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‘Paradise Meadows/Ranch’ starring Choikang Changmin, Lee Yeon Hee, Ju Sang Wook, and Yu Ha Na is confirmed to air after long negotiations have been finalized.

In a phone call, SBS Drama Center official revealed to Sports Chosun on the third that “ ’Paradise Meadows/Ranch’ is expected to air on SBS in January at 9 p.m. on Monday/Tuesday following ‘It’s Okay, My/Father’s Daughter’ “ and “the drama was directed by Kim Chul Kyu of ‘Hwang Jin Yi’ and written by screenwriters Jang Hyun Joo of ‘1st Shop of Coffee Prince’ and Seo Hee Jung of ‘Into the Sun’.”

With Je Ju Island’s natural beauty as the background, ‘Paradise Meadows/Ranch’ is a romantic melodrama of young people’s love and work in a lively mix of stories and beautiful music.

Co-produced by Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment, ‘Paradise Meadows/Ranch’ was in program airing hiatus and postponed to next year even though the first filming took place last January in Je Ju Island.

An official for Samhwa Networks said that all the final process of editing was completed this June and explained that “Meanwhile, our drama was filmed in Australia and Je Ju Island in the winter so early next year was deemed to be the appropriate time to air it.”

이해완 기자 (Reporter Lee Hae Wan) parasa@sportschosun.com

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[TRANS] 100521 Lee Yeon Hee’s Cyworld Update: Jeju Island Filming Done

Actress Lee Yeon Hee has posted a photo of her while having a short rest during the filming of the drama, Paradise Meadow. On the 17th of this month, Lee Yeon Hee posted a recent photograph of herself on her mini homepage as well as a few words on the current situation. Lee Yeon Hee has been busy filming the drama, Paradise Meadow, with a member of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin. She wrote “it is a short rest and the shooting in Jeju Island has ended smoothly”, “There is only a small part left and it will be finished very soon” and also “Until the day of the broadcast of Paradise Meadow, I hope everyone will look foward to it.”

The drama, Paradise Meadow, is one that has Jeju Island as the scenery and is about the career and love life of the young.

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[TRANS] 100427 Message From Paradise Ranch Cafe Regarding Airing Date

Hello? This is the manager of the cafe(forum) of Paradise Meadow ^^

Paradise Meadow’s airing date has been pushed back.

We have heard that it will air around May~June or in the second half of the year.

It will air this year for sure so don’t get tired of waiting,

you all know that the best thing to do right now is keep supporting the drama and studying to better yourselves, right ^^?

We’ve passed 1200 members in two months.

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[TRANS] 100202 Changmin VS Taecyeon (2PM).

“Which Drama Will Be A Big Hit?!” Cassiopeia Voting.

“Acting Challenge! Which one will be a big hit?!”

“Changmin “Paradise Ranch” VS Taecyeon (2PM) “Cinderella Sister (Unni)”

Cassiopeia’s comments for Changmin’s Drama.
“Hahaha, this one is interesting!”
“Chocolate sherbet taste Changmin oppa Saranghaeyo~~ (love you~)”
“Changmin was 57% couple days ago, but today is 64%.(*Now it is 80%.)”
“Love you! Here is one point to CM!”
“Red balloon, we always keep the faith! Stay strong!”
“Of Course, “The most powerful Changmin!” etc

Cassiopeia voting from 2010-01-27 ~ 2010-02-12
(*One need to register at Daum to vote.
I tried to join but the log-in page needed Korean ID number.
Anyone know if people from foreign country can join daum?)

T/N: No offence to 2PM fans. They are talented artist for sure! When you look at the numbers,
he is getting 3878 votes it is a lot! (And I personally love JYP their boss who respect his artists.)
It’s just cassies are like 800,000 or 1,200,000 or more or something like that.
So for them, 16,425 may not be a big number. Oh boy,
I lose count every time I talk about TVXQ and the numbers. LOL

Always Keep The Faith!

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[NEWS] 101112 “Paradise Ranch” Update Chosun News

You Ha-Na is to cast in the drama “Paradise Ranch”.

Photo credit: Innolife

You Ha-Na will act together with Changmin (Max) of TVXQ.
It is made clear that You Ha-Na will play the position of a promising interior designer
who is a daughter of a financial combine during a drama, and You Ha-Na develops love story
between Changmin and Joo Sang Wook, reported on January 11th, 2010.
Backed by a beautiful nature of Cheju Island, “Paradise Ranch” is to draw work and love of youths.
It is aimed to be broadcast in March 2010. 

Source Credit: Daily Chosun News. (Similar News also reported at innolife today.)
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So, what do you guys think? I think she’s really pretty and it looks like she’ll be a great match with Changmin. 🙂

Article in Innolife says that You Ha Na will show a transformation from a girl with a cute charm to an urban woman. Can’t wait to see how she acts this out 😉

Btw, if you guys are wondering what Jong San Wook looks like. Here’s a picture:

[INFO] More Details About Paradise Ranch Drama and Casts

Publishers: SM Entertainment, SAMHWA Networks

Broadcast time: March, 2010

Broadcasters: Undecided

Episodes: 16

Director: Kim CheolGyu

Screenplay: Jang HyunJu (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) Jeju Island

Characters (drama role/filmography):

-Choikang Changmin (Divorced Han DongJoo / X)

-Lee YeonHee (Lee DaJee / Hello Schoolgirl, M, A Millionaire’s First Love,East Of Eden, Resurrection, God of Sea) DOB: 1988-Jan-09 Body: 170cm, 46kg Producer: SM Entertainment Family: 3rd of 1 boy, 2 girls Education: Department of Theater and Movies, ChungAng Univ. Debut: 2001, won SM Ent. 2nd Best Youth Contest

-Joo SangWook (Seo YunHo / My Wife Got Married, Chunja’s Happy Events, Queen Seon Duk, Air City) DOB: 1978-Jul-18 Body: 180cm, 70kg Producer: SJY Family Entertainment Debut: 1999, EBS Teenage Drama – My Dream

-Im Soo-hyang (Lee DaEUn, Lee DaJee young sister / 4th Period Mystery) DOB: 1990-Apr-19 (Seoul) Producer: SM Entertainment Education: Department of Theater and Movies, ChungAng Univ. (attending)

-Park SooHyun ( Seo YunHo assistant / Iris, Hwangsanbul, You Are Very Good) DOB: 1977 Body: 180cm, 71kg Producer: JangIn Entertainment Education: Department of Theater and Movies, Seoul Univ. Debut: 1997, KBS best new talent

-Ahn SukHwan (Dong Ju / Cinderellamen, Boys Over Flowers,Wind Flower, Hometown Legend, Hong Gil Dong, Witch Amusement, Sassy Girl ChunHyang) DOB: 1959-Nov-01 Body: 169cm, 63kg Education: DanGug Univ. Debut: 1987, Dalajin Jeosung
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