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[Trans] 100726 Yunho In HTTG DATV Preview

Tohoshinki’s Yunho takes the leading role of the drama for the first time! The youth love comedy, in which Yunho attractively performs a soccer player who targets the world, “No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~” will be broadcasted on DATV! And, just before the broadcast, we will send you the special interview, which is a close up of Yunho’s real face!

(Yunho’s words starting 0:21-)
If you do not understand the feelings of the other person, I think it is difficult to perform the role. “No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~”, don’t miss it!

(Spot trans of the subs)
Korean drama “No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~”, starting August 12, 3:30pm every Thursday (and others)

Yunho “No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~” Special Interview
First broadcast: July 28 (Wed) 8:00pm
Rebroadcasting: Aug 2 (Mon) 11:30pm, Aug 22 (Sun) 2:00am

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[TRANS] 100716 HTTG To Be Broadcasted In Japanese BS Japan

Program Name: Yunho x No Limit

Date of broadcast: July 21 (Wed) 10:54pm – 11:00pm

Brief summary of the program:
We will introduce to you the highlights of Tohoshinki Yunho’s first starring drama “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~”, including Yunho’s interview! The program will be broadcasted in BS Japan in October!

Source: BS JAPAN
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[Trans] 100708 Actor Yunho: “Believing In Yourself Is Most Important”

Tohoshinki’s Yunho has completed his debut TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~]. The activities to commemorate the DVD release of this project started off on 26 June, in Tokyo. After such a long break, Yunho once again showed his energetic self to the fans and accepted many media interviews.

This work revolves around the talent, yet unlucky, soccer player Cha Bong Gun; a youthful romance-comedy about his continuous growth. As a member of Tohoshinki, up until now, Yunho, who has driven girls around Asia crazy with their many songs and performances, gave his all to this project from summer last year. Yunho acted as the passionate lead, Cha Bong Gun.

Yunho, who is both a singer and actor, felt the differences greatly. “The singer Yunho, gives off a powerful image on stage. As for the actor Yunho, he had an image that was gentle and warm. I was very happy that I could show a new side of myself.”

“A singer, an actor, my true self; although those personas are different they all follow the same belief – Believing in yourself is the most important. The singer Yunho only has precious 3 minutes in which to capture the audience with stage charisma. The actor Yunho has to place emphasis on communicating. I have to ‘breathe’ with my co-stars to ensure smooth communication flow so that we can work together well. As for Yunho, my true self, I am the kind of person that will fight hard even if there are hurdles to overcome, and from there, attain good results.”

Apparently, Yunho’s principle for handling things is “If you’ve done it, then don’t have any regrets.” “Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you’ve made your choice, don’t change your mind. That is life.” He also repeated, “If you do your best, you might very well get good results.”

He said, “There are similarities between Bong Gun and myself, but as I’m the leader, I’m extremely strict with myself. I’m the kind that looks out for things around me even as I work but Bong Gun is the kind that only believes in himself and works his hardest. Bong Gun doesn’t believe in giving up and keeps persisting single-mindedly. To me, that is Bong Gun’s charm and I want to be like Bong Gun and continue working hard.”

Going into the Han River, filming the fire scene, Yunho told himself, “Because I’m a new actor, I had to challenge myself by carrying the thought – ‘this is different from the singer Yunho, I’m a newbie’ – and often asked myself ‘If it was Bong Gun, what would he do?”

Yunho was Bong Gun and Bong Gun was Yunho. Now, Yunho will be making his debut appearance as a musical actor in the musical “Goong”, which begins in September this year.

Yunho’s eyes filled with determination as he said, “I want to work hard in order to show a new side of myself.”

Yunho’s first TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~DVD BOX I & II] is now on sale and the OST will hit the stands on 25 August.

