next one at CDTV! ^^
If you do not mind, shall we all vote for “Break Out!”?

How to vote:
Click below URL:

曲名:Name of the song: Break Out (or other songs of your preference.)
アーティスト名:Name of the artist: 東方神起 or Tohoshinki
あなたのニックネーム:Your nickname:
都道府県:Place where you live: Scroll down to the end which writes, その他 (overseas)
性別:Gender: 男=Male 女=Female
年齢:Age group: Type in your age in numeral

送信:Send (クリアmeans Clear)

Window will open after clicking ”送信・send”.

送信完了: Completed

投稿ありがとうございました!: Thank you for your vote!

*It notes, “One vote per person”

source: CDTV
Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
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