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[TRANS] 100602 U-Know Yunho To Still Perform At MJ’s England Tribute Concert?

Leader of popular Asia group, TVXQ, U-Know Yunho persists in performing at Michael Jackson’s tribute concert.

Yunho expressed himself that he will definitely attend Michael Jackson’s tribute concert that has recently been postponed. Originally set to the 8th of June at Wembley Arena, England, the concert had to be indefinitely delayed by the organizers.

The question as to whether or not the concert will still commence, and if Yunho, the only representative from Asia invited, will still attend the concert, has caused great concern among fans. Yunho assured that he will continue to practice according to the original schedule while keeping an eye on the latest developments.

Being a participant in the concert, Yunho has become a target of interest among fans. Also, people who have had musical connections with Michael Jackson will also be attending the concert.

Regarding this time’s performance, Yunho feels that it is truly significant because Michael Jackson is his idol and he will be standing on the same stage as some of the world’s top celebrities. Because of this, Yunho expressed that even if he had to arrange around his other schedules, he would still attend the concert.

In the past 3 months, Yunho completed several passionate performances on the tribute concert stage. Although there were slight problems, he still left fans with a very deep impression. Performing ‘Beat it’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘They Don’t Really Care About’, ‘Jam’, and “Thriller’, he perfectly digested the songs and showed off a magnificent stage. Yunho will also prepare well for this time’s performance.

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[TRANS] Intro About High Cut No. 26: Michael NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE

Michael NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE ・ Yunho Jackson Memorial Concert!

Last year’s June ‘Star of The Sky’ legendary pop star Michael Jackson passed away ・ On March 27th and 28th for both days Michael Jackson memorial concert was held at War Yongsan War Memorial Square of Peace. Though this moment, it feels as if Michael was still alive.

TVXQ Yunho had a glittering performances to resemble Jackson.
High Cut collected vivid sketches of both rehearsal and actual performances.

High Cut No. 26 Michael NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE
Publishing over 6 pages of Yunho sketches on Jackson memorial concert.

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[INFO] 100238 Isak Tweets About Yunho’s Michael Jackson Tribute Performance

VJ Isak, also from the same management company SM Entertainment, tweeted about TVXQ’s U-know Yunho’s performance at the ‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’.

Today’s performance will be the second day of the 2-day tribute concert that is being held at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall.

Isak was not only impressed by Yunho, but it turns out that their juniors SHINee and f(x) were there to show their support as well!

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[TRANS] Michael Jackson Tribute Concert – A High Quality Performance Posted Image

‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ kicked off on 27 March at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall, held in memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (1958-2009). Fifteen of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs were performed at this concert, which lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

TVXQ’s U-know Yunho, as the main performer for this concert, attracted a lot of audience, who were extremely enthusiastic in welcoming Yunho. Tony Terry and Van Johnson were also present on stage as lead performers. The music performed at the concert not only brought up your memories of Michael Jackson, but Yunho’s dancing and image – the full package – allowed you to immerse into the wonderful atmosphere at the concert.

The opening song was ‘Beat It’, a song that was part of Michael Jackson’s explosive album ‘Thriller’, released in 1982. U-know Yunho flew up from the bottom and handsomely appeared onstage, and despite the freezing cold, he displayed extraordinary dance skills.

After ‘Beat It’, Yunho greeted the audience and said, “Hello, I am U-know Yunho. The weather is really cold, right? As the main performer for the tribute concert for Michael Jackson, I’m really happy to be standing here. I will use my performances to ward you from the cold.”

Following this, Terry and Johnson also performed ‘Working Day And Night’ and ‘Rock with You’, both from the album ‘Off the Wall’, released in 1979. Other songs like ‘Pretty Young Thing’, ‘Remember the Time’ and ‘Human Nature’ were also performed, allowing everyone to sink into memories of Michael Jackson.

After that, U-know Yunho made his reappearance onstage and performed ‘Smooth Criminal’, which was part of the ‘BAD’ album, released in 1987. He displayed even more passion that the opening performance and garnered more enthusiastic cheers from the fans.

Subsequently, U-know Yunho also performed ‘They don’t really care about us’ and ‘JAM’, and Yunho displayed a stage charm that was different from the other performances he did as part of TVXQ previously, giving a perfect performance.

Yunho, Terry and Johnson performed ‘Thriller’ together and brought the concert to a close.

On the 27th, U-know Yunho’s member, TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee’s Minho watched the concert together. On the 28th, ‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ will once more be held at the same venue.

