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[TRANS] 100830 Xiah Junsu Musical Concert To Be Held

Xiah Junsu will hold the ‘Kim Jun Soo Musical Concert’ at the Olympic Sports Stadium for four days, starting from October 7th.

With a special request from Grammy Award winning, world renowned composer Sylvester Levay, the concert has been planned with Kim Junsu as the main character to show the highlights of ‘Mozart!’ as well as the Austrian musical ‘Elizabeth’, which will debut in Korea in 2012.

Composer Levay will fly in to Korea in September for the concert and will bring with him a song composed especially for Xiah Junsu to perform at this concert.

Levay is planning to join Kim Junsu on stage for this piece and it was found that Levay holds great affection for the singer as he even found and watched all of Kim Junsu’s past performances as part of the group TVXQ.

Kim Junsu, who is preparing for his first musical concert, stated, “I was able to play a special role in Mozart, and found myself falling for the charm of the new genre of music I encountered,” and “We will be introducing Composer Levay’s famous production ‘Elizabeth’ for the first time in Korea along with highlights of the musical ‘Mozart!’ I hope that this will be a special time for the fans of the musical to experience a new side of the musical.”

Representative Um Hong Hyun of EMK Musical Company showed great confidence in the concert and stated, “The staff will be comprised of skilled people from Europe, Japan and Korea in order to create a memorable stage for the concert,” and “Kim Junsu will present himself as an artiste like never before to his fans and is working hard to produce a concert that will move the audience with music alone. Please anticipate it.”

Kim Junsu, who played the lead role of ‘Wolfang Mozart’ in January, broke the controversy regarding idols performing in musicals without verification of their capabilities.

He completed his successful debut in the musical industry by receiving the ‘Best Male Newcomer Award’ and ‘Popularity Award’ at The 4th Musical Awards for his explosive vocal skills and detailed delivery of emotions.

40 of the best musical actors will perform at the concert including Seo Bum Seok, Min Young Gi, Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Seon Ah. Kim Junsu is planning on performing in ‘Elizabeth’ with Park Eun Tae and Jeon Dong Seok.

Tickets will be on sale from September 1st for four days and will be available at Interpark and Yes24.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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[TRANS]100825 The Special Relationship Between Choi Yoon Young,TVXQ’s Xiah JunSu And SUJU’s EunHyuk

‘King of Baking – Kim Tak Goo’s popular actress Choi Yoon Young (as Goo Ja Rim) speaks up about her special relationship with TVXQ’s Xiah JunSu and SUJU’s EunHyuk has become a popular topic.

On 23rd August, Choi Yoon Young expressed that she was classmates with Xiah JunSu and EunHyuk on KBS 2TV ‘YeoYouManMan (여유만만) – King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Special’. Choi Yoon Young said that she was in the same class as JunSu and EunHyuk during primary school and was in the same dancing group as well . She even recorded a video clip for JunSu on the show that said, “JunSu-ah, how are you recently? Remember to contact me after watching the drama. See you at the broadcasting studio”.

Other than that, Choi Yoon Young also stated that her introvert character is totally different from the cheerful and lively Goo Ja Rim in the drama.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[Trans] 100705 Xiah Junsu hospitalized in LA

TVXQ group member Xiah Junsu was hospitalized in Los Angeles at around 10 PM on the 3rd.

Xiah Junsu had been suffering from a very high fever and fatigue since the afternoon. Staff members and company associates rushed him to the ER as his symptoms began to worsen. An associate of Xiah Junsu stated, “Xiah Junsu was hospitalized to a hospital in Koreatown in Los Angeles at around 10PM on the 3rd local time, or 2PM on the 4th of Korean time. Because it was the weekend, we tried over 20 hospitals before finally finding a hospital where he could receive proper treatment.”

