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[TRANS] 100101 Paradise Ranch will Begin Shooting in Australia

In 2010, the program will officially begin shooting from January 3rd to 8th in Australia.
From the 10th onwards, the filming in Seoul will begin in about two days.
After that, we’ll have another trip to Jeju to continue filming again! We’ll stay in Jeju island to shoot for about two weeks.

source: paradise ranch official cafe + LYH baidu bar
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[NEWS] 091229 TVXQ Changmin Becomes Skinnier Recently, Fans “It’s a pity”

TVXQ members Changmin brought sadness among fans for his weak and thin appearance.

Changmin’s recent appearance that was captured, showing the lean figure of him, has been matter of concern among his fans.

This picture which is assumed to be taken by fans has been spread through fansites showed the spirit-less Changmin, steadily skinnier, with no smile, and his expression was also dark.

After the picture was spread rapidly through internet portal sites, fans showed their concern towards this situation by leaving comments such as “You should eat food more.” “He’s too thin” “His small face looks even much smaller”

credit: tvdaily
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[TRANS] 091225 Paradise Meadow – Shim Changmin, Joo SangWook & Lee YeonHee

Actor Joo Sang Wook, TVXQ’s Changmin (Max) and actress Lee Yeon Hee are preparing for their drama ‘Paradise Meadow’.

According to an official of the drama, the three of them started filming on the 23rd, at Jeju Island.

This drama depicts the love and work of two youths, with the natural beauty of Jeju Island as the background. Interest was raised beyond the industry when it was first announced that TVXQ’s Changmin, who enjoys huge popularity in Asia, and up-and-rising actress Lee Yeon Hee was casted in this drama.

For Lee Yeon Hee, Joo Sang Wook and Changmin will show their strategies on love. Joo Sang Wook’s character is the President of a resort, whose parents migrated to America when he was a child. While he’s on a business trip at Jeju Island to look into building a resort there, he has a fateful encounter with Lee Yeon Hee, where this gentleman falls in love with her.

There will be 16 episodes for ‘Paradise Meadow’. It is targeted to be broadcasted in March next year.

Journalist: Kim Soo Jeon

Source: [STARNEWS & Chosun]
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[NEWS] ‘Be it Working In Public or Private, I Can’t Bear To See TVXQ Like This’ – SM Denies Allegations

Though all of the members are at the backstage, a screen was used to separate them. To forbid interactions, staffs would be them to monitor each of the members. It was said that they were even unable to communicate with each other. At both of the Best Hit and FNS Music Festival held on November 26 and December 20 respectively, we were able to saw all of the members performing live on stage. However, they (TVXQ) were later said to be giving each other cold shoulders. However if the above stated was true (that they were having bad relationship), they wouldn’t be talking with each other even if a screen wasn’t there! It however shows that the strong bond between members still exists and thus, barriers were needed so to prevent communication.

Despite the on-going lawsuit, the members arrived in Japan on Mid – December for the PV’s filming of their upcoming single – Break Out – said to be released on 2010. Similar to previous situation, a 3 – 2 formation was formed. 3 members stayed in hotel and flights scheduled that were different from the other 2 members. The atmosphere while filming the PV on December 15 and 16 was thus oddly tense.

Why? Apart from TVXQ’s managers, there were also staffs from Koreans who arrived specifically to observe the members while filming. Not only did this occur when filming, they were also watched while taking break. This is a harsh and major blow for members whom once mentioned that they hope to perform as a group.

Max Chang Min seems to be having a silent protest as he rarely spoke. Sam-san who direct for this PV, is the dance instructor and big brother for TVXQ too. While not working, SAM – san and the members would go for a drink and too and hopefully, they (TVXQ) are able to pour their sorrows and feelings to him. It must be difficult for them all to be working in a tense atmosphere.

It is a difficult period for members and their fans now. The lawyer of the 3 members also expressed that the 3 members were extremely apologetic that they had made their fans upset.

It wasn’t an easy decision for members to postpone the BIGEAST MEETING – one that they had been waiting eagerly – Xiah Jun Su also delayed the musical that he would be starring in so as to attend the meeting.

Fans hope that though they might not be in the current management company in the future, they (TVXQ) would be able to sing and perform on stage – as one.

As the New Year approaching, we hope that they will be able to BREAK OUT and pull through this crisis!

TVXQ has been monitored in private”, Japanese media

Japanese media revealed that while filming the latest PV in December, members of TVXQ were being forced not to communicate with each other.
SM Entertainment however responded that this is no evidence that they (SME) are monitoring the members in private.