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[NEWS] U-Know Yunho, Catching Michael Jackson

‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ which is held at Yongsan War Memorial Square is a tribute concert to reminicent the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) in June last year. 15 of Jackson’s hits were unfolded in the concert that was lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

TVXQ’ U-Know Yunho (24) took the lead vocal for the concert and all 2000 audiences showed enthusiasm to his brilliant debut. Tony Terry and Van Johnsons were the other vocalists appearing, and not only the songs which would reminiscent you to Michael Jackson, but U-Know Yunho’s dance and stage costumes were all focused to give Jackson vibe throughout the concert.

The opening concert songs were taken from one of Jackson’s best selling album ‘Thriller’ that was released in 1982. The song was ‘Beat It’. U-Know Yunho popped out from under the stage, and despite the highly cold weather, he showed off his magnificent dancing skill.

After ‘Beat It’, U-Know Yunho said, “Hello! This is U-Know Yunho. It’s really cold, isn’t it? I feel delight to stand as lead singer in this Michael Jackson’s tribute show.” and “I’m going to show you performances that will blow away the cold.”

Terry and Johnson then appeared to sing bunch of another Jackson’s hit songs for the audiences, ‘Working Day And Night’ and ‘Rock with You’ which were from Jackson’s 1979 released album ‘Off The Wall’

‘PYT (Pretty Young Thing)’, ‘Remember The Time’, ‘Human Nature’ were performed with a live band and by listening to them the memories of Jackson’s hits were given a strong holds in our mind.

U-Know Yunho appeared again on stage to sing a song from 1987 Jackson’s release ‘Bad’, ‘Smooth Criminal’. U-Know Yunh showed a passionate Michael Jackson performances and being compared to the opening stage, the fans cheering was even hotter.

When Terry sang a song that belongs to the brother group Jackson Five, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, during the call he said, “Michael I love you. I never can say goodbye.” turning the fans in screams. Eventhough Michael Jackson was not physically exist anymore, but his name and music still bring a big effect.

After some spare moments, U-Know Yunho appeared to sing ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ and ‘Jam’, the stages gave a different manifestation in Jackson respect. Yunho showed a different charisma that one he showed during TVXQ performance and his skill was flawless.

Yunho, Terry, and Johnson finished the stage with encore song ‘Thriller’ whose music video was the first to be registered in United States National Movie book.

U-Know Yunho’s mates from the same label company TVXQ Changmin as well as SHINEE’s Minho did appear and attracted many attention. The concert was delayed for more than 1 hour and 10 minutes, leaving the 2000 audiences trembled in cold and frowned. ‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ will take another stage tomorrow on 28th and be held at the same place.

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[NEWS] 2000 Fans Showed Excitement Over U-Know Yunho’s Michael Jackson Memorial Concert

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho had his appearance in Michael Jackson tribute concert ‘A Tribute’ band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ held at Yongsan War Memorial Square today on the 27th.

The venue was filled with approximately 2000 people. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fans were all anticipating the concert which was supposed to start at 6pm.

At 7:10 U-Know Yunho climbed up the stage with the track ‘Beat It’ and welcomed the whole 2000 fans.

The performance was highly influenced by one in Michael Jackson’s last movie ‘This Is It’, however U-Know Yunho showed up his own dance style while was dancing to Michael Jackson’s routines.

After finishing the first song, Yunho said, “To be the lead singer in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert, I feel delight to stand here.” also, “I hope the performance will chase away the coldness.”

Yunho got his stage again in the middle of the show, for ‘Smooth Criminal’. U-Know Yunho dazzled the audiences with his dance and definitely blew the cold away. He reached the peak of his singing during the song ‘Thriller’. The amusing ‘drill’ dance put on fire at the audiences, and they began to shout “U-KNOW YUNHO!”

U-Know Yunho then said, “Please keep showing a great interest in the future, thank you!”

However, due to the lack of preparation, there were some significant inconvenience missing in the whole concert. From the scheduled performance that was supposedly started at 6pm for approximately 2 hours, the actual concert was delayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes and only started at 7:10 pm.

An official said, “The concert had been delayed due to mechanical inspection.” he asked for audiences’ patience. With most of the audiences were standing, they needed to wait for the stage to be prepared.

Above all, the R area that costs 110,000 won and S area that costs 99,000 won are considered expensive tickets. Whether this concert could be seen worth for all those costs, we should reconsider again.

The vocalists, including U-Know Yunho were Van Johnson, and Toni Terry. With their involvement, this concert had been expected to be a concert with 100 points of vocals. The production team of Ken Stacey was directly chosen by Michael Jackson and was introduced as ‘This Is It’ band, he was an active backing vocal in United States, however seems that this Michael Jackson’s tribute concert had been overvalued.

