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[News] 101112 JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Pictures of ‘Neatly’ Playing Piano Gathers Attention with His ‘Self-Radiant in The Dark’

Recently the picture of TVXQ and JYJ member Kim Jaejoong showing him playing piano was unveiled through internet community site.

Kim Jaejoong was seen wearing a thick jacket with capuchon while was writing song by playing a piano. Through these two pictures captured from a video, despite the dark atmosphere surrounding him, Kim Jaejoong’s self-radiant beauty glows hence aroused interests from netizens.

Netizens who saw the pictures left comments such as “His beautiful appearance is beyond words…”, “The piano man! He’s fully a self-radiant guy.”, “Even in the dark, he remains to be the glowing Kim Jaejoong.”, “His hands seem to be used to play piano.”

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Make him #1

Oh he’s number 1 now!!!!!!!


[Info] Kim Jaejoong is One of SixStar’s 85 Members

Remember SixStar online shop we ever bit explained about before?

Well, it’s been a long time public talk that our Kim Jaejoong is not only just Fukutaro (SixStar’s owner) close friends, but also one of the 85 group members where Fukutaro is in, too along with other names such as:

☆ Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
☆ Shirota Yu
☆ Kaneda Satoshi (Hannya)
☆ Jaejoong (TVXQ)

See there are SIX stars?? And that’s how the online shop SixStar was named (whether the 85 group has investment in SixStar shop, it’s nothing we can confirm now–but most likely they do)

We never share this info since there’s no legit proof we could provide, however this ‘info’ is finally confirmed now as in Fukutaro’s blog, he mentioned all the 85 group members in his profile (Jaejoong is the last name in the list):

So now you also know what’s the meaning of 85 design we posted earlier – refers to their group name: ’85′

credit: sixstar blog
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[TRANS] 100714 Kim Jaejoong’s 11 Fatal Weaknesses

1. Not good looking enough… yet all girls suffer severe blood loss at the sight of him, all flower boy rankings in Korea and Japan are dominated by him and many people would die for him.

2. Too short… yet overtime he speaks to show hosts and fans, he bends down to listen with a smile.

3. Bad singing… yet he is considered one of five best singers to have emerged from an idol group in all of history, and there is no difference between listening to him live and on CD.

4. Bad relationship with other members of the group… yet Changmin, Yunho, Junsu and Yoochun all confide in him when they have problems.

5. Arrogant… yet he tries to help his fans despite nearly falling off the stage and despite his manager and guards’ restraints.

6. Not strong enough… yet in countless award ceremonies, whilst other members are in a complete mess from crying, he is the one with his head held high. struggling to keep his tears from falling.

7. Capricious and fickle… yet despite being lied to and cheated on by his first love, he continued to wear the ring that symbolized their love, and defiantly said that he would never hate her and that they are still friends.

8. Easily upset… yet when his biological father was involved in the lawsuit, Jae continued to smile for his fans even though off camera, everybody could see the sorrow in his eyes.

9. Stony hearted… yet he is the one who cries from reading emotional scenes in manga, who holds a box of tissues whilst watching movies… and let’s not forget the hardships and torment Jaejoong has endured…

10. Does not take dancing seriously… yet he’s pulled his muscles countless times during rehearsal but has told his members not to worry with a smile still on his face. And all that is to stop the media from reporting about his injuries so that his fans won’t worry.

11. Cares least about his fans… yet tears escaped his eyes when he saw fans waiting for him in the rain and he said that he’d rather they didn’t like him than for them to suffer for him.

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[INFO] 100330 Privilege Magazine ‘Who Is The Sexiest Man Of The World 2010’

The Online Magazine ‘Privilege’ from Peru has created a ranking of ‘The Sexiest Men of the World’ and also has made a poll to choose ‘the sexiest man of the world 2010’, and of course talking about the sexiest men in the world, in the nominees couldn’t miss our Kim Jaejoong!!!
The poll will finish in December 2010! and until now Jaejoong is winning with the 57%

If you wanna vote for Jaejoong just click here

Just scroll down to reach the poll, just select Kim Jaejoong and click in Vote! & that all~~

The magazine also created a photo gallery of JJ

*’Privilege’ is an Online Magazine very well known in Peru*

Source: Privilege Magazine
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[NEWS] Netizens Compile Graduation Photos Of Idol Group Pretty Boys Including Kim Jaejoong & Kim Junsu

A compliation of graduation photos of pretty boys from idol groups and their current photos put together side-by-side are circulating quickly around internet portal sites in Korea.

From Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. to SS501’s Kim Hyung Joong to TVXQ’s Jaejoong, the photos are gathering attention for capturing the individual idol’s youthful and natural image.

Although some look the same as before, others appear radically different from back then. Consequently, their past photos are giving viewers a good laugh.

Netizens’ comments included, “The photos of members who look very different from different are particularly fun” and “I can distinguish which ones were the model students.” What do you think about them?

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