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[TRANS] 100514 Junsu Speaks English! WHAT’s IN? June Edition

Let us continue on in revealing the secrets of WHAT’s IN? Magazine (laugh)
This time, the interview was conducted at the shooting set, but during the interview, something happened that made Junsu very interested in the matter
Just when he was very intently talking about the songs, there was a sudden “Oh?”
Looking at the photographer who was getting ready for the shoot, Junsu asked “Who is that…?”
“Ahh, that’s the photographer! I’ll introduce you to him later”
When he heard this, it was as if his eyes emitted a “!” radiance (laugh)
The photographer for this shoot was Jeff Johnson, a Caucasian

After the interview, Junsu finished changing his clothes and ran to Johnson very enthusiastically, saying “nice to meet you! How are you?” while warmly shaking hands as a greeting
The shoot then began
Johnson asked, “is it OK to use English?”
“NO! NO! I can’t speak English at all! I was only pretending just then. Hahaha”

After such a long time, Junsu is still Junsu (laugh)
Also, during the shoot, Junsu said “everyone are Caucasians, but still uses Japanese to communicate, it feels a little weird…”
Yes, that is a given!

In comparison to the harmonic and warm atmosphere, the photos that were shot were extremely and perfectly handsome.
Everyone must show interest in this!

(t/n: this is just the part about backstage… updates will come soon on the real interview!)

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[TRANS] What’s in April Issue

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Tohoshinki ‘Toki Wo Tomete’, eternally.

At the first quarter of 2010, Tohoshinki’s popularity is overwhelming as compare to before. Both single ‘Break Out!’ and ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ had taken down the first position at Oricon Chart with excellent selling number. With that momentum, they are once again starting the releasing trend billowy.

To blend in their ‘weapon’ perfectly into the wonderful and flawless vocals, is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve.

Both their single ‘Break Out!’ and the ‘Best Selection Album 2010’ that was released on February top the Oricon Chart on it’s released, 2010 had been a great start for Tohoshinki.

Next on the 24th March 2010, they will be releasing their 30th single ‘Toki wo tomete’. When this song was released last spring as the theme song for ‘MENADO’ CF, there were many comments like “Is this Tohoshinki’s new song?”, “No official single release for this?” surfaced among all fans. However, during that time there was no plan for a single for this song, therefore among the fans. they had called this song as the ‘Dream Song’. Even after this song was included in their ‘Best Selection Album 2010’, there were many who wished that there would be a single for ‘Toki wo tomete’.

Why many fans love this song so much? Because it can consider as the true portray of Tohoshinki and it’s an emotional song. This song included the heartbreaking lyrics, gentle rhythm and the pain of the main lead, but the most importantly is the perfect harmony by them each taking the main vocal position in this song.

This single ‘Toki wo tomete’ had perfectly blended the beautiful and gentle vocal of the 5, which is something that only Tohoshinki can achieve. On top of that, even though the lyrics are short but every single words are able to touch your heart deeply.

There is this climax in the song, ‘Though the time might stop, but I will always be there by your side’. We can’t stop the time, but because of this we have to appreciate the current feelings, to remember it in heart, even thought it’s sorrow, we still have to accept the reality of it, that’s what the song trying to convey.

In addition, YunHo’s Tokyo Dome solo song ‘Checkmate’ will be included in this single as the second number. ‘Checkmate’ is the wild dance song, which YunHo performed during their Tokyo Dome live tour with a group of sexy dancers.

The third number of this single is the never-end remix version of ‘Toki wo tomete’, a fast beat rhythm added onto the emotional piece of the original.

On top of the single ‘Toki wo tomete’ that will be released on this March, there are some more CD/DVD of Tohoshinki to look forward to.

  • 4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME (Blue-Ray)

This spring had become ‘The Spring of TOHOSHINKI’. Till this date, they had yet to release any of their video clips collection album, therefore this time round we can enjoy all their single clips at one go. From the innocent 5 during their debut time till now, the growth they had gone through the years to become a successful artist. In this collection, we will be able to see the days and nights of their busy schedule in these 5 years, a record of Tohoshinki.

27th April 2010, will be the 5th year anniversary of their debut in Japan, which path will they take on after that. Till then we will look forward to their 6th.

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[TRANS] 100313 What’s In April Issue talks About PV Offshot Of “Toki Wo Tomete”

(T/N: the bottom part)

ATTENTION!! Releasing the “Toki wo Tomete” PV Offshots!!

“Tokiwo Tomete” which has been recorded in the best album, will be re-cut, and released as a single CD. The PV was filmed at a planetarium in the suburbs of the Kanto area. We will partially release the filming scene photos here!

As usual, they are slyly smiling, looking earnestly at the camera, laughing and talking with the staff… For the PV, the completed works are full of fantasy, the stars are the main theme. You will strike home with their yearning and wistful expressions! Please check them by purchasing the CD + DVD version!

Source: Magazine “What’s in” April edition & HEROKO
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[TRANS] 100114 What’s In February Issue – Break Out!

Faith eternally…

“The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, ‘Break Out!’ engraved their determination.

– Non-related part omitted –

‘Break Out!’ is the new single from Tohoshinki, who we had not been able to see for a long time. They had chosen to release this song to not disappoint us, this up-beat and full of passion song will definitely attract your attention.

The lyric is the composer’s personal understanding of the interpretation of their current situation and it seems to deliver the message to us with their determination through the english part of the song. “The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, this is what I believe in.

The second song, ‘Xiahtic’, revealed a cool and intense dance song, JunSu, who is skilled in ballad songs, revealed his powerful dance and charismatic vocal. JunSu not only once again proven his singing ability with ‘Xiahtic’, we can also see his talent in composing. At the same time, Tohoshinki had proven us that they are a talented group with infinite potential members within.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
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