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[TRANS] ‘Goong’ The Reasons Of Yunho To Be Chosen As Main Cast

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Uknow Yunho (real name Jung YunHo) who was chosen to cast in ‘Goong’ musical has become a topic, produced in 2010 with highest expectation in musical industry, “Goong – Musical’ press conference was held at 2pm on 16th June in Imperial Palace Hotel, Nonhyeon-dong Seoul.

Uknow Yunho was chosen as the lead role in Goong Musical which will begin in September. Uknow Yunho who debuted last year as an actor through the series drama ‘Heading to The Ground’, is going to transform into musical cast in “Goong’.

The person in charged of ‘Goong’ revealed that, ‘Uknow Yunho’s skills in dancing and singing which have been proven through concert and his ability to control the stage, plus his handsome royal-like appearance made him the right person, and has been captivated by his talent and enthusiasm in musical performance.’

Beside Uknow Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and RUN were both chosen to take the role of Lee Shin, the role of hot tempered secondary school teenage Shin Chae Kyung was played by Shin Wee Jung.

Apart from that, Prince Lee Yul was played by Lee Chang Hee and Jung Donghwa, Min Hyo Rin was portrayed by So Nyeo Shi Dae’s member Soo Young’s sister Choi Soo Jin as well as Seo Hyun Jin who debuted as singer group MILK.

With unique fantasy plot set in ‘2010 Republic of Korea is a constitutional monarchy country’, is going to revive as a brand new 2010 musical, bringing uncertainty whether it can succeed the great success of the original comic and drama series.

‘Goong’ musical which attracts lots of attention will begin from 8th of September 2010 to 24th October at ‘Yong’ Theater in Seoul’s National Museum.

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