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[Trans] I Bite Magazine ‘Freaky Chart’ – Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family

I Bite Magazine ‘Freaky Chart’ Aug 1 – 15 Issue with the topic
Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family

There are many siblings in Korean entertainment nowadays together making profits and being famous. Some of the siblings look very close together and you could see them together everywhere but some of them work so separately that if they didn’t state that they are siblings, you would never know. Now Let’s see the hottest siblings in our chart

1. Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal F(x)
2. Sandara (2NE1) and Thunder (Mblaq)
3. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ) and Zuno (Junho)
-Kim Junsu is a younger twin who has been famous as TVXQ member then the elder twin has started to be famous as a solo artist. The twins have the beautiful faces just like their mom who used to be Miss Korea before.Both of their voices and dancing skills cannot be compared because both of them are just too awesome
4. Hyungjoon (SS501) and Kibum (U-Kiss)
5. Mir (Mblaq) and Ko Eun-a

credit: I Bite magazine
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + DTL

[TRANS] 100429 JunHo Singapore Showcase at RWS

Elder brother ‘Kim JunHo’ Showcase at RWS

“Hallyu wave had once again crashed Singapore! Member of Korea top group ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’, Kim JunSu, together with his twin brother will touch down Singapore tomorrow night. Ticket are 90% sold!”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Kim JunSu Coming to Singapore as Guest Performer

23 year-old Korea new face, Kim JunHo, debuted with the help of his twin brother, Kim JunSu (a.k.a Xiah), member of popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki. But unlike his younger brother who had gained his popularity from Korea and the rest of the world, he had chosen to debut at China. Not only did he sign on a contract with a BeiJing agency company, he had also held his first showcase at BeiJing.

Dong Bang Shin Ki had debuted for 7 years, their popularity keep on raising without falling, however recently there are some ‘dispute’ rumours, heard that they held numerous meeting at both Korea and Japan early this month, the decision is ‘solo activities’, and of course their future activities will gather much attentions. However the organizing company expressed that the reason for Kim JunSu to visit Singapore is mainly to show his support for his brother as a guest performer, the main focus is still Kim JunHo.

The organizer also mentioned that other than the 1st May showcase at Resort World Sentosa (RWS), JunHo is going to appear at IMM the next day for a handshake section. Currently they are planning to have a fan sign section at Somerset@313 HMV outlet on 2nd May afternoon, but it’s yet to confirm.

During the 1-hour showcase, JunHo will be performing 5 songs, games and activities with the audiences, giving a chance to fans to get closer to him.

Organizing company also pointed out that the tickets are 90% sold.

Kim JunSu appearing only 1 out of 3 events Out of the 3 planned events,

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s JunSu agreed to appear only at one of them, performing one ballad song. As for the other 2 events, the organizer admitted, “this had to depend on JunSu himself”.

A team of 21 people to Singapore

A team of 21 people will be coming over from Korea, Kim brothers are not picky when come to food, wants to try out local delicacies.

Kim JunSu will reach Singapore tomorrow at 21:20, flight KE 641. He is going to meet up with his brother at the restricted area together with a group of 17 people before heading out of the arriving hall. The team consists of managers, stylists and dancers.

During this 3days in Singapore, the organizing company prepared to bring the Kim twins around Singapore to taste all the local delicacies, “some Korea artists had insisted to eat at Korean restaurant when they are in Sinfgapore, but the Kim twins are not picky on foods, never specific that there must be Kimchi! They are willing to try the local foods, we had even prepared to bring them to try seafood, etc.”

Local fans can purchase JunHo CD at HMV, and Singapore stop is the third stop of Zuno Showcase after BeiJing and Tokyo.

Where to find Hallyu Stars during weekends?
Zuno Showcase – Singapore
Date: 1st May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 18:00
Venue: Resort World Sentosa – Compass Central East Ballroom

Zuno IMM Hand-shake Event
Date: 2nd May 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 14:00
Venue: IMM *limit to 100 fans only

Source: Singapore LiangHe WanBao 28/04/2010
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100419 Junsu At Junho’s Showcase (Fanaccount)

From a Japanese Blog

2010.04.19 Monday
Junho’s Showcase♪

I went to Junho’s showcase~~~~~~~
I know everyone is anxious about our Junsu.
I will make a brief report, so all of you can replenish yourselves with the current Junsu…

Junho’s showcase was for full two hours.
The JCB Hall was full with purple lam penlights, up to the 3rd floor.
This time, there were no red penlights.
I think the program was similar to that of Beijing’s.

