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[Trans] 101108 JeJung Caused a Craze With a Phone Accessory

As all have known, the members of the group JYJ have been addicted to Twitter recently. JeJung who has been updating frequently had posted an entry on the 30th of October, together with a picture of his mobile phone accessory, an elephant soft toy, with the caption of ‘Herd by herd the elephants ♬’. His tone shows a lot of love for the elephant accessory and is obviously very contented with it.

Right after the twitter was updated, it has caused a lot of feedback among the fans, as everyone was asking around the source of getting the accessory. It was later found in Lotte website under a shop named “Little Leaf,” and the accessory was in high demand just like the shoyu bottle, the bossa nova accessories, and the Smiley T-Shirt from Giordano.

The shop which sold the elephant accessory was surprised and happy over this incident and wrote an entry on their blog:

[I never thought it would be so popular in this way.]

Hi everyone, I am the shop owner of Little Leaf – HAKO! Does anyone know JeJung from the highly popular group – TVXQ?

He’s the one who stands in the middle. He’s very handsome man. ♪ It looks to me that he is a man who is better looking than Japanese guys.

Then, it was Mr. JeJung, who is addicted to Twitter, who updated an entry with a picture which showed Elph’s Circus mobile phone accessory.

The twitter update on the 30th of October:
Its meaning: Herd by herd the elephants ♬

This is really a phone accessory which in on sale in this shop. ♪

It seems like the fans are excited after seeing the picture… Especially, even though the brand name wasn’t shown on the picture, yet they managed to find our shop through internet!
Fans of JeJung, you all are awesome!!
I am really grateful for your enthusiasm. ♪

Because fans have bought so much and the product is in high demand, we contacted the manufacturing company urgently, to manufacture a large batch of this product.

However, this thing that makes people even more surprised is…
That all 400 accessories were sold out in 6 hours!!!!

When hearing it, its like a dream, but its actually an actual fact > <

I myself have been doing online sales for 3 years, in counting the minutes to which there would be landslide of orders to purchase a good, to be honest, this is the first time I encounter this (laughs).

This time, after contacting the manufacturers, we have decided to add more stocks.

Seeing this…
Through this incident, I have experienced a craze that was caused by an idol star.
Also, I felt the strength of a woman’s psychology, ‘wanting to have the same things as someone’, and just by a simple picture, the whole store has changed, and it had became a legendary history for the store, really… (laughs)
This kind of thing can also happen…
After working hard for 3 years, miracles will also appear ^^;

PS: After writing this blog entry, I have received an explosion in comments! (totally a record)
I reckon that it was due to JeJung’s fans who passed on the message of the news, and I’m really grateful to everyone. ♪

Kim JeJung, a member of the highly-popular group TVXQ, has introduced this phone accessory on Twitter, making its become No. 1 on the Lotte sales.

-END of blog entry-

You can refer to these addresses for other relevant information

source: The store’s ameblo blog & Lotte Sales Website + Hey!JJ + Hero Jaejoong Baidu
translation: tvxqhwaiting + RirikoKim @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100917 Ayumi Twitter Update – It Will Be Never Made In Substitution (For Jejung) Absolutely

FumiyaSugimoto tweet Ayu

Jejung and the guys have been suspended too,haven’t they.
I’ve been shocked about it.
Now,the PV “Blossom” will be very special.Wouldn’t he be in substitution for that?

Ayu replied

It will be never made in substitution (for Jejung) absolutely. Since this is the work on which he tackled earnestly for us as an actor , I will certainly send it to you. Because that will be the only thing I could do.

source: ayu_19980408
trans by: maki@sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

[Trans] 100828 Six☆Star’s Fukutaro: For My Treasured Friend Jejung

Fukutaro (Japanese designer, owns his own brand Six☆Star)

The following is a collection of Fukutaro’s blog entries related to Jejung:


Went to see the Live yesterday
I’m really touched
So I want to always be his support
I will work hard for the future too!!



Kanada Satoshi


Today, I’ve contacted a far-away friend for the first time after a very long time
I haven’t properly spoken on the phone like today for a while now
I’ve always thought that, despite being separated in two different places, there will still a certain bind present
Although the next time we meet will be one month later…

When we meet, I want him to be surprised, so I prepared a surprise for him, waiting for his arrival
My friend really likes tank tops, so I added a Six☆Star skeleton design onto one as a present for him
He basically wears tanks everyday, so I prepared 10 pieces just for him! (laugh)

Just to add this in, these won’t be for sale!!
I can frequently experience the greatness of owning my own brand~
Especially when I give presents to friends, I can specially make clothes suited for them
So, for my treasured friend, I will make it special~
I can’t wait for him to come



My friend from Korea just called wanting to get together!
The summer stars have prepared to sparkle brightly, the hotness of summer has begun!
I’ll give him his presents tomorrow as a surprise (laugh)
Will he be happy?



I have a feeling that I won’t be able to go back home today
There was no time TTTT
I feel so regretful in forgetting to bring them
Although it’s late, should I go back and get them??

I must work hard today!
Returning back to official work!
Today, I’ll get off work early to get those tanks!
The surprise must firmly continue!!
But today is so hot…
And it’s only Tuesday…
To me, this surprise is really important, so I have to go home to get them
From now on, my surprise will finally be revealed!

