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[TRANS] TV Life: JJ Fortune This Year

Jejung January 26th, 1986
Aquarius, O type, from South Korea

Jejung is the type that has ability to combine planning and action altogether, he doesn’t like individual personality and tends to work together with people.

He’s loved by his friends because he’s an outgoing person and a big-brother type. Because he always works hard to achieve great success and most likely strives to match his expectation, when at time he found out the gap between the ideal level and the reality that actually happened, the stress on him would be piled up. Hereafter, it seems that he would continue gaining attention through movie and drama.

In addition, he’s a type of guy that becomes passionate when it comes to love. However, because he is going to be so popular this year, it seems to be difficult to focus on getting one.

【Memo】’Sunao ni narenakute’ (Fuji Television Network) is his serial drama debut.

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[TRANS] Non-No SM Psychology Test Yunho + Changmin + JJ Part 2

Diagnosis: A little S

The way he drew the mouth bigger shows expressions of aggressiveness. When he’s in front of the girl he likes, he frees himself of all restraint. He’s an S-type who likes seeing the frustrated and cute face of a girl. He desperately defended himself, “That’s totally wrong!! It’s such a shame, I won’t agree with this!!”


Diagnosis: A little M

The crown accessory he drew may signify that he suppresses his instincts. He’s an M type that receives a sense of fulfillment when he’s troubled in love! “I thought I was an S-type!! But I may match that type in time since I like being lead (not sure)”


Diagnosis: S type

The animal ears he drew symbolizes an animal’s impulsive nature to want to bite. He shows a tendency to hurt his companion’s feelings when trying to claim her as his own. “Ah, I’ve told cruel jokes to girls I liked before!!” accepted Jejung.

The Missing Caption~

Caption: This is also a prop- Changmin poses with a stuffed peacock. At that moment, everyone wanted to become that peacock!


Ah, I wanted to do Yuchun’s part too! But there were some words I couldn’t see clearly…so I would rather not translate it. Until another huge image pops up~

A/N: You don’t know how much I want to be that peacock. Changmin-ah~ Can you hug me too? take a picture with me? TAKE ME HOME? LOL. Sorry, He is just too handsome!!~

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[TRANS] Stars’ Ride Series: Jaejoong’s Car Is A Super Car?

The picture of super ride car owned by TVXQ Jaejoong which is published in internet has caught a lot of interest.

In last December, at the car producer company homepage, a picture entitled “Jaejoong’s matt black Audi R8″ was uploaded. Ever since the picture spread through internet at blogs and cafes, it’s been attracting much interest from netizens.

Jaejoong’s Audi R8 was originally a dark gray, however it’s a recent trend among automobile maniacs to personalize the color of the car, thus its color was modified to matt black.

Another member of TVXQ, Yoochun who also ever owned Audi R8 had sold his car in last August. Yoochun’s Audi R8 which was registered on the sale site at used vehicles section had been in hot topics.

Audi R8 is a super car that was firstly announced at the year of 2008. At its first release in 2008, the domestic market price of the car was 192.4 million won and now after the model is modified, in year 2010 the car has been marketed at price 216 million won.

source: seoulnews
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[TRANS] 100129 March Issue Of Scawaii Magazine With Jejung – Information

The March issue of Scawaii Magazine, to be released on 6 February, will include an article about Jejung, a member of the popular Korean dance-vocal group Tohoshinki.

RAY’s website also indicated that in the March issue of Scawaii, there will be 2 pages covering Jejung with the headlines being “JEJUNG in the room”, and expressed that a candid Jejung is also very charming.

Any magazine that has Tohoshinki are quick to sell out on the day itself, so please be fast!

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