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[INFO] Heading To The Ground (Indonesian Broadcast)

No Limit / Heading to the Ground
will be broadcast in Indonesia (INDOSIAR channel)
starts on May 24th, 2010
Every Monday -Thursday at 5PM WIB

***No Info whether the drama will be subbed or dubbed.

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[TRANS] 100124 First Japanese Broadcast! TVXQ U-Know’s “Heading To The Ground,” Special Movie On KNTV

This broadcast concentrates on the drama “Heading to the Ground,” where TVXQ’s Yunho (U-Know) took his first leading role as Jung Yunho. It will start on Sunday the 24th under the Japanese title “No Limit” and comes, of course, with unabbreviated subtitles. It will be aired at 9:45 PM on KNTV. On the website of the TV program, three trailers and a special section containing eight questions and answers are published.

“Heading to the Ground” tells the story of a nameless soccer player who succeeds in becoming a member of an established soccer team. Many fans are anticipating this Japanese broadcast, where Jung Yunho, member of the group TVXQ (who is very popular in Asia), is starring in. It has already been garnering huge attention even before the start. The slightly changed title of “Heading to the Ground” has a special meaning. Let’s try to think about what meaning it has! The answer is, because there is a special corner of the drama called “Navicon.”

Cha Bong Gun, who is portrayed by Yunho, is a young man who has been struggling since his childhood to continue playing soccer, and has become a member of a nameless soccer team. Keeping his outstanding talent a secret through positioning and powerful kicks, is the problem of the character. Becoming too explosive or hot-headed in many things always causes problems. On top of that, getting kicked out of his team leaves Bong Gun in a desperate situation. Here appears the soccer agent, Hae Bin. Hiding that she is the daughter of the owner of a professional baseball team, she has the strong intention to grow as a soccer agent. During the corporate team’s match, she is captivated by the volley shoot of an unknown player (Bong Gun). How will the romance between the self-confident Cha Bong Gun and Kang Hae Bin develop?

This time, the one who will be playing Yunho’s love interest is Ara, an actress who won the grand prize during an audition by SM in 2003. In 2006, she has also been chosen as the “Cinderella Girl” out of 40,000 participants during an actress audition by Kadokawa Haruki and Avex.

Because TVXQ is still in an unsolved dispute with their agency, their participation in events has been decreasing rapidly. Airing Yunho’s drama in a time like this, it seems that the fans excited voices can be heard everywhere.

source: navicon
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[TRANS] 100120 Yunho Voice Support To Lee Yoonji For Her New Drama

Actress Lee Yoonji expresses her gratitude to fans.

Lee Yoonjii, continuing after last November’s Wednesday and Thursday broadcast of “Heading to the Ground,” this year in January she appeared in MBC’s “Roses and Dandelions”.

Lee Yoonjii, her gratitute regarding to the director of her previous drama “Heading to the Ground” that has send her congratulatory words. Also, Lee Yoonji said she has also received encourage words from DBSK leader Yunho, she says, Yunho had said “No matter what, her drama will succeed this time.” When she finished saying this, she smiles brightly.

Lee Yoonji expressed, like Yunho, many other actors/crew of “Heading to the Ground” still kept in contact through SMS, phone, just like when they were filming together. Aside from the rating, everything else was wonderful. Especially when seeing Yunho’s serious attitude towards that drama, since it was Yunho’s debut drama, Yunho was a very open hearted person, that naturally got close to everyone. Regarding the rating, even though its a pity, but everything ended well, on the whole, her feelings were good.

Also, Lee Yoonji expressed that the fans were very understanding to her, either when she was filming with Kangin for “We Got Married” or filming with Yunho for “Heading to the Ground”, fans were very nice to her, she was relieved. She said this with a smile.

Especially in “Heading to the Ground”, there was a scene where I had to give Yunho CPR, I actually heard fans saying things like “take care of him”.

She was referring to this scene… I understand perfectly well that this was acting… but the jealousy is still there!!

source: newsen
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[VIDEO] 091230 MBC Drama Awards: Yunho Nominee For Best New Actor

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