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Hallyu star JYJ is chosen as FLL Korea goodwill ambassador for robotics education.

FLL is a robotic competition that is created by US First Scholarship
Foundation that brings participants from elementary school to high
school students to join the culture festival.

The FLL competition that will be held on January 29th at Ilsan KINTEX is conducted by a joint agreement of First Scholarship Foundation and FEST Creative Engineering Education Association as its host. FEST Creative Engineering Education Association (http://www.fest.or.kr) is an organization that was established in order to promote STEM (science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics) training using robots as its media with
teachers and professors specialized in science, mathematics,
engineering, and technology. The theme for FLL KOREA 2011 is ‘Body
Forwards’, combining the knowledge of robotics and medicine at once.

There are 5-10 teams from each country within range of age from 9 to 16 years
old that will compete against teams from over 50 countries, more than
170,000 young students will challenge themselves in the festival.

KOREA organizing committee, “We decided that JYJ’s passion and teamwork
matches the competitions concept. JYJ album is also ranked as top 5 on
Billboard this year, and garners high interests from United States,
hence is well suited to our global competition spirit.” as he explained
the reason for the group to be chosen as the goodwill ambassador.

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[Info] 110109 HMV – Ranking All (Daily)

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[TRANS] 110107 Avex to Release JYJ CD & DVD

The footmarks of the 3 …
The DVD of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN’s 2010 Japanese activities.
The rare stage images of a-nation’10 is completely included!
Image benefits:In a-nation’10 video, the multi-angles of each of the members are included!

On Sale on March 2, 2011
“Memories in 2010″

5,800 yen (tax in)
●a-nation’10 images (Including multi-angle video of each of the members)
●Video of the album “XIAH” release event
Others, total approx 150 minutes

The legendary live, of total 200 thousand audience in Tokyo/Osaka Dome, and live digest video which had 1300 thousand viewers, ”JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME”.
The emotional LIVE CD will be released!
2011.03.02 On Sale

3,500 yen (tax in)
●Itsudatte kimi ni
●Kimiga ireba~Beautiful Love~
●Kanashimino Yukue
●Kimino tameni
●been so long [Special Guest : LISA]
●Rainy Blue
●Kimiga irudakede
●I have nothing
●My Girlfriend (Special ver.)
●COLORS~Melody and Harmony~
●Get Ready
●Long Way
Others, total 18 songs 27 version scheduled to be included

(other sentences omitted)

Source: JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN official website
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[TRANS] 110108 JYJ Twitter Update

Lol nonsense about singing? and love professions
(Jaejoong) After I sing, I’m going to sing and sing ~ (5:30pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Kim Junsu sings “too love” (5:33pm KST)

(Jaejoong) I love you~ I love you~ I~love you~ (5:36pm KST)


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[NEWS] 110108 JYJ’s SBS ‘Good Morning’ Show is Rescheduled, Yet Again

It seems JYJ fans have to wait a little longer to watch their idols on SBS ‘Good Morning’ show.

Yesterday on January 7th, the official twitter of SBS confirmed that the ‘Good Morning’ show broadcast that features JYJ appearance is rescheduled, yet again, to January 20th.

The tweet said, “SBS ‘Good Morning’ featuring JYJ broadcast schedule has been adjusted to January 20th. We deeply apologize for this sudden notice. The PD-nim said that the perfect highly potential broadcast day for the 80 minutes show would be on January 20th as he explained at his bulletin post.”

Furthermore, ‘Good Morning’ PD Jo Dong Suk wrote an official reschedule notice at the show’s bulletin post. The PD explained that while the production team had been organizing the order of broadcast schedule, suddenly on January 7th at 15:00 entered the news about The parliamentary confirmation hearing of the nominees for chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection that would take place on the 19th. Therefore considering that the breaking news is rather more important to be broadcast earlier, JYJ broadcast that lasts for 80 minutes has to be delayed to a more stable broadcast day, and the perfect day that could be settled was the January 20th.

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[TRANS] 110104 JYJ’s Love Lives Become Talking Point; Talks About Ideal Type

The group JYJ [Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu] has been garnering a lot of interest recently.

