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[TRANS] 100611 Sunao Ni Narenakute Ep. 10 Synopsis

In Emotion’s restroom, Nakaji finds Linda who had passed out in a pool of blood, and rushes him to the hospital. Haru, Doctor and Peach who were notified by Nakaji also hurried to the hospital.

Linda’s mother, Misako, is very grateful to Nakaji for sending her son to the hospital and at the same time is very touched by Haru and the others who rushed to hospital.

For the upcoming test to become a teacher, Haru has been constantly studying. During that time, Doctor decided to return to Korea for some time. Doctor told Haru that he wanted to introduce her to his parents, to show her the environment he used to live in, and that he hoped that Haru would follow him back to Korea. Haru agreed to his request, but…

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He’s having drama filming at a location close to Mount Fuji ♪

Doctor is getting super excited (LOL).

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[TRANS] 100604 Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 9 Synopsis

After Nakaji finds out that his father Ryosuke is diagnosed with lung cancer, he receives a huge shock. Knowing that his son has begun work as a cameraman, Ryosuke wants to take photos again, and asks Shouko to be his model.

On one side, Doctor starts working part-time because he wants to give Haru a ring. But then, Doctor receives a letter saying that his father had collapsed. Because of that, he can’t not return to Korea, and therefore proposes to Haru, asking her if they can return to Korea together.

Then, to cheer up Linda who’s feeling down, Peach suggests that the 5 of the Sunanare-kai go to the beach. There, Doctor tells everyone that this will be his last summer in Japan…

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[TRANS] 100602 Location Place for “Sunanare” (Fanaccount)

An article from a Japanese blog

(few sentences omitted)

I know I’ve kept everyone waiting m(_ _ )m
Sorry for the delay in posting the article.
This is “The Sunanare Location Place Excursion! Visiting places related to Park Songsu♪ Shiodome, Higashi Ginza, and Shibuya”
Let’s go!!

After taking lunch at Tamachi Chegoya,
(T/N: a Korean restaurant again related to Sunanare. The blog author visited the restaurant before the afternoon excursion. Hope I had enough time to translate all the information…)
we went to the place where doctor gave Haru a hug.
That place…I know many should know the place by just looking at the scene.
I knew that place, too!!
The place is Shiodome, where Nippon Television Network Corporation (which greatly supports Tohoshinki) is locatied. Let’s go!
Getting off at Shinbashi station (Yamanote Line), and walking towards Shiodome…

Since it is Shiodome, there were many coporate employees and female office workers.
Together with K-san and Yu-chan, we were taking pictures talking, “Is this angle correct?” “This is the right one!”, etc.
Many were staring at us, but when we 3 get together, there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Was this the place where Doctor hugged Haru?
We were comparing the capped image and the places many times, standing in the same place.
I’m sorry that my caps are not so clear.
Next time, Doctor, can you hug me instead of Haru?

Yu-chan said “The café where Doctor knelt down on the ground in front of Linda is in Ginza~” so we started our research right there.
The name of the café is “Café Serre”, a very fashionable café just near the Higashi Ginza Station.

Please click here for details.

Looking at the map, we walked from Higashi Ginza Station, and searched for the café…
There it was! It is on the 2F of ADK Shouchiku Square.
Going in from the front entrance, there was a big & smart staircase. When you go up the stairs, you can find the café.

There were people resting on the stairs, waiting for someone, and there were many industry participants.. maybe we came to the wrong place, but we had the nerve to go inside.

It was just after lunch time, around 14:00, so there were not many people in the café.
K-san was bold enough to ask “Where did Jaejoong sit?” The floor manager (with a wry smile) took us to the seat saying “I think here.” K-san again asked “What did Jaejoong drink?” but his answer was “Since the shooting took place in the early morning before the café opened, so we do not know what they drank. When we came, there were many cans of coffee drinks, so they may have drank coffee.”

(few sentences omitted)

We took pictures of Doctor’s seat.

(few sentences omitted)

We drank tea, and then, time was up for K-san and Yu-chan. They went back home.

I had to go to another important place, so I went to Sunanare’s holy place, Shibuya.
This is the place where Haru waited for Nakaji.

(few sentences omitted)

(other sentences omitted)

Source: Ito-channo hamatterumono
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[TRANS] 100530 KBoom July Issue – JeJung’s Part

A complete report on television drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” preview meeting and conference!

You don’t know their appearance, nor do you know what kind of person the opposite party is. However, why do you feel as though he is always by your side? It is probably because of that person’s ‘gentle’ words. This is exactly what takes place in the television idol drama “Sunao ni Narenakute”, which describes the process of how a group of five young men and women met through Twitter, became real friends before becoming partners. The screenwriter for this drama, Kitagawa Eriko, explained her reason for using Twitter as the theme, saying, “I myself uses Blog and Twitter, and through language, people are able to connect with each other. Youth groups are like the life-line of a student’s life, hence, it can also be signified as a partner, that is why I used Twitter as the theme for this work.”

Please say a form of greeting to everyone.