One hour passed before Junsu appeared on stage…
During the time, Junho performed his Chinese debut dance song, showcased the PV, and the preparation images before Junho’s debut was shown….
Junho was doing his best learning the Chinese pronunciation, dance, and vocalization.
There were family gathering images of dinner, karaoke, and drinking sessions, to support Junho during his preparation days~

At that image, Junsu was making advices as a senior.
After that, in Karaoke, their friend Yongpil joined them and boosted the mood.
Junsu, though sitting, sung the MIROTIC♪
Afterwards, during the drinking session with friends, Junsu’s English was introduced…
(few words omitted)

Junsu seemed as though he was drinking beer~ his face was a little bit red~ he seemed to be enjoying himself with his friends. Junsu in the image was very cute.
Even though it was just a video, my heart ached~~~

Junho went backstage to change his clothes, there were screen images, and then…

Junsu appeared on stage~~
The song was “Greatest Love of All” ♪
Junsu appeared from the center of the stage, wearing a black tight suit.

At “Mozart”, he had so much makeup, so it has been a long time since I was able to see his natural face…
I heard a rumor that he was going to a tanning salon, and his face was not so white~~~
He looked a little bit tired, and I heard that Junho had caught a cold, so maybe both the brothers had them..(a little bit worried)

But, his song was..
Maybe it was because he started to perform in musicals~~
I cannot put into correct words, but previously, Junsu started to sing songs in a thin voice, but this time, his voice was deep and heavy from the beginning!
I thought~ oh~ this should be a technique he achieved through the musicals…
Junsu always performs in a perfect style, but he always goes further and devotes himself more and more, as though there is no limitTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

His appearance from the center of the stage, holding a microphone, was true stateliness.
His expressions during both the quiet and the heartily parts were really matured…
As with the Mozart performance, when Junsu bend down and walked fast on stage to go to all sides,
I was full of tearsTTTTTTTT

Until now, though Junsu have performed on many stages, he sometimes seemed to be nervous and bashful when performing alone… but this time, he was in state.
The size of the hall was rather small and the distance between the audience and Junsu was very near, but Junsu himself was catching the eyes of the audience one by one during singing the song. I thought that I was able to see a true matured artist.
Junsu arranged the last part of the song long and stable, and it really got into my heart.
As always, Junsu’s vocal is lovely~ why should his song get so much into my heart..TTTTT

Junsu sang only one song, but there were the “Twins’ talk” for about 15 minutes♪

First of all, Junsu alone was exchanging simple greetings with the host.
“Today I came to support and cheer my brother Junho. I am more nervous than my brother…
My brother was performing better than I expected, I thought his doing his best is lovely.”

After thinking a little, Junsu answered to the question, “How did Junho change during his debut period?” as, “He changed in many ways.. and he is now very manly~ oh, of course he wasn’t a girl (lol). He seems to be flamboyant.. The charismatic image ? (Lol) that I aimed, he is far better than me. I thought this is a must-win game.”

Oh Junsu~~ your talks are always funny~~ the hall was full of laughter.
Then, it was time for Junsu to call his brother Junho, who was waiting at the wing. He said “How should I call him? Umm.. Juno~♪”

Junho was smiling as he appeared on stage, and the two embraced each other. Junsu was smiling a shy smile. Little Junsu completely fit into Junho (Lol) Junsu, who is slightly smaller than Junho, looked very cute, and my heart missed a beat again. (Junsu is not short, but Junho is the one who’s tall…)

Afterwards, the two sat together in the center of the stage, and the talk time together with the host and the interpreter started.

Junho and Junsu looked at each other, and Junsu said
“We are twins~~ maybe you cannot believe us, but we are biovular twins!”

To the question from the host to Junsu, “What kind of brother was Junho to you?”,
Junsu answered, “My brother was like an elder brother from our chilidhood days, he was always considerate, always kind to me, and we were able to get well together. He is really my elder brother, I tend to forget that he is my twin brother, I am so thankful.”