They, who used to be a part of the 5-member group TVXQ, released their first album “The Beginning” in October last year. Park Yoochun also excelled in his role in the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, gaining a lot of support from the audience. JYJ, who originated from TVXQ, enjoys high popularity not only in Korea, but around the world as well. As such, after they went solo, it was a great loss to the cultural and arts industry. They performed for the first time during the “2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards” last December and earned positive comments from TV audiences. Especially for Park Yoochun, who starred in his first TV drama, we reveal their thoughts regarding the rumours that surfaced in the interview below.

TVD: With regards to the rumour between Park Yoochun and Park Minyoung, what are the members thoughts? Do you feel envious?

JYJ: We think it’s nice. As for being envious, we knew how difficult it was during the process of filming, so we were more worried than anything else.

TVD: The members talk about Park Yoochun’s acting.

JYJ: We think he really has a flair for acting. We saw images of the filming and went down to the filming site to cheer him on. From then on, we were not just members of Yoochun, but fans who have immersed in the drama and hoped that it could be longer.

TVD: JYJ expressed that there is no one in particular that they have been in close contact with recently and they basically don’t have situations where they try to match-make the other members. In this cold winter season, they are still single. For JYJ who don’t have lovers, what are their ideal types?

Jaejoong: Even if she only has average looks, she must have beautiful hands and feet. As for girls who are exceptionally pretty, she must have a pair of hands that is suitably pretty to match her beauty. Also, during summer, there are always a lot of girls that I develop positive feelings for because during summer, everyone bares their feet, so I can see if their feet are pretty or not. Also, it’s important that she’s fit and healthy.

TVD: What is Junsu’s ideal type like then?

Junsu: The type where I can fall in love with at first sight. There’s no fixed type, as long as she has a cute style and has a bright and bubbly personality. Someone who is enthusiastic about the work that they do. For example, actresses Kim Jeung Eun and Han Ye Seul are my ideal types.

TVD: Yoochun is also no exception.

Yoochun: I’m also not too sure what my ideal type is, but I guess if I have to say it, it will be Kim Tae Hee. While filming “SungKyunKwan Scandal” I saw the reports that said she was watching the drama and that she felt it’s not bad, and that made me really happy, so I worked really hard to film it. Haha.

TVD: The girl he wants to date is?

Yoochun: I’ve never brought a girlfriend home to meet my mom, so if I really do fall in love this time, I definitely want her to meet my mom. I think my girlfriend will have to be someone wise and easygoing.

To JYJ who are still single currently, their love lives have garnered a lot of interest from everyone.

Source: [TV Daily + HeyJJ]
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[News] 101113 JYJ World Tour – JYJ brings down the house in New York City!

They’ve become musical gods in Korea, broken records in Japan, vacationed in Paris, and toured China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. Their foray into the global market was launched last month with the debut album “The Beginning“, which surpassed the half million mark in pre-orders with the luxury edition easily selling out in less than a week. So it should come as no surprise that the ever-grandeur Hammerstein Ballroom was bursting at the seams tonight as JYJ took the stage in the heart of New York City, launching the JYJ World Tour, their first American showcase tour in front of 3,400 ecstatic fans.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are no strangers when it comes to pleasing a crowd; after all, they’ve been on the music scene for over seven years and have been part of seven tours. And it’s definitely paid off – the turnout for JYJ’s first flesh-and-blood appearance in New York City was overwhelming. It would be an understatement to label the wait outside of the venue to simply be a “line around the block.” Imagine a crowd of human sardines that takes up ten feet of sidewalk in width, barricaded by metal fences on the verge of tipping over in certain places. Extend that image by a few avenue blocks and you get the idea. Some hardcore Cassiopeians reportedly camped out the night before (they were eventually turned away… then eventually returned around 6AM); others traveled from all over the East Coast just to see these three stars in person. And hello, after the hack job by Tinsel PR and Entitled Entertainment, the concert became free and “first come first serve” – who could pass up an opportunity like that?