Xiah Junsu has been busy with recording schedules, and as a result he continued getting a high fever and fatigue. At first, they didn’t think much of the situation because his symptoms were that of a common cold, but as the night went on, his symptoms worsened and he was then taken to the ER. When he reached the hospital, his fever reached over 40C. After receiving emergency care and some shots he has stabilized. This associate says, ” Xiah Junsu, plus the other 2 members are in America to record their album, and they have been pouring out their passion into the recordings. Thinking of meeting their fans after such a long time with their music, they became overenthusiastic and sang repeatedly without rest, and now their body has shown these signs of fatigue.”

The three members, including Xiah Junsu were hit hard with the shocking news of Park Yong Ha’s death. This associate said, “Hero Jaejoong was very close friends with Park Yong Ha, so the news gave him great mental shock and he was unable to even speak for awhile. All three members have been becoming more and more fatigued and even when staff members around them advised them to rest, they were concentrated in recording and in result their health has deteriorated to the point of finding the ER.”

The management side says that for Xiah Junsu’s treatment, they will take a 2 days rest.

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong are currently in America recording with Kanye West, who has a great influence in pop music. Kanye West, who was born in 1977, has won 13 Grammy Awards and is a famous Rapper/Producer in America. He has produced music for the albums of Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson. The three members of TVXQ are the first to work with a major pop artist and producer like Kanye West. Because of this, many people are looking forward to what kind of product is released from this collaboration.

Source: Hankooki
Trans by: yaerinie@tumblr
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[TRANS] 100621 The Truths And Fallacies Of Idols In Musicals

The idol wind is blowing on the musical industry. Idols are knocking on the musical industry’s door with stars like SES’ Bada (Choi Sung Hee) and Ok Joo Hyun, both already recognized as talented musical actresses, Big Bang’s Daesung, TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu and U-Know Yunho, Girls Generation’s Taeyeon, Super Junior’s Sungmin and Yesung, and After School’s Jung Ah being cast as lead roles in productions. One should consider carefully, however, of whether or not the entrance of idols in musicals is necessarily a positive change.

□The Power of Idols, a String of Sold Out Performances

The biggest strength that idol stars bring to the musical industry is their ticket power. Most of the time, the mere fact that an idol star is appearing in a musical will bring a string of sold out performances.

‘Mozart!’, which cast Xiah Junsu as its lead, experienced this when they grabbed everyone’s attention with their online ticket reservation site crashing the first day ticket sales began due to a sudden influx of people; this continued on to every single show being sold out. Recently, ‘The Sun’s Song’ experienced the same effect from Taeyeon.

A production representative of ‘Mozart!’ stated that the casting of an idol star is one that cannot be denied because it breathes life into the industry and presents a great opportunity to promote the musical.

But the charm of casting an idol with ticket power goes both ways in such a situation as for a star, a musical is a brilliant opportunity. As musicals require multiple talents such as singing, dancing, and acting, they can become stepping stones for stars who wish to broaden their horizons.

□The ‘Hallyu Wave’ has reached the Musical Industry

Just because a musical is done in Korean, doesn’t mean that the audience will be Korean too. With the appearance of idols on the musical stage came Japanese and Chinese fans flocking to Korea to watch. Production teams began to turn their attention to ‘Hallyu marketing’ in the Asian market by creating leaflets in different languages or showing promotional clips overseas.

‘Hong Gil Dong’, which featured Yesung and Sungmin from ‘Star of Asia’ Super Junior, was held at the Woori Finance Art Hall between February and April and attracted over 800 people from Asia.

Following this, the production team Seoul Symphony Orchestra uploaded promotional videos in Japanese on Japanese websites and went knocking on the doors of overseas markets.

‘The Brothers were Brave’, SHINee’s Onew’s debut musical, created leaflets specially for Japanese fans in their native language. An average of fifteen Japanese tourists watched every performance since the show began in April. Promotional information, such as a description of the performance and photos, have been distributed to them.