There, Junho asked “Do you love me?” (Lol)
Junsu “Yes, I love you (Lol)”
Junho “Arigato Gojaimasu” (T/N: thank you. The true word is “Arigato Gozaimasu”.)
Junsu “I am so thankful!” (Lol)

Junsu, the word “considerate” came out so smoothly… oh, his Japanese is OK~

From Junho, “My brother is really like a younger brother.. Though we are in the same position, twins, he always called me the elder brother. He should have had complicated feelings since we are twins.. I thank him for always respecting me as an elder brother. As a singer, he is a great senior, and thanks to him, I am able to stand on today’s stage.”
Junho said all this in Korean. Afterwards, he requested to Junsu “Please translate (T/N: to Japanese)”, but Junsu seemed to be embarrassed, so at the last, the interpreter translated his words.

Junsu “Give it your all!” (Lol)
Junho “Arigato Gojaimasu”

The host requested that the brothers disclose an episode especially here, and Junsu said,
“We got up to mischief.. too far…a lady…a friend (a girl), we picked on her, and we made her burst into tears….
Oh, it was back in our childhood days~ we liked her, so we picked on her a little~”

Host “That girl is so lucky, to have been made into tears by you two~ (Lol).” Junsu burst into laughing.
“So, you are now an adult, so you won’t make ladies cry like that?” (Oh~ thank you host for asking the question.)
Junsu “No, no, I won’t do that kind of things~ (smiling bashfully)~ I will …really.. love her.”

The audience was full of kya~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Host “Which is stronger? When you have a fight, which side wins…..?”
Junsu “Maybe you won’t believe us, but we have never quarreled~”
Junho “Yes, its true” (T/N: in Japanese)
Junsu “We always worked together.. for instance, we beat a junior high school student when we were in elementary school by fighting together~ (Lol)”

(The two are really loving brothers.)

There was a message and advice from Junsu to Junho.
Junsu “When you stand on stage, I want you to think that you are the best in the world….the audience will know.. it is really important as an artist, I think.”

(applause from the audience~~)

Host “Send a yell to your brother.”
Junsu “I think that… you will do your best as you have done until this date~
Really… umm (asking the interpreter for the Japanese word, lol) Oh, genuine. He is a genuine person~
Really…I don’t have anything to say about this point…I believe in him.
He is truly doing his best… (smiling bashfully)”

(Junho was laughing out loud).

In the very last, we were able to hear Junsu’s messages to the fans.

It has been really quite a while since I met face to face with all of you….
Soon….the time that we can meet will…
I think that there will be many chances….everyone….please, a little bit….
Wait for us.
Thank you very much.



Can we meet again? Junsu, will the chances that we can meet increase in the future?

Junsu was so considerate, he did not forget to say “Today is Junho’s showcase. Please enjoy yourselves to the last minute.”

Your haircut was the MIRO style, and the length was more uneven (Lol) His eyebrows are slightly thin…
He had a little suntan. It may be that he was with his brother.. he was smiling bashfully, his ukyankyang hasn’t canged~
He wasn’t nervous, he seemed relaxed, good for you, Junsu!

If I had a younger brother like Junsu… adorable and cute.
Junho seemed more relaxed after Junsu appeared onstage, though bashful, looking at each other, or looking away, so natural..

Resemblances Junsu~~ the lines of his jaws~~
Sometimes his expressions and gestures are the very same (licking his lips many times, lol),
Junho seemed to be the very Junsu, my heart was beating..
Watching Junho, I was wistful again…

Junho! He was doing his best for his singing and dancing. I hear that his dream is to become an actor, so please show your face often by this debut. And, in the future, please become a lovely artist. If it is Junsu’s wish, I really want the wish to be achieved!

Junsu! I’m waiting for you~~ I believe that the day we can meet many times are close at hand…..

source: diary-xiah☆ (sora’s blog)
translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 041110 Junho’s Interview in Hanryu Pia (Junsu Cut)

*only Junsu parts are posted here.

Q: You’re the sort of person who gets excited to full-throttle when people praise you.

Z:I’m blood type B (laugh). My brother is also B and he’s a typical B (laugh). When we were kids, we went to Lotte World, and one of the staff announced < Anyone wearing red clothes, please come up on the stage!> JunSoo and I were wearing pink clothes, but JunSoo immediately went up onto the stage…I thought < My clothes are not red…> so that I didn’t go up…that sort of differences you can see (in B type behaviour there).

