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[TRANS] 100426 Yu Kigoshi’s Blog Update – A Message From Yunho’s Father

A Message from Yunho’s Father

T/N: Yu Kigoshi, born 1981. He is a writer in a publishing company, and also the author for the books “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 1” and “Part 2”. Some of our friends should remember that he collected encouraging comments to send to Yunho and Yunho’s father in Dec 2009 – Jan 2010.

2010-04-14 11:11:59

A Message from the dearest, Yunho’s Father

To all the Tohoshinki fans,

There should be many that have shed their tears hearing the news of the “suspension of the activities”, and waiting with all their hearts of the comeback of Tohoshinki.

Yesterday (T/N: April 13), I have contacted Yunho’s father for a few times, and received his message.

There was a request from Yunho’s father to disclose his message in my blog in both Korean and Japanese.
The Korean message was written by Yunho’s father himself, and I have translated the message into Japanese.
*Since I am not a professional translator, I had my friend who is a professional translator confirm the contents.

Yunho’s Father’s Message

Thank you Kigoshi Yu for your letter.

Although we were planning to meet when you came over to Korea, unfortunately I was unable to get time off from work, so we have put it off until next time.

When we were supposed to meet, you were going to tell me how the Japanese fans want TVXQ to continue. I, too, am praying that this problem will be resolved quickly, and that TVXQ can once again resume their activities not only in Korea, Japan, and Asia, but also worldwide.

However, it has come to my attention that there are many people who has the wrong idea about this matter; that’s why I am writing this letter with hopes of explaining it, even if just a bit.

Fans and many others are aware of the case with TVXQ. This is about the three members of TVXQ who are in a contract with SM Entertainment, and during the contract period, are embroiled in a legal dispute which has put the whole group (TVXQ) into jeopardy.

The members of TVXQ who are not involved in the dispute, Yunho and Changmin, are receiving most of the damage and they are hoping that this incident will be satisfactorily settled for TVXQ’s continuation. They wish that the members involved and SM Entertainment would be aware that they are leaders in the Hallyu wave, and would think of the love and support from their fans up to now, and return to how they were in the beginning so that they could come to an agreement and resolve this.

This situation can only be resolved by SM Entertainment and the three members who are involved in the legal dispute.

As Yunho, Changmin and their parents have already stated in the press release on 11th of November 2009, TVXQ has a contract with SM Entertainment, and because we believe that promises and trust are important, we are waiting, in order to protect TVXQ.

If everything gets settled and the three members do return, they have still endangered TVXQ as a group, and have prevented them from doing any activities in Korea for a year, and finally, they have had to stop activities in Japan as well. In doing so, they have inflicted much harm in the moral, financial, reputational, and psychological aspects. However, because the most important thing is to protect TVXQ, we are willing to forgive and understand them for their actions.

It seems like there are people who think that in order to keep TVXQ together, the other two members must leave SM Entertainment. However, there are no moral or legal rights that will prove this claim.

In human relationships, your faith and promises become a priority, and there are principles in commerce/deals. If both sides agree to something, and there are no big problems, it is socially and morally unacceptable for you to thoughtlessly break that promise for your own gain.

SM Entertainment has made TVXQ the most popular group in Korea from the very beginning, and over the past six years have enabled them to become top artists in Korea, Japan, and the whole of Asia. They have turned the five members from an unknown group to top artists.

Also, TVXQ members are all bound to a contract, and Yunho and Changmin do not think that there are enough problems with SM Entertainment to breach their contract, and leave the company.

If there are parts that need adjustments, they could have talked it over to improve it, but they didn’t take into account of the other two members, and filed a lawsuit which has threatened TVXQ’s very existence.

If the three who instigated this legal dispute reflect on their actions and return to their original place, everything will be resolved.

However, the three went on with it, and no matter how you look it at, there is no just cause in asking the other two to leave as well.

I’m aware that I’m repeating myself, but Yunho, Changmin, and their parents only want the continuation of Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki).

I hope that the three members and SM Entertainment, who are involved in this legal dispute, will quickly resolve this problem so that TVXQ can resume their activities now, for the long run, like how the two members, their families, and all their fans wish for.


Ever since the problem of Tohoshinki occurred, my way of thinking is the same as that of Yunho’s father.