Even with just 4 people, they are my dear friends who are the source of my drive
I’ve received a lot of strength from them
New photos of the tanks will be uploaded tomorrow~



I’m sorry! I don’t feel very good today…
Jejung was really happy~ I’ve given him a week’s worth of tanks as a gift! (laugh)
In order for him to be able to fit, the sizes had to be changed because they were originally designed to fit me (laugh)

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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It was announced on the 27th that Tohoshinki’s Jejung will be participate in Ayumi Hamasaki’s single “crossroad” which is going to be on sale on 9/22. He will be making an appearance in the PV (promotional video/music video) of the song “Blossom” that was already released in July. The music video will be included in the DVD of “crossroad”.

This will be Ayumi’s 85th music video and this will also mark the first time ever that she doesn’t appear in her music video. She says, “If I appear in the music video by myself, I might be “talking” way too much,” thus making an offer to her friend Jejung who has also started his activities as an actor. “crossroad” will be challenging the record of having the most number of singles ranked first on the Oricon chart that Matsuda Seiko created 22 years ago with 24 singles; and Ayu trusts Jejung in helping her with that challenge.

-Information on the single omitted-

From Ayumi Hamasaki’s official website:

Beside the video clip and making clip of “crossroad”, the DVD will also include the video clip of “blossom”!
For the first time ever, Ayu won’t make an appearance in her on-the-spot music video*, and the super popular aritst Jejung will be making an appearance instead!
This is a must-see video clip with realistic acting that will make you cry!!
*On-the-spot music video: music video starred real people instead of animation or CG

T/N: Just before everyone gets confused, this single is called “crossroad” and “Blossom” is one of the songs in the single. The song “Blossom” was already released in July with another single, but they decided to include it again in this single, together with a video clip for the song.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun + Ayumi Hamasaki Official Website
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] Music Program With Jejung And Yuchun’s Appearance Will Be Broadcasted

THE ALFEE’s Sakazaki Konosuke’s music program, “Sakazaki Konosuke’s Odaiba Folk Music Delux 2009 26th Night”, which Jejung and Yuchun appeared on will be broadcasted on Fuji TV’s ONE, on the 15th of August!

(T/N: This is actually Boy Pop Factory 2009, in which the two of them sang numerous songs such as “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony”, “Been So Long”, “Begin” (with Sakazaki-san) and Tokunaga-san’s “Rainy Blue”.)

Source: Amour*Yoonjae + Hey!JJ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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{Trans of tiny video in the bottom left of the homepage. Click here for the HP.)

BeeTV exclusive preliminary delivery! JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN’s emotional live, which had a total attendance of 200 thousand, started on BeeTV! In addition, we are delivering more than 1500 live songs. Passionate live songs are a must to take along!

Source: BeeTV
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Info] 100722 ViVi – Ikemen Ranking

Q: Regardless of the genre, who’s your no.1 ikemen?
1. Akanishi Jin
2. Yamashita Tomohisa
3. Kamenashi Kazuya
4. Ichihara Hayato
5. Yunho
6. Mizushima Hiro
7. Narimiya Hiroki
8. Jejung
9. Sato Takeru
10. Takahiro

Source: [cheersyunho
] + [tvxqbaidu]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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[INFO] 100721 ViVi Favorite Ikemen 2010

3000 readers were surveyed!

ViVi Favourite Ikemen 2010

Regardless of genre, who is the No.1 ikemen!?

#1. Akanishi Jin
# 2. Tomohisa Yamashita
#3. Kazuya Kamenashi
#4. Hayato Ishihara
#5. Yunho
#6. Hiro Mizushima
#7. Hiroki Narimiya
#8. Jejung
#9. Takeru Sato

Source: Naver blog + DNBN
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100719 “Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu” is finished! Mizobata Junpei “Jejung is my drinking mate.”

Movie “Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu” is finished! Mizobata Junpei “Jejung is my drinking mate.”

A conference to commemorate the filming completion of movie “Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu” was held in Tokyo on July 13rd, the gorgeous actor Mizobata Junpei appeared at the conference.

“Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu” was a summer-theme movie with Yosakoi Festival in Kochi prefecture as its background, depicting the growth of young life, while the movie theme song was sung by popular group TOHOSHINKI.

In addition, it seems that Mizobata-san has a close relationship with TOHOSHINKI member Jejung. “Jejung is a friend of mine, and we frequently go out to drink… (while drinking) we talk about our dreams. As both celebrities and actors, we encourage each other on.”

source: tv.jp.msn.com
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

[TRANS] 100712 Shin Young’s Encounter With Warm Jejung At Airport

“Truly Miraculous”

Shin Young: TVXQ!

Shindong: You met?

Shin Young: On the way back to Korea. The plane back from Japan… At that time the surrounding was especially noisy, and the people who were passing by kept of saying “TVXQ… TVXQ”, so while I was thinking if someone was coming, Jaejoong rushed towards me saying “nuna~”, so I replied with “Oh~ yes, how have you been?” Just then, there were a couple of older women, who didn’t have any interest in me before, starting to take photos in my direction…

Shindong: Ah, they probably thought you guys had a special relationship

Shin Young: Yeah… Jaejoong asked “is nuna going on the same flight as me?” and I replied “Oh, yeah…” so Jaejoong replied “then nuna let’s go together~”

Male guest: Ah, so you and Jaejoong don’t have a kin-relationship?

Shin Young: Yeah, a type of relationship where we only know about each other… Jaejoong kept on saying “nuna, let’s go together,” so I could only go “oh… oh… together…” Then Jaejoong asked “is nuna in the business class?” “oh… oh…” “then let’s go together” I could only say “oh… oh… you can go first, nuna has something to do…” – because I was in the economy class…


Source: [baidutvxq]
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