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[INFO] The Meaning Of JaeChunSu Gesture At Lotte Ad

Are you ever curious about the meaning of this gesture by JaeChunSu at Lotte ad?

They covered half of their eyes.

We found out the meaning of this gesture through Lotte Duty Free report from Song Seung Hoon’s filming of his Lotte ad where he was also ordered to have a pose of covering half of his eyes with one hand.

Then.. what does the gesture mean?
In Korean there’s a saying “don’t sell half your eye”. This means “don’t look at others” (believe in yourself).

Source: jp.lotte
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[TRANS] 100614 Tohoshinki’s New Unit Cries “I Still Want To Continue Singing From Now On”

Popular group Tohoshinki on hiatus, has its members Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun for a new unit, and perform in Tokyo Dome for two days ending on the 13th. The 4 day tour attracted around 200,000 viewers. After the last song, Jejung commented “When I cried on the first day in Osaka, seeing everyone want to cry broke my heart. Today here, are you all smiling happily? Smiling, he also said “Since our debut till now, I want to keep my feelings pure and continue singing”, and the three promised that, and couldn’t suppress their painful tears.

Last year in July, Tohoshinki had their first Tokyo Dome performance, and after 11 months, they once again stood on that stage. Yuchun said, “In truth, here, to come here again, I was a bit worried. But, because all of you we are here. Really, thank you very much!” Overcoming the problems of disbandment, the three were thankful to be able to gather here again. Junsu also said, “having the Dome filled with everyone, it feels like a dream. I’m really happy”, and as he bowed, he started to cry.

On the first day of the Kyocera Dome performance, both the members and the fans cried. Telling us of his feelings at then, Jejung said “even though it’s only the 3 of us on the stage…. the thing’s we couldn’t tell you, the sad things, the painful things and such, the tears that we’ve been trying to hold back, that we’ve thought of showing.” In the face of a complicated future, they showed sincerity, today they decided to “laugh and enjoy with everyone,” and kept smiling.

However, when they sang the last ballad “W”, which contained lyrics that alluded to hope for a reunion with the remaining members of Tohoshinki, the feelings overflowed and they started to cry. As the 3 left the stage in tears, the 54,000-strong crowd clapped and there was a resounding cheer that delivered the message, “Thank you.”

With the concept of “Singing to thank the fans for their support,”
”JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” presented 4 new songs, including “Itsudatte kimi ni” (For you, always) and “W”, as well as other songs and solos, with a total of 18 songs performed. On the 28th of July, the documentary road movie of the three members’ journey of self-discovery before the new unit was active,“3hree Voices” will be released.

Source: [Oricon + XIAHKING]
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[TRANS] 100615 Tohoshinki Trio’s Final Stage in Dome Ended In Tears

The three members JeJung, YuChun, and JunSu of the popular Korean group Tohoshinki, as a new unit, held the last performance of their Dome Tour in Tokyo Dome on the 13th. Standing on the glamorous stage that costs 1.2 billion yen, they sang a total of 18 songs which include 4 new songs such as “Itsudatte Kimi ni” etc. The trio became one with the 54,000 audience members and were moved to tears. JeJung said out loud, “We want to continue singing with our pure emotions. Please keep supporting us forever.”

Tokyo Dome was dyed with the red color of Tohoshinki. JeJung said with a delighted voice, “Although there are only 3 of us on stage…. The concert’s time is nothing compared to the time that you’ve been waiting for us; but just by being able to see your smiles, this concert has become meaningful,” and being overwhelmed with emotions, he broke into tears.

“Honestly, standing on this stage feels like a dream. We will keep doing our best not to lose to the love you have for us,” JunSu said and lowered his head. In the end, they started to enthusiastically their new song “W” while wiping away their tears many times. At that moment, the scene of enthusiastic singing has turned into the scene where everyone was crying and sobbing together.

