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[TRANS] 101231 Artists To Look Forward To In 2011

Lee Seung Gi has been ranked first as the most anticipated star born in the year of the rabbit. Music site “monkey3″ (www.monkey3.co.kr) began a survey running from the 22nd of December till the 29th. Out of the 817 participants, a staggering amount of 54% (442 participants) supported Lee Seung Gi as “No. 1″ for the most anticipated star born in the year of the rabbit.

In SBS drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”, Lee Seung Gi’s sweet acting, as well as participation in the emotional KBS2′s “1 Night 2 Days” & “Strong Heart” has led him to explosively show his acting, variety, music and such skills. The public holds much hope for him in 2011 due to his many possibilities in a variety of areas.

In second place is Big Bang’s T.O.P, coming in with 22% (183 participants). The Big Bang member stands at the top of the music industry, and challenged acting and continues to spread his influence. In this year’s movie “Into the Fire”, he brought back a popularity award from the 47th Daejong Film Awards, and thus became an actor.

Next up is Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In, whose active in sitcom “All My Love” with 9% (70 participants) in third place. JYJ’s Xiah Junsu who will be having a release early next year is in fourth place. Jang Geun Suk (4%, 35 participants) and Moon Geun Young (4%, 32 participants) who are both part of the currently airing KBS drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night” are fifth and sixth respectively.

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[Trans] 101109 Kim Junsu’s Nude Body Ignites Massive Reaction

Carrying out activities alongside Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong in the group JYJ, a recent photo of Kim Junsu nude from the waist up has sparked a massive response.

In the early morning hours on the 9th (after midnight on the 8th), Kim Junsu wrote on his twitter “I was really happy at the Shanghai showcase today. I need to quickly take a shower and sleep… I’ll say goodbye after I do,” uploading a photo of his naked body that was taken in the bathroom.

In the photo, Junsu showed off his recently dyed red hair, which accentuated his white, makeup-less skin.

The photo attracted the attention of many fans, leaving messages like “your skin is so good”, “you really suit the red hair”, “this is my first time seeing Junsu like this”, and “hurry up and come back after your shower, I’ll be waiting!”

On another note, JYJ will be flying to New York, Las Vegas, and LA for their US leg of the new album showcase this week. They will then proceed to hold their 2-day Seoul concert at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 27 and 28 of November back in Korea.

Source: [yinyuetai]
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Breaking the prejudice of ‘Idol’s origin’, showing the possibilities of an all-rounded entertainer.

This year, on the 26th of January, in Seoul’s Sejong Cultural Center, it was the day that Kim JunSu turned into a musical actor from a pop idol singer with his debut performance in ‘Mozart!’. The 3000-plus seats were packed, the ticket responses showing an unprecedented degree of enthusiasm.

After the 2 hour and 20 minute performance ended, a person from the entertainment industry who was seated in the audience said, “His artistic talent is really unlimited, a thumbs-up.”
And after 10 months later, the initial individual praises for Kim JunSu now falls onto the members of JYJ (JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu).

▲ Park YooChun’s acclaimed acting in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’
At first when news of him challenging historical dramas surfaced, many people were doubtful. Some people even said that it was an unnecessary challenge, even if it’s a historical drama with modern colors, to people with such strong images such as him, it is obviously too difficult.

Adding on to the fact that he had stayed so long in the US, it was unknown whether he would be able to use the right accents and pronunciation necessary in a historical drama. Would he turn out to be like the majority of idol singers who turned into actors who want to experience acting through a challenge? From the start, concerns like this have already existed.

However, using sincere eye expressions and a steady deliverance of his lines, along with his acting surpassing expectations, he has received the praises of the audience, having the reputation of being the ‘model of all idol singer-turned-actors’. Especially, along with superb actors such as Song JoongKi, Park MinYoung, Yoo Ah In and others, he acted out perfectly the friendships, love and frustration of a Sungkyunkwan scholar.

Appearing in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, numerous topics of discussion have emerged, and also getting the audience to support ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ enthusiastically, yet another achievement is the unearthing of a new actor named Park YooChun.

▲ Becoming the musical world’s talent who is cherished by all through ‘Mozart!’, Kim JunSu
When the news of him going into the musical stage emerged, compared to a welcome, negative expressions emerged.

Due to the many singers recently challenging musical acting and failing in the box office, the public opinion of the outside world has not tested its invitation of some stars who have received much criticism for being in musicals.

He who has no acting experience, will be he be able to coordinate with the other actors on stage, would be able to have an emotional communication with the audience down-stage, would he be able to digest this type of musical, many people questioned. Also, when there is an error in the lines or movements, as a newcomer, what would his reactions be like, these are concerns that people had.

But, as soon as the performance started, all doubts immediately vanished. He movingly acted out the life of the musical genius Mozart, who had a thirst for freedom. In this piece of work, through his fine acting performance and voice, he has the audience hypnotized. A Mozart who wears jeans, he used his own interpretation of the conflict and struggles experienced by a child prodigy a few centuries ago.

As a result, at the ’4th Musical Awards’ held in June and at the ’16th Korean Musical Awards’ in October, he won two awards: Best Newcomer Award and the Most Popular Award. In winning these two big awards at the same time, he is the first person.

In the musical market, there will never be people who will relegate him as a ‘product’ who only has a scary influence on the box office again. He is undoubtedly the greatest achievement for the Korean musical world in 2010.

▲ Attracting people’s attention, Kim JaeJoong in ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’
Compared to YooChun and JunSu, his activities in the country are less. However, a cable TV station is going to broadcast his debut Japanese TV drama series ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’, and I believe this will let fans quench their thirst.

In actual fact, the first member of TVXQ to start acting was him. Last year, in ‘Heaven’s Postman’ where he collaborated with Han Hyo Joo which started many topics of discussion, his acting deserves to be reaffirmed, and with more steady acting skills, he starred in ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’.

Japan’s public opinion on the evaluation of his acting is good. In the drama, he is a medical device salesman who feels the pressure as a result of poor sales, has digested fluent Japanese lines, and also amongst Ueno Juri, Eita and other Japanese actors, his acting skills are no less. Ueno Juri praises him as a person who cares about others, and who is also a insightful actor.

Unfortunately, due to going all-out in JYJ’s group activities, for a short period of time, we will not be able to see his activities as an actor in the country. However, he has stepped up into the ranks of actors, what kind of work piece would the next step bring? Now, it is already being anticipated.

After the JYJ members have completed their individual activities, in a period of time the group activities would be going all-out. On the 30th of October, they have successfully completed the Taiwan stop of their world album ‘The Beginning’ showcase, and will go on to their US activities.

Recently, the critics who have praised Kim JunSu in January at the Sejong Cultural Center, have also poured praise over all the members of JYJ.

Source: TodayKorea + DNBN + Baidu MickyYooChun + Hey!JJ
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Junsu new avatar

Yoochun was depressed and needed his piano
(Yoochun) If only…… there’s a piano next to me … I would be able to shed this away and fall asleep …..

Jaejoong got cold in Taiwan
(Jaejoong) Taiwan is too cold ㅠ

Flying back to Korea
(Jaejoong) Now we’re flying back to South Korea. I’m longing to see..
(Jaejoong) Jiji ya..

Junsu followed his fellow musical Mozart
(Junsu) Our Archbishop Young Gi hyung! I followed you ^^

Tweets to Eunhyuk
@AllRiseSilver Ya!! Servant!!!!

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Junsu gets in touch with Min Young Ki

(Young Ki) @0101xiahtic Our Xiahzart, Hwaiting on our concert and musical. Congratulations on your Best Newcomer Award and congratulations on your Popularity Award. We have to meet again on the same stage one day, our Xiahzart, who sings with his whole body and heart. (5:42pm KST)

(Junsu) @poimin73 You’re too generous with your compliments…. Hyung, we have to meet on the same stage once more!!! I’ll be waiting for that day to come^^ (6:03pm KST)

According to Jaejoong, Midnight is Considered Early
(Jaejoong) I’m going to bed early tonight because I’m so tired. Goodnight^^ (12:02am KST)

Yoochun Seeks and Finds Refuge in his Piano
(Yoochun) After calming the sound of countless memories, that pour out of my heart cracked wide open, with the sound of my piano, I have finally laid down in bed… Even if I’m only able to sleep an hour~or two… My heart is at ease a little more than it was before (3:47am KST)

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Drinking coffee… while enjoying my relax time ^^

Our young Tiger, hehe

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Hurray! jolly me

JAE JOONG, YOOCHUN & JUNSU ARE ON TWITTER EVERYONE!!! (im sure most of you guys have known before I post this post but still~ this is a special day right ^^)

So here are the links of their accounts. These accounts are confirmed to be them 😀

Yoochun – http://twitter.com/#!/6002theMicky
Jae Joong – http://twitter.com/#!/mjjeje
Junsu – http://twitter.com/#!/0101xiahtic

Let’s hope Yunho & Changmin to join twitter soon~ 😀

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It’s really hard to keep up with these three punks tweet, lol

I will just translate this one then, PET BATTLE!!!!

