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Calendar shoot ♪

After finishing the jacket shooting of ‘The…’, they started to shoot for calendar. The three members dressed handsomely in American style.

It’s cool…!! just when thinking like that, all of sudden Yuchun changed his expression and made a funny looking

Thank you as always (laughs)

We’re shaking…!

Clinging shoulders as good friends~,, that’s what the shoot is supposed to be taken…

They’re shaking and shaking. The three members seemed to have much fun (laughs)

They’re going mischief and joking around at each other, that made the shooting was filled with cute shots and smiling faces, therefore a lot of good pictures were able to be taken.

Jejung’s… mode!

In the middle of Jejung’s solo shoot after changing the location!

Jejung looked the camera in melancholy expression! But all of sudden he turned into ‘girl mode’? (laughs)

Jejung did funny pose again and again with his straight look (laughs). This is a super shooting that made everyone in studio laughing hard!

Jejung, what’s wrong!? the staff asked him…

“This is Monalisa”

Amazing! (laughs)

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Jaejoong photoshoot session, one member attempts to intrude into scene

Moving a little by little, approaching Jaejoong

Yoochun made a funny face, and Jaejoong by his side responded (laugh)

Yoochun has successfully intruding in Jaejoong’s solo photoshoot, in the end took many pictures together with Jaejoong, then left the scene satisfied (laugh)

Sitting by the window left side’s “charisma” Junsu!

By the window in the right side’s “cool” Yoochun

In the middle “handsome” Jaejoong

Really, the 3 of their positions, from this angle, the atmosphere feels extremely wonderful~

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Freedom of expression!

The next day after “The…” jacket shooting, they had recording in a studio in Korea!

It was Junsu who was the first to go into the recording booth… As soon as he arrived at the studio, he did warming up by singing loudly.

He seemed to be completely ready for this. I think he’s so cool with his charisma when he’s singing with a freedom of expression

Jejung went drowsy…

Jejung sat down on a comfortable sofa while Junsu was recording, he finally fell asleep as he’s listening to the music.

Just take a break, your turn will be the last

Check, check

Yuchun is checking his part at which he supposed to sing.

Yuchun had a shooting schedule for his drama starting from the evening, so he was so hasty as he said “I gotta hurry!” but, Yuchun… why don’t you take off your bag first? (laughs)

Isn’t it cute!?

A cute kitty one of the members brought at the recording studio, it was Jejung who keeps it as a pet. All staffs took pictures of it because it was so cute! Jejung also seemed to be proud of it (laughs).

These are cat food and water Master Jejung prepared for at the corner of the studio (laughs)

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I got bitten…

The 3 people aligned, surrounding a microphone to film the main photoshoot!

“I was bitten by mosquito during the shooting yesterday …” Yuchun looked worry about it.

He seemed to immediately report it to Jejung and Junsu (laugh).


Now… they gathered altogether, the shooting is going smoothly !

While the staff was shouting “wow~ !! cool~ !!” in a nice mood…

Huh? Why is it only Yuchun looking at here??

Am I just imagining things, or he is actually staring at the camera?
The moment I thought so……


Today Yuchun has been too excited. It (T/N his look to the camera) was on purpose…!
Not only his cool shots, but he never forgets to show his cute innocent action too (laughs)

Junsu, you’re so good~

Furthermore, during their solo shooting, Jaejoong was watching Junsu in the middle of shooting, he shouted to him “Junsu, so handsome~~!!” and made a good mood.
During the photoshoot, Junsu was singing ‘W’ loudly (laughs)

Absorbed in taking his own pictures!

Yuchun who loves taking his own pictures.
He looked so happy taking the pictures of himself from the project checking menu on the PC (laughs)
“I think I’m so cool~~~”

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[Trans] 100909 JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Special Site – Staff Report Update

Yuchun, Congratulations!

Kyocera Dome’s first day was held on 4 June, and we held the final rehearsal at the venue. This day, we think you all should know, is Yuchun’s 24th birthday ♪

After the rehearsal, all the members and dancers, band members and also the staff celebrated it!


Thank You Very Much~~!

Yuchun was shocked but looked happy~!

Because there wasn’t much time for them to rehearse for their live, he somewhat forgot about his own birthday.. (Laughs)



The cake was specially made with the THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Logo! It is a really gorgeous cake ❤

Huh! Who ate it! We thought about it, then found out that Junsu ate a lot of it. (Laughs)
Oh, Jun-Chan~~~~!!


The Sly Yuchun ♪

“Here is the birthday cake~~~ ♪”

Somehow, he was serving the birthday cake himself. (Laughs)


Commemorative Photoshoot!

“Yuchun, Happy Birthday~!” – A photo to remember this by. ♪

The three have great expressions! But XIAH junsu was a bit too manly… (Laughs). At the Kyocera Dome Performance, the fans used the “Saranghae Pose” to congratulate Yuchun!

Many people gave him birthday wishes, so it was good~

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[TRANS]100908 JYJ Staff Report

Intervene into ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome’ rehearsal site!
Three of them were focusing at the discussion.

“How to make everyone enjoy our performances, how to do it handsomely…”
Three of them were concentrating, taking it seriously.

Let’s take a photo while resting.

Then, one more for the ‘weird face’ trio. (Laugh~)

‘Weird face’ photo is really exaggerated, so everyone please imagine it.
If you are really curious how it turned out to be, please watch the rehearsal video recorded in ‘The…’ DVD. (Laugh~)

Source: HeyJJ + JYJ Special Release Site
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