Eita : I was really grateful when everyone came down specially while my leg was in a bad condition. You would probably understand by our current atmosphere; the five of us were still in the midst of filming last night actually. We filmed the drama within a very harmonious atmosphere so the filming was done very smoothly. To be able to be involved in this drama that is featured every week, and allow the audience to look forward to the next episode each week is really a joy to me.
Ueno Juri : I’m Ueno Juri, and I’m playing the character of Haru. I am really happy to be able to be part of the group of five to act out in this drama. My heart is racing now because I have not watched the first episode, the director’s performance was also very natural, and when I noticed it, I started tearing so I was able to display the feeling of sadness. I used very natural emotions to act.
JeJung : Hi everyone, I am JeJung. I play the role of DOCTOR in this film, and I am unusually excited today (laughs). I am very grateful to be able to be here today. I was very nervous initially as this is my debut in a Japanese television drama, but because everyone who were involved in the film were very kind towards me, so I thoroughly enjoyed the entire filming process. I have not watched the first episode too, so I will be very happy if we can enjoy it together.

Seki Megumi : I’m Seki Megumi, and I play the part of PEACH. This is the first time I have been casted as one of the main cast in a drama and I will give my best effort. On the grand scenes of the filming, I will also determine to give my utmost best .
Tamayama Tetsuji : I decided to take up this drama about half a year ago. I did ask myself what kind of feeling do I want to bring about? After one or two months have passed, I told myself initially that I only have to act out the part where I suffered from sexual harassment at work (laughs). There were also other enactments, and my heart was lifted up higher and higher after hearing all that (laughts).

Share your thoughts [after having watched the first episode]

Eita : I really want to watch the second episode (laughs). Even though it is only fictional, the momentum and atmosphere of the drama is very good, I feel it is very dashing.
Ueno Juri : I discovered many scenes of depression or heaviness after reading the script, but there were also moments of happiness. It is the same for the other characters. I know the script, and it felt like all five life stories were progressing at the same time. There are a few scenes that left a deep impression on me, but the one that left the deepest one was probably then the five of us saw the Tokyo Tower turn green at the same time.
JeJung : It was very refreshing (laughs). It was very refreshing just seeing myself in a Japanese drama! I would feel like “Is this guy really JeJung?” (laughs) It was very interesting watching the first episode! I was very curious about the scenes of the others. In LINDA’s scene, it was so intense that I burst out laughing…(laughs)
Tamayama Tetsuji : Everyone watched it together at the resting room, and when it featured the kiss scene between me and the editor, I heard JeJung, who was in the next room, go “NAHHHHH!!” (laughs) But JeJung had seen the script before, so he knew about the details.
JeJung : But seeing the image…(laughs) It was really interesting though!

You had water poured over you from the start, and you still had to take care of your younger sister, it looked tough…

JeJung : Yes…however, DOCTOR’s character is such that no matter how tough it is, he would be able to get through it with a lot of effort and hard work. He has always been so from the start.

DOCTOR really likes HARU.

JeJung : Yes. That is why he envies NAKAIJI a lot. Every time DOCTOR meets up with an obstacle, he would think of HARU. However, NAKAJI always has HARU by his side…

What are your thoughts towards Twitter?

JeJung : Even though it is interesting, I have never used it before… It looks like something you will get addicted to once you start using it… (laughs)

source: KBoom + Hey!JJ
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100531 JaeJoong’s Fluency In Japanese Improves Constantly

[ 日就月将 – Achievement everyday, improvement every month, describing the speedy development, continuous advancement, amassing over a long period of time
– Taken from the ‘Poetry,’ 日就月将,学有缉熙于光明。]

TVXQ member Kim JaeJoong has attracted much attention through his recent Japanese drama series ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ with his fluent Japanese skill.

JaeJoong is currently in the Fuji TV drama series ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ where he portrays a salesman for a company that sells medical equipment. He has received lot of compliments for a language skill that is almost at the same level as of those who have Japanese as their mother tongue.

The comments by most of the Japanese viewers who watch ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ expressed, “As compared to TVXQ’s language skill when they first debuted in Japan, the improvement of JaeJoong’s Japanese is really shocking.”

The ‘Today Star News’ which was aired on 29th of May praised JaeJoong that, “His fluent Japanese is not the least bit inferior to the other Japanese actors.”

An insider expressed that five years ago during TVXQ’s debut activities, JaeJoong can only use the basic Japanese to communicate, his ability described as ‘barely enough for communication.’ However, the JaeJoong today is able to express himself freely in daily conversation, and he has improved tremendously.

Now, the past comment of “JaeJoong’s acting in ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ is relatively indifferent” has been replaced by “Even with influential Japanese actors or actresses like Ueno Juri, he is able to perform well without any inferior or retrogress” kind of remarks.

Source: StarNews + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100528 Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 8 Synopsis

Haru, who found out about Peach staying overnight at Nakaji’s place, was shocked.

Nakaji, went to visit his father Ryosuke’s house, bring along the magazine that featured pictures he took. There, he meets Haru’s mother, Shouko, who was worried about Ryosuke’s condition.

Doctor goes on a date with Haru to watch a movie. On the way back, Doctor sends Haru home, but she tells him that she wants to know more about herself, and invites him in.

On the other hand, Linda and Chief Editor, Okuda, calls Nakaji to the Editorial Department, and tells him about him having a job from a certain publisher. During then, something unexpected happens, and Nakaji gets a bit suspicious about Linda and Okuda’s relationship…

Then, Peach calls Nakaji. Peach, is crying over her affair who she split with. Nakaji, says that he’ll listen to her, but…

source: [Sunao ni Narenakute HP]
translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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