My Valentine’s Day…

I woke up at the sound of my alarm clock. It was already 9am. Today might be just another typical day. But I was wrong. I looked at the calendar in horror. It was Valentine’s Day! My life is totally miserable; this is like the worst day of the year!

“SungYoung!! Breakfast is ready!!” JiYoung, my bestfriend, and room mate called out from the kitchen.

I quickly got up from my bed and headed to the kitchen. As I sat down in a chair, I just stared at the plate infront of me.

“Why are you not eating SungYoung? Is something wrong with breakfast?” she asked.
“Heart-shaped pancakes?!” I sarcastically answered.
“Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day.” She answered happily.

I just raised a brow at her. I change the subject.

“Why are you all dressed up? Going somewhere?” I asked
“I’m going to the mall. And you’re coming with me so hurry up.”

I had no choice. I wouldn’t start arguing with her because I would end up going anyways.

In the Mall:

We walked over where her boyfriend was. Her boyfriend greeted her and gave her a box of chocolates. She also greeted him in return and gave him a peck on the lips. Ugh…I didn’t want to see that scene. It makes me want to puke. Get a room~!

He said Hello.

“Oh, Hello SeungRi” I greeted.
“By the way, these are our friends.” JiYoung said then they introduced themselves.

“Hi, I’m Yoo HeeWoo” the girl with the short hair said.
“Annyeong, I’m Han SungYoung nice to meet you” I said and bowed.
“And I think you remember Kim Jaejoong…” Seungri said.
“Huh?” I asked in confusion
“You met him 2 months ago, in that party we went to.” JiYoung added.
“Oh…Hi…I couldn’t really recognize you because of that brown hair of yours. Sorry.” I said to him.
“Well yeah.” Jaejoong said.

Then all of us went inside.
We sat there and started choosing from the menu.

Kim Jaejoong…Hmm…I don’t remember him well. Maybe it’s because of that brown hair of his.
But I haven’t really seen his face that much until now. Up-close he looks gorgeous. That fair skin of his, bright eyes, pink lips, he actually looks kinda like a girl. But those biceps gave them all away. But other than that, he looks perfect.
Wait! What am I saying?! I don’t have time for guys! Argh!

“Hey Junsu! You’re late!” Seungri suddenly said.

Huh? Who’s this Junsu guy?
Then he greeted HeeWoo and gave her a bunch of flowers. HeeWoo said thanks and kissed him.
Ugh! Not again. Puh-lease guys. Give me a break.

“Oh, SungYoung. This is Junsu. He’s my boyfriend.” HeeWoo said.
“Hello Junsu. I’m Han SungYoung. Nice to meet you” I said.
“Hi SungYoung. Nice to meet you too.” He said and smiled.

Those two couples were being very sweet and stuff. I was very uncomfortable. I just stayed silent for a few minutes. Until someone talked to me.

“So, how have you been?” Jaejoong started talking.
“I’m fine” I answered.
“Good to hear from you. It’s been a long time since I met you.” He added.

Err. I’m in no mood for a conversation right now. I just sighed.

“Well yeah” I answered back, at least trying to be nice.
“Where were you originally from?? You’re not originally from Seoul right??” he asked again.

Ok. This time I was pissed. Stop asking so many questions okay. I’m really not in the mood right now. Why doesn’t he just shut up?
Instead of giving him an answer, I just stared at him.

“Yeah. She’s not from Seoul. She was from Jeju.” JiYoung butted in.
“Oh…that’s my hometown too.” He said
“Really? That’s cool” she replied.
“I’m the least interested.” “I’m going to the toilet.” I stood up and left.

“Is she alright?” HeeWoo asked in concern.
“She is.” JiYoung replied.
“She’s a man-hater.” Seungri added.
“Huh?” Junsu asked.
“Let’s just say that it was all because of a broken heart.” JiYoung answered.