Ken Stacey as well as Richard Marx worked as Michael Jackson’s backing vocals. But seems that they just received the high praise only because they participated in Michael Jackson’s concerts. The power of the performance was disappointing. It was Michael Jackson’s song, but we could feel that the singing power was limited.

Ken Stacey’s skill doesn’t reach U-Know Yunho well. In the end this memorial concert was said to be just U-Know Yunho 100,000 won concert.

U-Know Yunho is expected to attend Michael Jackson’s tribute concert at London’s Wembley Arena at June 8th (local time), and be the only Asian artist on the show.

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[INFO] 100319 “A Tribute” BAND FROM MJ’s THIS IS IT Movie And U-Know Live

Important note by SYC

The final list of all performers will be confirmed : here
The concert is a charity event – Jermaine Jackson Charity – and will be held at the Wembley Stadium in London (80,000 tickets to be sold).

But for those who won’t have the opportunity to attend that Michael Jackson memorial concert, don’t worry, you’ll be able to watch Yunho live on TV. Indeed, “Michael Jackson Tribute” show will be broadcast (live) all around the world.
More pressure for Yunho, so please support him and give him love ^^

I feel excited every time I see Yunho

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[INFO] U-Know Yunho Invited To Michael Jackson London Tribute

Boy band TVXQ member U-Know Yunho has been invited to Michael Jackson’s tribute concert in London, making him the only Asian invited to the show set to be held in the weeks prior to the one-year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death on June 25.

“Our personnel who had seen U-Know Yunho’s information and rehearsals praised him as being very talented… They said he is well suited to attend the tribute and recommended he be invited,” Mark Bush, an official involved in the show was quoted as saying by U-Know’s agency SM Entertainment on Friday.

U-Know, whose real name is Jung Yunho, has been in since Las Vegas last week to rehearse for the Korean leg of Michael Jackson’s “2010 This Is It World Tour” which he had been cast to take part in last month.

“The Tribute,” to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 8, is being organized by the late singer’s brother Jermaine, also a former Jackson 5 member.

Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Santana, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce are amongst the A-list artists who will also attend the tribute.

Meanwhile, U-Know will perform at the “Band from MICHAEL JACKSON’s THIS IS IT the Movie with U-Know Yunho” on March 27 and 28 at Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza.

The singer made his debut in 2004 through his five-member boy band which is now one of the most successful K-pop acts in Asia. They reportedly have the largest fan base in the world and have enjoyed great success in the Japanese music industry in particular.

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[News] Yunho! The Korean Michael Jackson!

The pictures of TVXQ Yunho for Michael Jackson tribute concert stage is finally released.

Yunho will get on the stage for Michael Jackson tribute concert on the 27th and 28th at Yongsan War Memorial of Korea.

The pictures which are released prior to the performance are the shoots of Yunho in his stage costumes with Michael Jackson concept.

Since March 9th Yunho has been visiting Las Vegas for the preparation of the main concert in South Korea by meeting directly with THIS IS IT band keyboardist Morris Pledger who will explain him the details of performances order and other things that need to be explained briefly about the concert.

In addition, to polish the perfect stages of Michael Jackson hits such as Beat It, THRILLER, Smooth Criminal, and Jam, the dancers team is having more than 10 hours of strenuous exercise every day, it’s such a weary routine.

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[TRANS] 100313 “Yunho Is Korean Justin Timberlake” Praised Morris Pleasure

(Photo from This is It poster: SYC)

(Photo: TV Daily News)
2010. 03.13(Sat) 22:32

“He is Korean Justin Timberlake” said Michael Jackson cherishing
memory performance side person concerned with a great admiration about
TVXQ’s Yunho who will participate as an Asian representative to the

TVXQ Yunho showed a scene to practice for late Michael Jackson
performance as an Asian representative with a dance composition team in
America at KBS 2TV live broadcasting “Entertainment Weekly” which was
broadcasted on the 13th.

His superior dance ability shined so that even American dance composition team was surprised at the dance composition room. Yunho visited the dance practice room in Las Vegas with singer J who took the position to be Yunho’s local interpreter.

Singer J who took care of Yunho being as a local interpreter to him,
said, “His execution was excellent and admirable” and she could not
hide her happiness in her expression.

“His energy, liveliness and vigor overflow reminds us of Justin
Timberlake” said associates Tanya Jackson and Morris Pleasure when the
people concerned with local performance watched a document of Yunho
shown. They praised him highly.

In addition, the person concerned with performance added to say, “We
are very glad, that Yunho came to participate in late Michael Jackson
cherishing memory performance as an Asian representative.”

Always Keep The Faith!

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