On December 22, 2009, a Japanese weekly women magazine (Women’s Self) stated that during the activities in Japan, the communication between TVXQ’s has been forbidden and monitored since 3 of the members has filed a lawsuit against SME.

The magazine also wrote that during the activities in Japan, the members were unable to perform well as one. Though all of the members stayed in one room, there was a screen separating them into 3 – 2. Thus, this act seems to forbid interaction between members and to observe their actions. The same situation occurred while they were filming for the PV of their upcoming Japanese single, Break Out. Though the MV was filmed in Japan, there were staffs following them to disallow communication between members.

With regards to this, SME’s representative replied via phone, “The article by Women’s Self is purely rumour. It is creepy to have this thought that the members are being watched closely. Furthermore, we are in the generation where communication devices are everywhere. This could happen in the 1990s but in today’s situation; monitoring them (TVXQ) is implausible and impossible. ”

source: Women’s Self, Baidu
translation credits Lolly-Pop*@AF
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[NEWS] Caption Mistake, A Frowning Error

TVXQ Changmin in Legal Dispute? “Entertainment Tonight Caption Mistake, a Frowning Error

KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Tonight’ made a caption mistake.

Broadcast on December 26th, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ featured Year-end special questionnaire to select stars of “Top News Maker in Year 2009″.

The members of TVXQ who are currently in legal dispute with their label SM Entertainment were selected by votes as the Top 4 of 2009 News Maker. During the vote process, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ put a caption “Junsu, Changmin, and Yoochun are facing lawsuit against their label company” in introducing the case.

As the problem is, TVXQ members who are actually in lawsuit against SM are Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Hero Jaejoong. While Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho are the rest members who remain in position with SM. This caption mistake is not a problem that can easily be ignored. Moreover, the news wrote ‘Micky Yoochun’ (‘믹’키유천) as ‘Meiky Yoochun’ (‘미’키유천).

TVXQ fans demanded a correction from ‘Entertainment Tonight’ regarding these mistakes. “If it’s me who get it wrong, it may be okay. But how can you have this kind of mistake?” “Names are sensitive issue in this case, and you get it wrong… it’s ridiculous.” “Just quick correct it and make an apology to TVXQ and their fans.” as the fans accused.

credit: newsen
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[INFO] 091112 Paradise Meadow: Cast List and Production Credits

Director: Kim Chul-Gyu (Hwang Jin-i / More Beautiful Than A Flower)
Production Company: Samhwa Networks (We-ding / Snow Flower / Mom Is Mad / First Wives Club)
Screenplay: Jang Hyun Joo (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) / Seo Hui-Jin (Into the Sun)

Year 2010 MBC drama scheduled to be broadcast from January to February

90% of the pre-production are targeted to be filmed in Australia and Jeju Island for the location filming, filming scheduled to start in November.

Main Cast
Shim Changmin – Han Dong-Soo
Lee Yeon-hee – Lee Da-ji
Yoo Ha Na – Jin-Young (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)

Ren Soo-Sang – Da Eun (Lee Da-ji’s brother?)
Song You-Hyeon – Song
Ren Ai-Young

Side Cast
Ra Young-Hui
Lee Doo-il

Film Lineup
F D – Gold ternary
Clothing – Kim Sam-Won (The Painter of Wind / Baby and Me)
Clothing – Kim Woo-Soo
Make-up Group – Kim Yoo-Jin
Make-up Group – Kim Jung-Eun
Camera Photography Authority – Kim Seung-ho (Sad Love Story)
Camera Mirror’s chief executive – Lee Hyeong
Lighting Authority – Choi Jong-Geun (Alone in Love)
Log keeper – Shin Eun-hui
Arts – Kwon Ye Seul

The above list is not complete, or could be adjusted.

Note: Romanization could be wrong. Some dramas titles are omitted.

Source: mingjicm.net
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
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[NEWS] Son Dambi’s Acceptance to YooMin’s University

The Singer, Son Dambi (26), passed the entrance exam to study at the Kyunghee University’s music department starting in 2010. Her production office clarified it on November 5th, 2009.

The office quoted, “She took an entrance examination and she passed.”and added, “She put off studies for her entertainment activities, but she always wanted to study at the university. She will manage to maintain both her activities and the studies.”

Yuchun (Mickey) and Changmin (Max) of TVXQ, G-DRAGON and D-LITE of BIGBANG, Yeung of Wonder girls; are currently studying at the same department at the Kyunghee University. Graduates of this school: Rain, Kim Taeu (g.o.d.), Lee Kichan, and Park Hyosin.

Souce: Chosun Online News
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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