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[INFO] KNTV K-POP 10-Years History (2000-2009)

A great set of K-POP stars that is including 10 years of Gayo Daejun festivals of both SBS and MBC from year 2000 to 2009 that are filled with many hit songs!

TV Broadcast: Every week (days) at late 00:15
Casts: Dong Bang Shin Ki, BIGBANG, Shinhwa, SUPER JUNIOR, Rain, BoA, god, Lee Seung Gi, sg WANNABE, more~

KNTV broadcast: February 7th, 2010 ~
with Japanese subtitle

Homepage: http://www.kntv.co.jp/prog/detail/?p=13885

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[TRANS] 100124 First Japanese Broadcast! TVXQ U-Know’s “Heading To The Ground,” Special Movie On KNTV

This broadcast concentrates on the drama “Heading to the Ground,” where TVXQ’s Yunho (U-Know) took his first leading role as Jung Yunho. It will start on Sunday the 24th under the Japanese title “No Limit” and comes, of course, with unabbreviated subtitles. It will be aired at 9:45 PM on KNTV. On the website of the TV program, three trailers and a special section containing eight questions and answers are published.

“Heading to the Ground” tells the story of a nameless soccer player who succeeds in becoming a member of an established soccer team. Many fans are anticipating this Japanese broadcast, where Jung Yunho, member of the group TVXQ (who is very popular in Asia), is starring in. It has already been garnering huge attention even before the start. The slightly changed title of “Heading to the Ground” has a special meaning. Let’s try to think about what meaning it has! The answer is, because there is a special corner of the drama called “Navicon.”

Cha Bong Gun, who is portrayed by Yunho, is a young man who has been struggling since his childhood to continue playing soccer, and has become a member of a nameless soccer team. Keeping his outstanding talent a secret through positioning and powerful kicks, is the problem of the character. Becoming too explosive or hot-headed in many things always causes problems. On top of that, getting kicked out of his team leaves Bong Gun in a desperate situation. Here appears the soccer agent, Hae Bin. Hiding that she is the daughter of the owner of a professional baseball team, she has the strong intention to grow as a soccer agent. During the corporate team’s match, she is captivated by the volley shoot of an unknown player (Bong Gun). How will the romance between the self-confident Cha Bong Gun and Kang Hae Bin develop?

This time, the one who will be playing Yunho’s love interest is Ara, an actress who won the grand prize during an audition by SM in 2003. In 2006, she has also been chosen as the “Cinderella Girl” out of 40,000 participants during an actress audition by Kadokawa Haruki and Avex.

Because TVXQ is still in an unsolved dispute with their agency, their participation in events has been decreasing rapidly. Airing Yunho’s drama in a time like this, it seems that the fans excited voices can be heard everywhere.

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