In the bathroom:

Aiish! Can I just leave this place already? It’s irritating me! Everything is! Are they trying to hook me up with that Jaejoong guy? I’m not interested! Can they just stop and leave me alone?
I know it’s been 2 years now, but I still can’t open up my heart to anyone at all. I’m sick of it. All those sleepless night, all those tears I’ve shed. Why can’t I just forget about you TOP?! This was the actual day that you betrayed me, the day you broke my heart. That’s reason why I was miserable, and the reason why I hate this day so much. Until now, I can still feel the pain that you left me. Did you know how hard it has been for me? No matter how hard I try to forget, my heart still cries for you. I can’t take this anymore!!

I was in total breakdown.
I quickly left the restroom and went back to the back to the table.
I took my bag and stared at them.

“You guys make me sick” I said and walked away.
“SungYoung! Wait!!” JiYoung called out.

I just ignored her.

“SungYoung, why can’t you just get over with it and start all over again? I guess you already figured out what I was doing. But you really have to try this. I’m doing this for your own good.” She explained.

I stopped walking upon hearing those words.

“Atleast let me help you. It makes me feel bad seeing you like this. That’s why I’m doing this. Don’t you understand?” she added

“Understand what?” I said

When I received no answer, I quickly turned around to face her.

“JiYoung, have you ever thought that maybe you should just give up? That it’s no use? What are you trying to do? Make me fall for someone else? Then what if that guy turns out to be like TOP and leave me? I’ve had enough JiYoung! It was painful enough…”

“But that was TOP! There are other guys out there that are different from TOP!”

“Other guys? There’s no difference. Guys are guys! All are the same!”

I said and ran away. Tears started falling on my cheeks.
Why? Why does it have to end up like this? I’m so stupid.

I sat by a fountain….crying.
Then someone offered a handkerchief to me. It was Jaejoong.

“What are you doing here?! Go away! Leave me alone!” I said and shove his hand away.
He sat beside me.

“Didn’t you understand a word I just said?! I said Go…”

Before I could finish my sentence, he quickly grabbed my hand and hugged me.

“I won’t go and leave you like this.” He said.

My started to beating faster.
I just continued crying on his shoulder.

“But…why would you care?” I asked
“Because I’m not like any other guy that just leaves a girl crying”

What he just said kept repeating on my mind. Not any other guy?
Something about him made my heart beat even faster. I can feel warmth in his heart and I feel safe just with his presence.
He let me go from his hug and looked at me.

“Come on, stop crying.” He said and started wiping the tears off my face.

“Why are you here?”
“I ran after you when you left”
“Why would you?”
“My body suddenly ran after you when you left all of a sudden.”
“That didn’t make any sense.”
“And because I think I’m falling for you…”
“Yeah you heard me…I like you.”
“I liked you on the first day I met you, which was 2 months ago. After that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’ve always wondered when I could ever see you again, until this day finally came. It was a love at first sight.”

I can’t believe what he just said. I looked deep in his eyes. It says it all, he actually means it. My heart just jumped with joy.
My heart stopped calling out TOP’s name and finally opened up for someone else.

“I actually kind of liked you too before, but I was still afraid before.”

He just smiled.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. I’m here.”
“Thank you Jaejoong” I said and hugged him.
“You finally taught my heart to love again.” I added.

He released me from the hug and kissed me.

My heart was totally happy. How I’ve always waited for this moment.

“And since its Valentine’s Day, would you like to go out with me?” He asked after breaking apart from the kiss.
“I’d love to” I answered.

Then we took off….while holding each others hands.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Jaejoong” I said with a smile.

I’m finally starting all over again and giving love another chance.

“Aww…they finally got together” SeungYeon commented.
“Okay…enough story time…go to bed now SeungYeon.” I said while I was sitting on the side of her bed.
“Ok mommy…I’m just wondering how you and dad met.”
“You wouldn’t know SeungYeon…You wouldn’t know” I said and chuckled.

“Is that daughter of yours finally asleep?”
“Oh hey Jaejoong…yeah she is…how long have you been standing there?”
“Since the story started.” He answered.
“She has no idea that it was really about us?” Jaejoong asked.
“No…hehe” I answered.

Then I stood up and went to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Jaejoong” I said.
“Happy Valentine’s Day SungYoung” he replied. Then both us went out of the room.

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