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Kim Junsu, Singer and Musical Actor

The first surprise was during the first performance of the musical “Mozart!” in January. When the selling started, the sold-out tickets for the performances showed the ticketing power of “Xiah Junsu.” That was the first shocking event. The second surprise was the recognition based on his abilities that Kim Junsu got from people who were initially prejudiced against idols advancing into musicals.

Though it was “celebrity idol” Xiah Junsu who showed powerful ticketing power, it was the “rising musical star” Kim Junsu who melted the hearts of the audience. He received recognition from the 4th Musical Awards, as well as the Newcomer’s Award and Popularity Award in the 16th Korean Musical Daesang.

A four-day “Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay With Friends” concert was held by the proposal of composer Sylvester Levay. Though Kim Junsu has appeared on concert stages numerous times as a singer, performing onstage for the first time as a musical actor is a very new and exciting experience for him as a musical gives him more opportunities to be exposed to more diverse genres of music.

Despite being involved in all the controversy surrounding TVXQ in 2010, Kim Junsu still has a lot of things to be thankful for and happy about. After experiencing the satisfaction of performing onstage in a musical, there is a high possibility of him returning as musical actor “Kim Junsu” in the future.

Source: EMK Musical Company + BaiduTVXQ
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A German musical actor Uwe Kröeger is confirmed to join ‘Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay with Friends’ for the 4 days performance from 7th to 10th next month in Olympic Stadium.

Uwe Kröeger was chosen to play role as der Tod (Death) in Europe’s top musical “Elizabeth”, and played even more leading roles in famous works such as ‘Mozart!’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Phantom of The Opera’, ‘Miss Saigon’, and many more.

His attendance is after the composer he’s been working a lot together with, Sylvester Levay proposed to him, and he finally made his decision after watching the video of South Korea’s ‘Mozart!’.

Uwe Kröeger “I admire the outstanding skill of Korea’s actor and am looking forward to work together with them,” he said, “Just after the offer to participate in musical concert in Korea was received, I emptied all my schedule and decided to visit Korea.”

With his participation, together with Min Young Gi who was roled as Archbishop in ‘Mozart!’, as well as Kim Junsu, they’re expected to create a different stage that is never seen.

Seo Bum Suk, Min Young Gi, Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun, Park Eun Tae, Jung Seon Ah, Jeon Dong Suk, Kim Junsu, and Uwe Kröeger will form a harmony in songs from musical ‘Mozart!’, highlight number from ‘Elizabeth’, and new song composed by Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze in which Kim Junsu will perform, the stage is promised to show variety of programs.

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[TRANS] 100907 Booming Anticipation For ‘Elisabeth’ Performance And Kim Junsu Musical Concert

The response to the ‘Kim Junsu Musical Concert-Levay with Friends’ is heated.

It showed reservation statistics never before seen in the musical industry and ranked top of the weekly charts for musicals as soon as tickets were released on Interpark and Yes24.

The fourth round of tickets were released on the 6th, and all VIP seats were sold out in one minute, and proved once more the popularity of the upcoming concert.

Kim Junsu, the hero of musical ‘Mozart!’, will come together with world renowned composer Levay and Korea’s top musical actors for this concert and will showcase highlights of ‘Mozart!’ and a new song Levay composed for Kim Junsu.

After the ticket war, EMK Musical Company stated, “It has been confirmed that Micahel Kunze, famous for his lyrics for ‘Fly Robin Fly’ and ‘Get up and Boogie’, will be writing the lyrics for Kim Junsu’s new song, which means that the original lyrics of the song will be in English.”

The Levay-Kunze combination, that brings together the representative composer and lyricist of German musicals, has come together to prepare a new song for a star of Asia. As this is such a unique project, the concert has become a hot issue in Europe and many are focusing their attention on the musical concert.

The production company is working hard to bring together a world renowned composer, Korea’s best musical actors, and the much-awaited ‘Elisabeth’ performance to create an extraordinary stage that will exceed the expectations of fans.

Source: [arts news+DNBN]
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[Trans] 100903 Musical Composer Lee Gihieh Defends Kim Junsu In Tweet

I feel as though there are a lot of musical fans who are disappointed by the …
I can understand why they feel that way, but as someone who didn’t know a single TVXQ song before and had tears streaming down my face during his Mozart performance, I support him.
I was really moved by his sincerity and charisma.

Replies to tweets sent by others

Setting aside Kim Junsu’s talent, maybe it’s because they put his name on the title of the concert like it’s his solo concert even though he’s not the only one participating?

“That… is EMK’s marketing strategies… I’m just saying that I support Kim Junsu.. hehe”

I think the biggest reason why musical fans are disappointed is because of EMK’s marketing. hehe”

“Yes, that’s why I can understand why they feel that way. Honestly, wouldn’t I even feel a little annoyed? ^^ But I still like Kim Junsu. hehehe”

I can’t understand why they’re so sensitive about it.. They make it sound like the other musical actors are going to be pushed to the back. I feel as though people wouldn’t be saying such things if Junsu wasn’t playing the lead role;;;

“I probably won’t be going… but I still like Junsu and I want to support him. hehe And no matter how much money you give to musical actors, they wouldn’t participate if they didn’t want to. It’s not like anyone is forcing them to perform. I think if people are fans of musicals, then they should respect an actor’s decision…”

Thank you T_T Who’s disappointed in the concert~ Watch him perform and then try complaining… huh??

“Ah ^^; You must be a fan of Kim Junsu. There are a lot of top musical actors who praise Junsu… After watching Mozart, I started searching for TVXQ songs hehe I didn’t know much about them before because I don’t watch that much TV. I think that he’s someone who is very talented at delivering emotions in his songs!

Source: [Lee Gihieh’s Twitter + Yuaerubi]
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[Trans] 100901 Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert Sells Out In 20 Minutes

The first performance of the ‘Kim Junsu Musical Concert -Levay With Friends’ was completely sold out in 20 minutes and once again showed off the ticket of power of Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu).

According to EMK Musical, “When the tickets were released on reservation site Interpark at 9pm on the 1st, all the floor seats were sold out in 90 seconds and then all the rest of the seats were sold out in 20 minutes.” It was said later that the large influx of fans also caused the server to crash, which caused great confusion.

This concert, which began when Mozart!’s composer Sylvester Levay gave Kim Junsu a love call, is said to be a high quality performance with the composer himself participating actively by conducting the orchestra and playing the piano.

EMK Musical said, “As there aren’t many opportunities to hold a musical concert at the Sports Stadium, the biggest concert arena in Korea, we will create a performance that will appeal to the masses and introduce those who are unfamiliar with musicals to the genre.”

Many have their attention focused on Kim Junsu, who has been praised for his possibilities as a musical actor, and he will be joined by top musical actors such as Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun, Park Eun Tae and Jung Seon Ah.

source: [newsen+DNBN]
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[NEWS] Netizens Select the Idols Who Best Resemble Comic Book Characters

A website recently asked its visitors to name the idols whom they
believed look most like they had just walked out of a comic. The
results, while very varied and surprising, were definitely quite
In 10th place was FT Island’s Lee Hongki. Maybe it was his long golden locks of hair and pretty-boy looks that did the trick?

Right before Lee Hongki came 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon. The beastly idol is
known not only for his masculine appearance but his OkCat drawings as
well, which have been able to make many a fan laugh in amusement.

Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun came in eighth place. I don’t know about
comic books, but I’m sure Kyuhyun would be more than happy to have a
video game character made from his looks!

Kim Hyungjoon of SS501 and Minho of SHINee were right ahead of Kyuhyun,
as they were given the titles for seventh and sixth place respectively.

Choi Siwon of Super Junior came in fifth place. The idol is known for
his ‘Shibrows,’ which often seem to have a personality of their own.

In fourth place was Big Bang’s GDragon, who is known for his sense of
style and outrageous hairdos. Although some might call his various
hairstyles examples of hairdon’ts, it looks like his unique sense of
fashion gave him quite a boost in this survey!

Kim Hyunjoong of SS501 received third place in this survey. Between
him and Lee Hongki, it looks like Asia really has a thing for Korean
pretty boys!

Continuing on with the pretty boy trend, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
received second place. His eccentric personality and large, expressive
eyes were probably a few deciding factors which allowed him to receive
so many votes.

And for first place…can you guess who made it? It’s none other than TVXQ’s Kim Junsu!

Were these results accurate enough for you?

Source: Big Bang Baidu + SS501 Baidu + rainaftershine@wordpress.com
Credit: Kpoplive+xU@OneTVXQ+sharingyoochun

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[TRANS] 100526 Kim Junsu Entered The Japanese Solo Stage – Singing 2 Songs Which Blew The Audience Away

Sohu South Korea Entertainment News – Beijing Time: 24 May 2010; Afternoon

According to South Korean media reports, a member of popular Korean group TVXQ, Kim Junsu performed for the first time on his own, and received the warm and enthusiastic support from the Japanese fans.

On the 26th of this month, he (Kim Junsu) will release his Japanese album “XIAH” and he also participated in the “Girls Award 2010” at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, the first time performing on stage since debuting solo.

“Girls Award 2010” lasted for about 6 hours, and Kim Junsu’s performance was the finale singing his album’s title track “Intoxication” and “XIAHTIC”, which was included in TVXQ’s 29th single “BREAK OUT!” for the more than 12,000 fanatical fans who were present.

“Girls Award 2010” used “new fusion” as its theme, the fashion show and the concert combined together, and in addition to Kim Junsu, many other well-known models and singers also attended the event.

source: Korea Sohu
translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
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