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[INFO] 100106 Harang And Shaki Give Birth

The breeder who looks after the members’ dogs left a message on his cyworld saying that Harang (Yoochun’s) and Shaki (Junsu) have given birth to puppies!

Arrangements are being made for the pups to be sold.

As the dogs are pedigree breeds, the price is a little steep (around 600,000 Korean won), and they’ve also requested that the puppies are sold to people who can bring them up in a good environment, so the fans have left messages saying that they can’t afford to buy them.

Previously, Yoochun had felt that Harang was still too young, so Harang’s first puppy birth is unexpected.
This is the second time for Shaki, who gave birth to puppies in August last year.

The puppies’ eyes have not opened yet, so photos will be revealed on a later date.
The mini-room indicates that the photos will probably be out by the 7th.

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