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More OneShots?

I’m here again. =)

I’ve just finished adding more one-shots to this blog. This time the one-shots aren’t part of any contest but are pieces that are posted by members onto our forums. To have a read, please flip through our pages in ‘Fanfics’ > ‘Author : Members of DTL’. And do leave some comments after you’re done.

Please be reminded to not take any of the ones-hots out of the blog or forums and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your time. Have a nice read and have a nice day!



New One-Shots In Our Collection


I’ve just finished adding up the submitted entries from our 2009 Valentine’s Day One Shot Contest in ‘Activities’. If somehow you’re short of one-shots to read, drop by over there and have some fun! All of them are written in line with the Valentine’s concept so do expect lots of romance and fluff!

There are 7 entries in total and each of them are from different writers, which are also the members of DTL.

That’s all, Thanks~ =)