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[Trans] 101006 Changmin Interview – Goodbye Excellent Student!

November Edition – Nikkei Entertainment

Q: What did you eat today?
A:(looks at the food prepared by the staff) It’s become meat and vegetable over rice (laugh).

Q:What type of alcohol do you like drinking?
A:Beer, cold beer. But if I go to drinking places, I would have Soju and listen to rock music.

Q:What’s the most recent item that you bought?
A:Not too long ago, a PS3. It broke, but because it was so fun to play, I bought it.

Q:What games do you play?
A:Although I like RPG, I also like sport ones like “Winning Eleven” (a soccer game)

Q:What do you play in RPG?
A:Final Fantasy.

Q:So you’re really good at games?
A:I used to be really good at “Winning Eleven”, but because I didn’t play it during the time that I filmed my drama, I became a lot weaker. My friend practiced day and night without sleep at that time (laugh).

Q:What music do you listen to now?
A:Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”. I’m also obsessed with Band music. Not only do I listen to the music from rock bands, but also from a variety of bands with different genres.

Q:Do you still play musical instruments?
A:I’m learning the guitar by myself.

Q:What Japanese artist do you like?
A:Ever since the beginning, B’z. I really like them.

Q:If a girl were to give you jewelry, what would you want?
A:Although I may be thought of as rustic, for me, I would choose a necklace.

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[TRANS] 100603 Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun – Nikkei Entertainment Special Interview Preview

Xiah Junsu Part I

“It’s still me, I’ll still sing”

As a member of Tohoshinki, who have been active in Japan for 5 years already, Xiah Junsu released his own official solo single on May 26 in Japan, working hard for his future career in the music industry.

Micky Yoochun Part II

“Entering a new domain within a new world and facing new challenges”

Among the members of Tohoshinki, Yoochun has the most amiable and good-natured personality, but in his new drama, the character he plays is an arrogant, selfish person who starts anew, having to choose the right way and face challenges that come with it.

Editor’s Afterword

Most of the time, Junsu always plays a humorous character, and I actually think that it is one of his many charismatic points. For example, his cold joke “お尻ペンペン、ボールペン” (bum pen, ball point pen – Japanese pronunciation, Junsu’s specialty), such jokes likes this one will probably garner incredulous reactions from everyone, causing the person who said the joke to become embarrassed. But when Junsu meets with these types of situations, he will actually ask everyone rather proudly “how was it? How was it?” He really is a cute person!

Music producer Matsuo Kiyoshi-san praised Junsu for his beautiful voice, but out of the blue came Junsu’s “I received a compliment!”, which eliminates the usage of the word “shy” on him. He also cares a lot about his outer appearance, so when he moved houses, he said to the people that were starting to move the wardrobe that he had a huge mirror in there! That was a really hilarious moment~ in the music industry and the Japanese entertainment world, he should be someone that cannot be replaced.

With the other members venturing into their new individual activities, Junsu still relies on his talent in music, showing off his works on-stage. He continues to perform, exuding power and confidence that can be acknowledged and appreciated by the world!

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