Q: So what has JunSoo, such a strong B type man, advised his brother to do?

Z: When I have an filmed interview, I get nervous so I sometimes speak too fast or say things which don’t make sense.  <In that situation, do some deep breathing and speak clearly.> He also told me how to look after my throat the day before my recording. Before I did my first show, I was really nervous because I was going to sing in front of 30,000 people. I didn’t know what to do in my first rehearsal, and I felt upset and even thought about going home. So I phoned my brother, and he said some really nice things, “You must think you are the best. While you’re singing, don’t think about how to sing better, just think about how happy you are that such a lot of people have come to see you. That will make you perform much better than you expected. ”

In fact, I repeated his words like a “spell” and the tension went. Say my usual level is 100. In rehearsal I could only perform at about 20, but in the actual performance I could do more than 100. JunSoo was so proud of me, and said “You are great!” (laugh).

I really appreciated that and said “Thanks a lot. I’m so grateful for all your help”. I’d been joking with him that I wouldn’t need his advice, but on stage I actually had to take action, I realised how he is very important to me (laugh). I might be a bad person, don’t you think?…because I rely on him only when I need him.

Q: According to ZUNO’s manager, on the day they were shoting the PV, JunSoo arrived around dawn with fried-chicken for him and for all his staff.

Z: On that day JunSoo was performing his musical so I didn’t tell him about the date of the PV shoot. But when we were speaking to each other (on the phone), I joked “you won’t even come and cheer your brother up when he’s shooting”. He replied “I’m sorry 형(my brother), but it’s quite a long way from here….”, but in the end he came to see me. I knew he must’ve been exhausted, so I really appreciate his visit.

Q: Even though they are twins and have grown up in the same environment, their personalities are very individual.

Z: My brother is more manly, not chatty and he looks after things in a nice way in the background. I express affection straight. JunSoo is decisive, but I worry about this and that. When I worry about things, JunSoo makes a decision like “why don’t we do this!”.

In our childhood we were very similar, I think, but only just recently I’ve started to understand the differences between us. Since we were kids our body shape has always been different, so I sometimes felt frustrated when I was told “You’ve been eating your brother’s (food)” (laugh). I think twins like us are very unique (having such differences). When we see our relatives, they see grown-up JunSoo, and then say “you’ve caught up with your brother!”, but then look at me “(we thought) impossible…”.

Q: Since they were kids, they’ve always enjoyed being together, and ZUNO is looking forward to travelling in Japan with his brother, just the two of them.

Z: We were always happy playing together, so we never went to visit our friends, they visited us instead… like… “Hey, Twins! Play with us!”. I’ve never had a fight with JunSoo, only hitting each other for a joke (laugh). I’ve been to Japan twice when my brother started working there. I just watched my brother’s concerts and didn’t do much sight-seeing. But I know that Japanese people are kind and the cities are clean, and also I know that people queue up in front of restaurants serving the best food…(laugh). I love Sushi very much!!, and meat. I love anything with meat (laugh)

source: Hanryu Pia Spring 2010 [Posaruxya]
translation: angelunsoo @ posaruxya
shared by: Xiah-sshi.com+ Onetvxq.com + DTL

[NEWS] TVXQ Xiah Junsu Showed Infinite Love to Junho (ZUNO) at China Showcase‏

Junho’s (ZUNO, real name Kim Junho) twin brother TVXQ Xiah Junsu showed his love for his brother by participating at China showcase.

On the 28th, Junho left for China and held his first successful showcase at ‘Beijing Chaoyang Gymnasium’. On that day, through his ‘Nothing to Lose’ showcase, Junho had his first singing stage. After self-introduction, with his dancers he proceed to do a sexy dance and by watching the routines, you can see his hidden talents.

At the showcase also appeared Xiah Junsu, who showed his infinite love for his brother as he was holding Junho on the stage. After performing ‘The Greatest Love of All’ to celebrate the singing debut of his brother, he conveyed a message from the stage, “I’m so proud of my brother. I hope he could freely shows his passion and energy for everyone.”

The showcase also revealed a video message of Junho telling the fans, “Because the love from all fans who have been waiting for me, I could stand all the hard times. To appreciate your sincerity, I will give my best efforts.”