□An audience who wants a High Quality Performance

Even fans don’t want their idol singers to appear on stage if they haven’t prepared enough or lack the necessary skills. The reason that production companies cannot go over the top when casting idol stars is because if idols forcefully appear frequently in musicals, the quality of the performance may drop. There is also the stereotype embedded within the minds of the public that a performance with a celebrity cast can’t be a high quality show.

However, it is a reality that idol stars cannot completely focus on musical rehearsals as they have their own busy schedules to complete.

There are quite a few examples of musicals that failed to attract a large crowds because an idol star could not practice or participate in rehearsals due to their busy schedule which resulted in a drop in quality of the overall show along with criticism of the idol star for their unstable singing and lacking acting skills.

One musical representative stated, “It is true that there are many cases where the stars practice so little that they constantly worry whether or not they will make a mistake on stage,” and “It’s frustrating at times because we cannot demand that they focus completely on the musical because we know how packed their schedules are.”

Source: [etoday]
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[Trans] 100621 Ray Xiah Junsu – “About Myself, Love & Music”

“About myself, love & music”
True feelings of a 23 year old – The Xiah Junsu from now onwards
“Wanting to be loved by everyone was the reason that supported me to go on”

1: The quality of a good man?
I believe…caring

2: If you were to compare yourself to an animal?
I want to be a tiger (embarrassed)

3: Your nickname as a child?
Chicken. When I say something, my head moves along too (laughs)

4: What thing do you think is the most unnecessary?

5: The country you want to go to now?
Tahiti’s Bora Bora Island

6: A part of yourself that you think is sexy?
My perky butt. In Korean, it would be said as a duck butt

junchan its your ASSet

7: The hairstyle you want to try out later on?
Although the amount of hair I have isn’t enough, a Reggae hairstyle

8: What do you do before going to bed?
Because I don’t drink alcohol, I just drink water

9: What do you wear to bed?
Only pants

10: Most favorite Japanese word?
Moving forward!

11: Which part of a woman would you take notice of when meeting them for the first time?
The feeling on the whole and how they make conversation

12: If you were to use flowers as an analogy for the type of woman you like?
Rose, the color definitely would have to be red!

13: When confessing to the woman you like, what line is a must-say?
It isn’t really something that has to be said… “Can you let me be your boyfriend?”

14: When do you want to get married?
30 years old, but I also want to get married earlier

15: If you were to be reincarnated, would you be a man or woman?

16: What kind of woman would you be if you became one?
It’d be rare… but I’d like to be an extremely gorgeous woman

17: When going on a date in summer, would you choose “mountain peak” or “sea-side”

18: In a love relationship, are you an “S” or an “M”?
I’m an S

19: What do you want to do with your girlfriend?
I want to go traveling and cook together. But, the thing I want most is a normal date like others

20: If your girlfriend wore something exposing on a date?
A little exposure doesn’t matter! But Korean guys don’t like too much of it

21: What actions of a woman attracts you?
Gently covering the area of their chests when bowing

22: Are you controlled in a relationship or are you the controller?
Normally I would like to try being controlled… but sometimes I want to be in control (laughs)

23: Frequently repeated song in your iPod?
“Phantom of the Opera”, because it appeared in the musical

24: Something that you cannot lose?
It’s still music!

25: What artist do you want to be?
An artist that can sing forever

t/n: S=Sadist, aggressive
M=Masochist, passive

Source: [xiahking]
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[INFO] 062110 Japan Top 30 Singles

This chart reflects CD-single sales that were released from the week of 2010.06.09 to 2010.06.15.