(from top to bottom)

Jiji photo award. Oh Shanghai it’s been a long time!

Cute our Tiger, Leo, and Bakira hehe

Then me.. Harangi!!

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[Trans] 101018 “Junsu-ssi, Wait!” ‘Switched Accident’ of Prize-Winner Envelope

Kim Junsu got his envelope together with his prize by the award’s presenter but it turned that the envelope was switched with the next winner announcement envelope, thus brought a rounding laughter.

Kim Junsu was announced as best rookie actor in the ’16th Korea Musical Awards’ through his role in ‘Mozart!’, the expression of thrilled and happiness was seen on this face.

After receiving the trophy, “I want to thank everyone who helped me, one who once knew nothing about musical.” as he said in his acceptance speech. So far, everything was going normally just like how’s it supposed to be.

After the speech, Kim Junsu was about to leave the stage, but this little accident broke out. The presenter Im Hye Young by mistake handled Kim Junsu envelope that contains result of award winners instead of the envelope containing rookie award prizes.

Because of this, after the two presenters realized that the envelope with winner announcement was missing, they hurriedly cried over, “(Kim) Junsu-ssi, WAIT!” and the audiences erupted in laughter.

Afterwards, the two presenters cleared up the situation and announced another rookie winner Cha Ji Yeon. Cha Ji Yeon shed tears as she received the award leading the atmosphere to become sober.

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Dear Jun Soo,

When we met on the opening night of “Mozart!” in Seoul, in Sejong theater end of January of this Year, you said to me that you liked my music, and asked me if I would be willing to write you a Song. I remember telling you immediately “yes”.
Since that day I was frequesntly thinking about that song, because you have made a great impression on me: you are incredibly telented, determined artist, and at the same time a very modest and humble person. Up until now, I haven’t encountered many artists like you.
To write the Song for you, that I promised, I had to wait for the right moment. After the idea for your Concerts in the Olympic hall of Seoul was born, I knew this is the right time! Then I started to think about a concept and the character of the song that I should write for you.
One day in Vienna I was playing on my Grand Piano, and the basic theme was born. But I knew immediately, that I don’t want to just make a song out of this idea, that is not enough, it has to be more than that.

So after working several weeks on this basic version, I decided to musically paint a picture; to compose a story with this song. My imagination was, that there is a narration in the beginning, where I play the piano solo, and then the part of your singing is an emotional story; with a dramatic part which builds up, and then it resolves hope redemption.
Now that, for sure, wasn’t easy. At least I didn’t expect it to be so demanding. I was composing every day, and I also spent many sleepless nights over it. The musical images started to develop, but sometimes in a way that I haven’t experienced very often. One day everything was right, by the next day I had to start all over again. Day after day.
So I ended up with about eight versions of the song. Sometimes it was frustrating, yet I felt that I was moving bit by bit in the right direction. I knew I have to be patient, very patient.
The most important thing was for me, that I would have be able to imagine you singing this song on the stage in your concerts.
This was the most important thing to me, because I was writing this song not only for you, dear jun Soo, but for your faithful audience as well.
I truly hope that you will like the song, because than I am sure that your audience will like it too.
Looking forward to our concerts in Seoul, and to the world premiere of the song I’ve wrote for you.

With my best regards
Sincerely yours
Sylvester Levay
Neuhausen, September 6th 2010

Dear Levay,

We started rehearsal for Mozart! and Elisabeth last week.
And today I received the score for the new song for the first time
After finish rehearsing the new song for the first time
I read the letter that you sent
I am writing this letter to you to show you how deeply thankful I am.
To provide such a grand and beautiful song for a person like me…
For me to be given a chance to sing this song..
It is a great honor.
I was deeply moved, when I heard that you spent day and night working on this song.
It is my turn now to spend day and night practising this song.
When I first heard this song,
I was thinking exactly what you were thinking
I was imagining singing this song with you on stage
The beginning is grand and at the same time, I felt that there was a message in the ending of the music.
The first time we met, the situation I am in now and for the fans that have been waiting so long…
This is a song that can make up for everything, like ran after the drought.
I can’t wait for the day we meet and introduce this song to the fans.
I thank you again.
Now I am off back to practice again!!
I will try my best to not disappoint you.

Jun Soo

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