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[NEWS] Members Ranking Within Groups; Changmin #1 In DB

The ranking of idol group members have been the hot topic online amongst netizens.

Fans of each idol group revealed the ranking of the group which they support. In So Nyeo Shi Dae, member SooYoung was ranked #1, while in 2PM and Dong Bang Shin Ki, the youngest members ChanSung and Max ChangMin are ranked #1 in their respective groups.

Other than ranking the members in each group according to age, height, build, time of joining the company, broadcast hit etc they also compared the potential for further celebrity career development, mass popularity, fashion sense, language abilities and individual talents etc.


Dong Bang Shin Ki

For Dong Bang Shin Ki, youngest member ChangMin was ranked #1 overall in the group for his confidence and ‘gluttony’/appetite.

Micky YooChun was ranked #1 for fashion sense, UKnow YunHo ranked #1 for his build and general popularity, Xiah JunSu ranked #1 for charisma and gag skills and Hero JaeJoong ranked #1 for broadcast appearance.

Credits: Sookyeong@Wordpress
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[INFO] 100105 TVXQ No.1 Most Searched Artist Perform in Kouhaku

Yahoo! Japan announced the result for ‘The Most Searched Artist
Perform in Kouhaku’ which was held on 31 December 2009.

The first rank is Tohoshinki, rank 2 is Arashi and rank 3 is Mizuki Nana.

Source: International Watch + Hohobbs
Credits: Ninka@Hohobbs + Misu@TVXQIndo.com
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