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It’s Time To Vote!! [UPDATED]

Hello again!

With reference to our earlier POST regarding our DTL’s Christmas with TVXQ Contest, we are here to announce that the last submission of entry date has passed and it will soon be the time to VOTE for the best entries!! So DTL will again need all your help to vote and determine the winner for each category! And of course, with the help of our special judges as well. =)



We have four categories that needs your votes. Click on the links below to be redirected to the exact pages. Voting instructions will be on each of these pages. Thank you!!

1. DTL’s Christmas With TVXQ One-Shot Writing Contest
2. DTL’s Christmas With TVXQ Graphics Contest [BANNER]
3. DTL’s Christmas With TVXQ Graphics Contest [WALLIE]
4. DTL’s Christmas With TVXQ Graphics Contest [POSTER]

Besides this, please also look out for the videos that we have prepared in conjunction with TVXQ’s 6th Anniversay. We have a few new videos uploaded on the said sites so check those out too! Let’s show our never-ending support for TVXQ and its proud fandom! =D

See you again soon!! ^_^

[PROJECT] Last Minute Reminder

It’s already the end of October… We would just like to remind everyone about some important things happening in DTL.

First is the closing of submission of pictures to be used in our forum’s video project which is on October 31, 2009. So please if you have any pics or video clips that you would like to share… just log into the forum and post it in the specific thread provided… Let’s all share our DBSK love by helping out in this project.

Second is the reviewing of all member accounts. After this email, you might also receive a notice for being inactive in the forum if you haven’t logged into DTL for more than a month. We are currently making major changes in the forum so we have to also take note of all the inactive members. Please just log into the forum and make a post so to help clear out your name from the list of inactive members.

Third, I am currently arranging the new set of downloads that will be available in our forum. So please if you have any request, now is the time to send in your PMs and tell me what you would like to see in the new list of downloads (MP3 & VIDS). I will try to finish reuploading and arranging all the new songs and vids in a month’s time. So please feel free to PM me, if you want a specific artist or album to be included in our DTL’s download section listing.

And lastly, I would like to announce to everyone that in celebration of DBSK’s 6th Anniversary, we at DTL will be holding different contests again… Though the specific details are still undecided at this moment, it is already confirmed that we will be doing a “One Shot Story Contest” & “Graphics Contest.” As for what other contests will be made available, we will be releasing the complete details about the new contests within a few weeks.

Thank you and hope to see all of you in our forum…

~Admin – Emerheliena~

[FORUM] ‘Listen To My Heart’ Project


I’m happy to announce that DTL is currently half-way in preparing for TVXQ’s 6th Anniversary Project. It doesn’t require any donations or direct delivery to TVXQ, their families or the staff. After quite a long discussion among the team members, we have decided to come up with 2 or 3 sweet videos which compiles all the snapshots and cute clips of the members of TVXQ showing love to each other. From the romantic glances between Yun and Jae or even playful smacks of Min on Jae to simple hugs of Yoo and Su and Jae spoon-feeding Ho!

We are currently still in the process of collecting the pictures and clips. This session will end on 31st of October 2009 before everything will be forwarded to our video-makers. They have exactly one month to arrange and complete the video before the admin, emer unnie =) will post the videos in all possible sites on the first week of December.

What can I do to help?

Well, firstly I’d like to thank those who are willing to help. It means a LOT to us. Right now we’re half way through collecting the pictures and clips and we’d appreciate it if you have some more in your posessions to share with us. =D The more the merrier, right? Please proceed to this LINK to share your own collection of the said pictures or clips and all you have to do is wait to see it included in one of our vids on the first week of December! =) Of course we’ll list down the sites here when everything has been uploaded and also your names as credits.

Well, that’s not all. If you happen to be really good in video-making, we’d be very glad to include you as one of our video-makers and you can share your own video concept with the rest of the red ocean! Feel free to leave us a comment here and some contact details too so that we can get back to you. =) Or better off, please stop by in DTL and contact the admin directly.

And one more thing, to all those talented Graphic Designers out there, we would also like to include your beautiful creations into the videos. If you have the time and inspiration to create artworks related to this theme, please do share them with us. It will add more spices to the cookings~! =D

Lastly, thank you for helping us in making this project another huge success! ^^