Unfortunately, the venue reached its maximum capacity before the entire line was let in, so many disappointed fans were left in the cold and turned away at the entrance. Those that were lucky enough to get in began to flood the floor and balcony levels as fans scrambled to get a good view of the stage. With a vibrant pink pattern titillating on the LCD screen onstage, excited chatter mixed with a chorus of Cassiopeians singing along to the background hum of “Ayyy Girl” as the stage crew played with light and sound tests. Finally, the lights clicked on and MC Shane Yoon dramatically introduced the show, only to be humorously interrupted by fellow MC Julie Chang who got the show officially started. allkpop had previously reported that Arden Cho would be the female MC for the show, but the earlier disorganization and mess caused her to miss the New York stop, though she will apparently be at the Las Vegas and Los Angeles shows. Anyway, with no opening acts to prolong the wait, fans were immediately quenched with the live spectacle of three drippingly sexy Korean men slowly rising out of the stage floor onto elevated platforms. Cue the deafening screams of fangirls in blissful vertigo.

With the extreme levels of energy pulsating within the ballroom, “Empty” was the perfect song to kick-start the show: the boys casually walked down the steps from the platform to the slow beginning and suddenly came to life with fast-paced choreography as the percussion beat thrummed from the speakers into the crowd. A few arm pumps and mesmerizing pelvic thrusts later, the music transitioned into the fun, electro-dance beat of “Be The One“, with fanchants ringing loud and clear from beginning to end. I absolutely love the heavy, robotic dance moves that come in after the first chorus, and getting to see it live unquestionably amplified the sex factor tenfold. As the song came to an end, the fog machines at the base of the stage began to pump their goods toward the crowd, casting a complete veil over our vision. While the haze might’ve produced a cool effect for the audience, I couldn’t see anyone around me or even the stage which was less than a foot away from my eyes for the next few minutes. From what I could tell though, the young men had taken their positions on stools near the front of the stage. Their voices pierced the fog, so to speak, with the third song of the night, “Be My Girl“, a slow-paced track composed by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. It was nice to see both JYJ’s sexy and sensitive sides in the span of ten minutes!

With half the show already over, the MCs returned to the stage for a special Q&A session with the trio based on questions drawn from the audience before the show. Shane and Julie first began by talking about the sheer volume and power of Cassiopeians around the world. “On Twitter, you guys have been crazy. Who reads allkpop?” Shane asked and, amidst cheers, continued, “allkpop put my Twitter account on their site, and I started getting JYJ-Twitter-bombed, and it was crazy. You guys are crazy!“ After each member adorably introduced himself in a few sparse English words, the MCs got straight to the questions. JYJ has spent the past few days in the Big Apple, and it seems like they’re loving it; when asked what their favorite aspects of NYC were, Junsu admired the endless skyline of buildings, Jaejoong said he favored being on stage performing for their fans, and Yoochun was in awe of the number of taxis in the city. At one point, Yoochun recited a few lines of traditional Korean from his latest drama, “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” Another fan asked whether the members read all the tweets posted to them on Twitter. Yoochun estimated that he read around 50% of his Twitter replies, and Junsu said, “I won’t lie and say I’ve read all of them, but I really do try.”

After the break, the stools were briskly whisked away and the threesome performed a Korean song from Yoochun’s drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” titled “Chajatta (Found)”, an optimistic track about someone finally meeting the love of his life. JYJ returned to the pop ambiance afterwards with their big Kanye West collab track “Ayyy Girl”; just as they did earlier that night, the audience sang along to the lyrics, word for word. Finally, JYJ wrapped up the night with a remixed version of “Empty”, which added a layer of electronica pop to the original track. With the members shouting at the audience to jump, it felt like the entire venue was experiencing a mini earthquake. As the song climaxed and neared its end, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu stepped back onto the platform they started on and disappeared for a dramatic close to the night.

White confetti cannons exploded into the air and the ”Ayyy Girl” music video was broadcast on the LCD screen as if to console any members of the audience who were already experiencing JYJ withdrawal symptoms. Dazed fans filtered out of the entrance doors, with little cliques dotting the lobby as friends took final photos together and others reminisced about the highlights of the concert. Many fans also ended up lingering in the area, hoping to catch a glimpse of the trio leaving the venue for their hotel which was located just down the block.

This was my first time seeing JYJ perform live, and the trio ultimately lived up to the hype that they’ve constructed over the past seven years. One of the keys to TVXQ’s international success lay in the members’ exceptional vocal ability, and it was delightful to discover firsthand that they were just as talented live as in studio. Furthermore, the members put on a great show despite the logistical mess that has recently plagued the tour.

Later this week, JYJ’s schedule includes two more tour stops in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. For those of you that are planning to attend, you’re in for a hell of a concert!

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