Meanwhile, Junho 28th China showcase ‘Nothing to Lose’ rang the signal to open further overseas promotions. Starting from China, they also plan to continue promotion to Japan, Singapore, and all around Asia.

source: Economic Daily
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

[TRANS] 100329 Kim Junho Debut Showcase In Beijing, Brother Junsu Came To Cheer Him On, Mentioned Recent Activities After Contract Dispute

Korean star Kim Junho had his debut showcase in Beijing on the 28th, starting off his Asian Tour. After half a year, he returns in front of his fans. Not only does Kim Junho complete his metamorphosis from a Prince of Love Songs to a Sexy Dancer, he also shows off the essential abdominal muscles Korean stars must have.

His twin brother, TVXQ’s member Kim Junsu, made a special appearance to cheer Junho on as well as to sing. Junsu also accepted a Sohu Entertainment exclusive interview, facing the media for the first time and mentioning recent activities after the “TVXQ Contract Dispute Issue.”

Kim Junho wants to work with S.H.E, joking how he’s more handsome than his brother

In contrast to other Korean stars developing in China, Kim Junho chose to directly debut in China using his stage name ZUNO, releasing the single . Was the reason why the Chinese entertainment company chose to sign Kim Junho due to the immense popularity of twin brother Kim Junsu? In response, the company’s manager denied the claim, stating humorously that “I fell in love with him, he’s handsome and sunny, and also very kind.” So who does Kim Junho think is more handsome, himself or his brother? He answered laughingly, “Of course in the eyes of the media, Junsu is more handsome. If in private, I think I’m a little bit more handsome than Junsu.”

Kim Junho revealed that the reason why he chose to debut in China was partly due to his brother, Kim Junsu’s, influence, and also because of the fact that debuting in China had very good developing opportunities. In terms of his level in Chinese, Kim Junho humbly expressed that “right now, lengthy sentences are still difficult. When recording Chinese songs, the hardest part is the pronunciation and tone. I’m still working hard in learning Chinese.”

Then amongst the Chinese singers, who does he want to work with the most? Kim Junho disclosed that he greatly admires Jay Chou, Alexander Wang, and Michael Wong. For the ladies, he really likes S.H.E.

Kim Junho dances and shows off his abs at fan meeting, making the fans his girlfriends

To start off the fan meeting, a video clip was shown of Kim Junho revealing half a year’s worth of hard work on his rock-hard muscles, causing fans to scream non-stop. Not only did Kim Junho receive results from half a year of effective fitness, he also changed his gentlemanly image, dancing sensually with a female dancer, causing several media reporters to applaud Korean singers as being “able to dance and sing”. According to staff members, Kim Junho usually rehearses until late at night, preparing the best that he can for his first fan meeting.

Kim Junho says that in the half year that he was in Korea, he really missed the Chinese fans, so he sang for them the ballad . When being asked if he had a girlfriend, he kept everyone in suspense by saying that he already had one, causing fans to sigh in despair. But later on, he added “it’s you”, touching fans deeply.

Kim Junsu sings English song displaying his natural gift, fans hold up “I Believe” signs

Last year July, Kim Junsu was one of the three members of TVXQ involved in the contract dispute. Having been inactive in China, his appearance caused a huge commotion among the fans. He sang Whitney Houston’s live on stage, and to show their greatest support for their idol until the end, the fans held up signs saying “I Believe” in Korean.

Kim Junsu not only drew in a huge number of fans to the event, he also attracted Chinese Idol Group HIT5 to the scene to observe and learn. They expressed that they were also Junsu’s fans. The scene of them watching their idol while signing autographs for their own fans made them seem very approachable and welcoming.

Source: [baidu tvxq]
Translation credits: supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[INFO] Junsu Will Not Be Attending Junho’s 1st Japan Showcase

Date: April 18th(Sun)
Door Open: 12:00
Start Time: 13:00
Admission: 6,500 yen (With CD)
Contents: Junho Live Talk With All Participants and Song performance
No JUNSU as guest

Ticket Sale: 4/3 (Sat)at PIA Ticket
Contact: ZAK Corporation 03-5474-9999
Precedent reservation: 3/19~PIA Ticket

source: Junho Japan official homepage
trans: sharingyoochun.net + DTL