The problem raised should be solved by the ones who have caused them.

The outsiders should just pray for the settlement, and wait quietly.

I have written in this blog a few months ago, but the conflict of the fans may hurt the members. The fans should do what they can, that is, to wait quietly for their comeback.

After reading this message, please close your eyes and think once again.

What we fans wish are, not conflict, but settlement.

—Yu Kigoshi—

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s Blog
Translation: smiley + BlackCat @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: ♥러빙유 + diana© + ミ♥ Lovedust @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100215 Yu Kigoshi Blog‏

*T/N He is the author of the book “東方神起の秘密” (Tohoshinki’s  Secret).
He seems to really like Korean people/culture/things in general.

Only translated the part he mentioned about Tohoshinki

I received a wonderful letter!

The very top one is someone who sends me a letter very often and i even remember their name(^∇^)
Very nice writing. I have a a license in calligraphy but… i am not good with pens.
If you’re going to study abroad to Korea please tell me! I’ll introduce a few great restaurant’s!

The second one is from a young person♪
It seems that they read “Tohoshinki’s  Secret”, and wrote me a lot of things that made me happyヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ
One of them seems to be Jaejoong’s fan! I understand why you like him!
I am older than him and he makes me think like i want a younger brother like him.

JJ「Older brother, did you eat? do you have your wallet? brother, you’re too skinny so you have to eat properly!」
Me「I know-! god, you worry so much…」

Woops. I was in delusion. A weird one too. and i was in delusion in Korean.

There was one more person who had a question!

Q.What is your favorite part of the members?

Great question~!

Yunho: I would have to say how he is manly. Also i think we think alike.
that’s just what i think but… so alike that i cant think we’re strangers.

Jaejoong: I heard a lot when I interviewed his middle school teacher but he puts himself in other peoples shoes before anything.

Princess always tells me “Always think of the other persons feelings before you say or do something. Then you wont get into fights and hurt that other person”. Jaejoong really understands that.

Junsu: He has my favorite voice type. Even when he fails in something he gets back up and tries to achieve his goals to overcome his fears. My teacher Moon Yonho also said that how he does his best and how he shows his funny side is cute.

Yoochun: Out of the 5 I want his face the most. Also same as Junsu but his voice is very admiring.

He has a strong voice yet his personality is that hes gets really lonely. My friend sometimes drinks alcohol with Yoochun and so i hear about his private life but, hes gets really lonely. (Since its his private life i wont write anything)
The gap between his normal life and when he stands on stage with such confidence is what makes me attracted to him.
Also i too get lonely, when i notice i am always chewing on Mcdonald’s straw.
what? your not asking for my story? (lol)

Changmin: His confidence and strong feelings toward singing that wont lose to his hyungs, and how he’s strict.

He practices until he himself is convinced, and even if he tries the most and hes still not convinced he gets mad at himself that it makes him tear up. I feel that i really really need to learn to be strict like him.

There are so much things i like about them but its going to be long so maybe next time( ̄▽+ ̄*)

next is!

This is Tohoshinki’s Morinaga version!
and also on the right there’s a picture of me when i used to model on the chocolate!
This is really amazing.
For a second it seems like i was a part of Tohoshinki and it made me happy.
I’ll use the Rirrakuma Goods too!

※ this small laptop is where “Tohoshinki’s Secret” is made (;´▽`A“

Every single letter i read makes me filled with warm feelings.
I am really thankful and it also gives me power.

And if you want to send me a letter if you look at the book “tohoshinki’s secret” or you can look at the back of my books i think it’ll say the address o(^-^)o and if you add ” To Kigoshi Yu” it should be good!

Please don’t mind getting me gifts(*^ー^)ノ Just a letter makes me happy.
But all the things sent will be used like this and treasured carefully!
Please let me say thank you again♪


credit: Yu Kigoshi blog
trans by : RIEKO@sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun. net + dtl

[TRANS] 100202 Update Of Yu Kigoshi’s Blog

2010-01-30 13:16:52

I received (this) from avex (*^▽^*)
I will listen to the song from now on, and I’m going out for a drive!
Oh, for the jacket-sized card, I got Changmin (*^▽^*) Our dear youngest brother…

Good morning!
I’ve conveyed all of your messages to Yunho’s father.
I’ve been exchanging emails with him, and have been listening to his comments about this magazine article.

