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[News] The Eye-Glued Unpublished Pictures Of TVXQ Jejung

From the five members popular dance vocal group TVXQ, Jejung (24) will appear as cover feature of anan (magazine, 420 yen) which will be released on the 7th. Sankei Sports are able to get the unpublished pictures that are not going to be shown in the magazine.

The pictures are one with barely buttoned white shirt and hardened abs, showing a cool and sexy shots of Jejung. While the other picture shows Jejung sit crossed legs, and giving melancholy stares.

The photoshoot was done in a studio in Tokyo in March. According to one representative, to manage his pre-condition before the shoots, the day before Jejung faced an extraordinary determination by skipping his meals, and during shooting he kept saying “Kimchi!” (T/N: it’s similar like “Cheese!!” international people often say when taking pictures), randomly singing a song, and showing innocence look as well.

The photographer said for Jejung shoot, “I challenged to capture natural feel instead of the usual rough shoots”.

Jejung will be featured in special pages starts from page 8, “JEJUNG! Jejung talks about love”, revealing his philosophy of love in honest way.

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[INFO] ‘MOZART!’ Article in Sankei Newspaper Japan

‘A Great Attention Towards South Korea 2010 Musical Work’

The bottomline of this article says that this Korean musical is observed as an attractive commodity for the Japanese tourists, and one of Musical ‘Mozart!’’s organizers is Japan and Korea Tourism Organization afterall.

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