30- Hilcrhyme – “Loose Leaf”
29- Daisuke Ono/Dori Sakurada – “Double-Action Strike form”
28- Hiroshi Miyama – “Yoimachi Sakaba”
27- Motohiro Hata – “Ai Premium Package”
26- Ikimonogakari – “Arigatou”
25- Honey L Days – “Manazashi”
24- Tatsuro Yamashita – “Machi Monogatari”
23- Kana Nishino – “Aitakute Aitakute”
22- Houkago Tea-Time – “Pure Pure Heart”
21- ON/OFF – “Butterfly”
20- XIAH junsu – “XIAH”
19- Lia/Aoi Tada – “My Soul,Your Beats!/Brave Song”
18- Mao Abe – “Lonely”
17- Fuyumi Sakamoto – “Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku”
16- Cocco – “Nirai Kanai”
15- SID – “Rain”
14- YUI – “to Mother”
13- Galileo Galilei – “Natsuzora”
12- Miliyah Kato – “Last Love”
11- Arashi – “Monster”
10- Takeshi Tsuruno – “Natsu no Wasuremono feat. TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA / Love Letter”
9- MUCC – “Yakusoku”
8- AKB48 – “Ponytail To Shou Shou”
7- Unicorn – “Hadaka no Taiyou”
6- IDOLING!!! – “Me Niha Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi”
5- BIGBANG – “Tell Me Goodbye”
3- Girls Dead Monster – “Little Braver”
2- Morning Musume – “Seishun Collection”
1- Kaela Kimura – “Ring a Ding Dong” (performance introduction shown)

credit: OriconGoddess
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[Trans] 100617 XIAH Junsu Official Launch Of Limited Goods Event

“XIAH” Reminiscence Limited Purchasing Activity Event

This is an official activity launch for limited “XIAH” reminiscence products.
Customers who buy the products listed below at the selling venue will have a chance at receiving illustrations personally drawn by Junsu himself!
Please grab at this opportunity!

Specific sale items: (all Junsu)

Glow-stick ¥1,000
Autographed photo, postcard ¥1000
Poster ¥500
Spiral notebook ¥1000
T-shirt (S/M) ¥3000
Face-towel ¥2500
Cushion ¥2500

(500 Yen = 5.5 USD, 1000 Yen = 11 USD, 2500 Yen = 27 USD, 3000 Yen = 33 USD)

※All prices include tax
※The products above are being sold now at the「JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME」performance venues as well as at MU-MO shops.
※ There are a limited number of items as parking is limited, so please bear with us during the shortage.
※No extra new goods will be for sale at this event.

Information pertaining to the selling venue:

ZEPP TOKYO – June 18 2010 (Friday) 1:30PM start launch
With regards to the selling of the products of this activity, they will only be sold at the outside venues,
but customers who don’t have the activity invitation tickets can still purchase items.
No credits cards will be accepted as a method of payment.

Source: [JYJ Official + baidutvxq]
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[TRANS] 100609 RAY Editor’s Blog – “XIAH Junsu”


This is K that loves ikemen, Korean stars and such.

Last night the script for the August issue was finally done!

All that’s left now is to wait for the release day.

In that August issue, there will be a Xiah Junsu feature!

There’s a special present project too!

Please wait for it!

source: [RAY Blog + tvxqchamie]
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[INFO] XIAH (Intoxication) Is Awarded Gold By RIAJ

Sales count from January 1st, 2010 to May 31st, 2010

Single Category

while in DVD category… Tohoshinki still rules, too ❤

DVD Category

source: RIAJ
credit: sharingyoochun.net
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[Trans] 100609 Xiah Junsu, Another Challenge As A Musical Actor

On the 7th of this month, the grand opening of the musical celebration and award ceremony “The 4th Musical Awards” was held at the Sejong Cultural Centre in Seoul. Xiah Junsu, who challenges from being an idol singer to a musical actor, is posed to face the camera lens.

Called “South Korea’s Tony Award” (Broadway Award which was founded in 1947), the “Musical Awards” is to help make continuous development in South Korea’s musicals and to congratulate the musical efforts and achievements of the actors, and it was first started in 2007, and is now currently the undisputed best Korean musical feast and award ceremony.

Source: Review Star + Baidu XiahJunsu
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
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