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[TRANS] 100602 Lee Yoonji, Proud of Her Brother-Sister Relationship with Yunho

Lee Yoonji is very proud of her brother-sister relationship with Yunho.

Last 1st of June, actress Lee Yoonji was interviewed on OBS Gyeongjin TV’s “Unique Literary News.” Her acting has been recognized in a variety of shows (she was also seen on “Heading to the Ground”). She’s also gaining more attention as an MC.

Last year, in MBC’s “Heading to the Ground,” Lee Yoonji who worked with U-Know Yunho said, “In real life, he’s like a younger brother to me. At the same time, I’m also his fan. I think he treats me as his older sister.”

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[TRANS] 100120 Yunho Voice Support To Lee Yoonji For Her New Drama

Actress Lee Yoonji expresses her gratitude to fans.

Lee Yoonjii, continuing after last November’s Wednesday and Thursday broadcast of “Heading to the Ground,” this year in January she appeared in MBC’s “Roses and Dandelions”.

Lee Yoonjii, her gratitute regarding to the director of her previous drama “Heading to the Ground” that has send her congratulatory words. Also, Lee Yoonji said she has also received encourage words from DBSK leader Yunho, she says, Yunho had said “No matter what, her drama will succeed this time.” When she finished saying this, she smiles brightly.

Lee Yoonji expressed, like Yunho, many other actors/crew of “Heading to the Ground” still kept in contact through SMS, phone, just like when they were filming together. Aside from the rating, everything else was wonderful. Especially when seeing Yunho’s serious attitude towards that drama, since it was Yunho’s debut drama, Yunho was a very open hearted person, that naturally got close to everyone. Regarding the rating, even though its a pity, but everything ended well, on the whole, her feelings were good.

Also, Lee Yoonji expressed that the fans were very understanding to her, either when she was filming with Kangin for “We Got Married” or filming with Yunho for “Heading to the Ground”, fans were very nice to her, she was relieved. She said this with a smile.

Especially in “Heading to the Ground”, there was a scene where I had to give Yunho CPR, I actually heard fans saying things like “take care of him”.

She was referring to this scene… I understand perfectly well that this was acting… but the jealousy is still there!!

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