I know that many are concerned, but for the article in the certain magazine, the part which says “Yunho is promised to work in the management position (T/N: of the company) in the future” is all false.
Since there are so many inaccurate stories going around, Yunho’s father seems to be very tired.
Yunho’s father is well-acquainted with law matters, so he explained to me in detail (using his legal knowledge) the contents of the article, “Yunho is promised to work in the management position.”

But since some were picky to comment on each of his words (T/N: in my previous post), I will not disclose what he said here.

Please just believe that the article itself is completely fake and false.

Though it looks easy, it may be difficult. Please just believe in the official announcement, the direct words of the parents and the five Tohoshinki members.

PS. All of your messages, my letter, and my present seems to be handed over to Yunho. So everyone, please be relieved (*^▽^*) I am happy for all of you.

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: diana© @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100112 Yu Kigoshi’s Blog Update

2010-01-10 20:45:30
A message from Yunho’s father…

To tell the truth, I have already sent a simple new year greeting by email to Yunho’s father, before I planned the project “Send messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father.”
I have received his reply.

Though he should be very busy, he sent me a very polite and long message.

Since this is a personal mail between Yunho’s father and me, I could not inform you in details here, but as all of you should know, Yunho is recently doing a lot of volunteer activities.

Yunho’s father seemed to be busy from December, in order to support Yunho’s activities.

Since I did not do anything together with my father from when I was little, to be honest, I envy the two of them.
When I met Yunho’s father during the interview for my book “The Secrets of Tohoshinki Part 2″, I felt that although Yunho’s father is very strict, I felt that he was always caring for Yunho. In addition, I felt that “the two are always connected to each other” by hearing Yunho’s father’s precious words at that time, one by one.
After the date, I think that my way of thinking has changed, for myself, for my parents, and for my surroundings.

“I am praying for Yu-san’s health, and that god bless you. Thank you for your mail, I would like to meet you again. We would welcome you when you come to Gwangju.”
Seeing this sentence, I was in tears.

In the last part of the mail, he has again written “I am praying again that only happiness will approach Yu-san this year.”

He had trusted me at the time of the interview, and later, I was able to speak to him during meals, and it is true that the encounter was an opportunity for me to grow.

For the details of the mail, I could not disclose here, since it will disturb the privacy of Yunho’s father and Yunho. I am very sorry.

If I should explain you, Yunho used a few days of his vacation to volunteer together with his father, and for his relatives.

It seems that it is true that Yunho’s father is through hardships for both mind and body by groundless rumors….

Reading the email, I thought that all your messages should heal the hearts of the two.

If I can, I would like to do the same for the remaining 4 members.
But I don’t have enough power, and inside me, I have a conflict that I should not attract so much attention.
(There are many opinions to my current project, too….)

I will make every possible effort in order to send your messages.

I will try to send your messages as soon as possible.
Please wait awhile.

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100109 Update Of Yu Kigoshi’s Blog

2010-01-09 02:49:55
I made a message file!

We have three straight holidays starting from today.
The 11th is the coming-of-age celebration…for me, it was 8 years ago…
Well, I’m OK…I’m a teenager in my heart, but my body is in serious condition…
(T/N: Kigoshi has just recovered from his bad cold.)

I printed out some of your messages and made a file.

For the front page, I wrote many rows of “TVXQ”, changed the colors, so there is a big “TVXQ”~!

I copied all the remaining messages to a CD♪
So what’s left for me to do is …. Oh, my letter…
Since it will be the season of the yellow sand in Korea soon, I would like to enclose a simple present like Japanese candies~!
For singers, your throat is the most important part.
(When I lived in Korea, my throat had troubles with the yellow sand..)
So I’ll write my letter within this weekend!

I still have some trouble with my voice, but I’ve recovered.
Thank you for your worries.

I would like to thank you very much.
Thank you very much for reading my books, “The Secrets of Tohoshinki 1 & 2”.
There will be an extra issue for Part 2, too.
It was well worth walking around, collecting data through the hot summer days.
Thank you, thank you very much………

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }