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[TRANS] 100309 Eunhyuk Mentioned About Junsu- Kiss The radio-

Junsu and Eunhyu, that they used to crack their fingers a lot.
And they do it to other people too.
So Eunhyuk’s fingers have gotten thicker becuase Junsu cracked his fingers all the time.
And Junsu’s finger cracking is super fast, faster than your eyes would move. ^^

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[TRANS] Kiss The Radio – Transcripts from 18Dec to 24Dec (S.R.D Mentioned)

(only taken part that is mentioned Jun-chan ^^)

Junsu had his money taken away

Eunhyuk: When I was in middle school, there was once our S.R.D* members arranged to go to the amusement park and have fun. Who knew, that morning, my stomach hurt like mad, and I gave them a call saying I couldn’t go. After that, I kept lying on the bed. Later at night, they called to say, at the amusement park entrance, they met a group of hyungs who were snatching money, and all their money got taken away. In the end, they could only stand at the main gate and take a look, before coming back.

Leeteuk: Yeah, I have an impression, I took their money and had fun. (ROFLMAO! Go Teukie!!)

Eunhyuk: Oh, so it was you… Anyway, thinking about it now, at that time, my stomach hurt at the right time.

*S.R.D is a group that was formed by Eunhyuk, Xiah Junsu and 2 other friends wile they were in school. S.R.D stands for Sing, Rap & Dance.

source: Kimseohye
korean to chinese translations by Kimseohye
chinese to english translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net
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