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500 hopefuls gathered at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 around noon yesterday to catch a glimpse of JYJ, comprised of three main members – Kim Jae Jung, Park Yu Chun, and Kim Jun Soo – from one of Asia’s biggest KPop group, TVXQ (also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki).

Although a little worried and upset, TVXQ fans, also known as Cassiopeia (or Cassies in short), were unfazed by the ongoing controversies and lawsuits surrounding the trio’s unsettled contractual issues with their former Korean management agency, SM Entertainment, and gathered at the airport toting cameras, homemade banners, light sticks, LED boards and even mini signboards – to give the boys a raucous welcome.

Most fans at the airport shared with xinmsn that they have been supporting the trio back in their TVXQ days and it didn’t matter that they have now branched out to form a new group of their own because they adore them all the same.

A group of 10 Vietnamese fans who specially flew-in for the trio’s showcase have been staking out at the airport since they touched down yesterday morning. They have each purchased tickets to the boys’ showcase and will be following them to Malaysia for their Kuala Lumpur gig after their performance in Singapore.

When asked for their views on JYJ’s ongoing lawsuit with SM Entertainment, Han, 15, who has been a TVXQ fan for the past five years, aptly surmised, “We hope that everyone will continue to root for them. Always keep the faith.”



At the official press conference with JYJ members held later in the afternoon at Swissotel, tension was running high as their Korean agency passed down strict instructions disallowing the media to raise any related questions to TVXQ or their ongoing lawsuit.

With the help of a translator, Jun Soo, 23, briefly shared his views of coming back as a three-member group instead of the original five and said, “It feels different going from five to three people.

“I feel that I have to develop myself further to create better songs. I want to create a totally different new song after being reduced to three persons. We hope to bring a new pace to the album.”

Speaking on their debut album, The Beginning, Yu Chun, 24, said that they felt especially honoured to have collaborated with American rapper Kanye West and songwriter Rodney Jerkins and “really enjoyed the entire recording and production process.”

Thanking eager fans for snapping up all 100,000 copies of JYJ’s special limited edition ‘Luxury Package’ album, even before it hit the market, Jun Soo added, “We feel very supported by JYJ fans out there and it makes us want to continue on with this journey.

“To repay fans, we’ll continue to produce a lot of good music and we will work hard for it. There are only 100,000 copies of the special edition CD available and we are really sorry for it. We will repay fans in a different way.”

Check out more photos from their airport arrival and press conference below!
Fans give JYJ a rousing welcome! Watch video here!
JYJ talks about their collaboration with Kanye West & Rodney Jerkins!

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[TRANS] Choi Him Chan Mentioned ‘Yunho Is Like A Sponge’ In Singapore In Weekly Supplement

T/N Choi Him Chan has been the dancing teacher of many famous Korean idol groups like DBSK, Super Junior, SS501 etc.

Who is the best dancer? Who is the hardest to teach?
“Yunho’s the best dancer.I really like TVXQ’s Uknow’s dance, his dance movements are so passionate, and every step is very precise. When practicing, he is like a piece of sponge, absorbing the materials very fast.”

Then he talked about Donghae… and how Hyunjoong was the hardest to teach

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[INFO] 100208 Update On Kim Junho’s Showcase In Singapore

Get showcase updates on Twitter from Quest Group

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[INFO] 100206 Kim Junsu And Kim Junho To Go To Singapore In April 2010

Quest Model Management (part of Quest Group Holdings) announced on 3 February, via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, that Kim Junho, fraternal twin of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, will be holding a mini-concert in Singapore in April 2010.

Xiah Junsu is set to make an appearance for this mini-concert.

More details will be made available on a later date.

Quest Group Holdings represents and manages upcoming Korean artists in the music and entertainment industry.

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