Last July, the trio filed an application for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their contract with their Korean agency. After many conferences with both Japanese and Korean sides, Tohoshinki has come to the bitter decision to stop their activities indefinitely. Regarding that, YuChun said on stage, “I was worried whether or not I could stand on the stage again. However, thanks to everyone’s supports, I’ve made it here.”

The concept of their Dome tour is to convey their gratitude towards fans. Because of their strong hope to “be closer to the fans,” the stage this time is placed in the center, designed with 4 passages to the audience, and equipped with a 11-meter rotating lift and 2 cranes.

While singing Tokunaga Hideaki’s “Rainy Blue,” Kome Kome CLUB’s “Kimi ga Iru dake de,” and their new song “Get Ready,” they rode on rail cars to make a tour around the arena. The dome was shaken with screams and cheers as they got closer to the audience.

Their 4-day tour drew a total number of 200,000 audience members. They will be releasing a documentary DVD on 7/28 and will as well be participating in a-nation’10 in Osaka ad Tokyo. JeJung vowed to the audience about their future, “We want to keep standing in front of everyone and continue to sing and dance to wonderful songs.”

Source: Sanspo
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[TRANS] 100607 TVXQ Trio, “Very Painful, Reaching The Point Where We Wanted To Give Up Everything”

On the 5th ~ 6th of this month, at the fanmeet which was held in Osaka, Japan, the TVXQ trio Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun said, “The year of 2009 was a painful one, reaching the point where we wanted to give up everything.” It’s the first time that they mentioned about their feelings on the dispute with SM Entertainment about their contract.

Micky Yoochun, who was at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome to meet with the Japanese fans, said, “In 2009 I was always bored at home, not keeping in contact with anyone. Really felt like wanting to give up everything.” “It is all thanks to the encouragement from the members and the fans support that I can once again challenge myself. I will work harder in the future.”

Hero Jaejoong also said, in Japanese, “Even though we would really like to personally convey the truth and our thoughts to the fans, but we cannot do that, and it makes us feel very painful.” “I feel very happy to be able to see the fans once again. Please take more care in the future, everyone.” After all of them poured out their hurt and their innermost feelings, the 3 members sang “I Have Nothing”, “For You” and other songs, and they were also tearing up.

That day’s fanmeet is the TVXQ trio’s first official stage as a new unit. Although the individual activities of the 3 members have been official, however, the court dispute with SM is still ongoing, both sides unwilling to give in.

After the Osaka fanmeet, the TVXQ trio will hold another fanmeet at the Tokyo Dome on the 12th ~ 13th of June.

Source: Central Daily News (中央日报)
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[TRANS] 100606 Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun Dome Concert CD2 Promotion Activity Confirmed!

2010.6.4 Confirmed

■ The starting times of selling inside the venue

<Kyocera Dome, Osaka Concert>
6/5 (Saturday), 6/6 (Sunday)
9AM start sales

<Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Concert>
6/12 (Saturday) – 9AM start sales
6/13 (Sunday) – 10AM start sales

★ First stage of promotion

For customers who bought「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’ on May 26 at the venue, they will be given limited edition, original picture postcards as presents
*Postcards are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion: May 26 release of「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’
1,890 Japanese Yen (approx. 20.50 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46562/B
1,050 Japanese Yen (approx. 11.40 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46563

★ Second stage of promotion

Directly at the venue, send people who have pre-ordered「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN DVD that’s scheduled to be released on July 28 an original mouse pad
*Mouse pads are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion:「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN that is scheduled for released on July 28
12,600 Japanese Yen (approx 137 USD) (tax inclusive) RZBD-46600~3

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[TRANS] 100606 Lisa’s Blog Update – Both The Members And Fans Are Warmhearted

Lisa’s Basic Introduction:

Elizabeth Sakura Narita (エリザベス・サクラ・成田,) (born October 26, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese-Colombian singer and producer better known as just LISA. In 1999 she formed the Japanese urban contemporary group M-Flo with Verbal and Taku Takahashi.

Lisa’s blog update:

What rehearsal?

Well then! Ah ah! (laugh)

Although this has RHYTHM ZONE’s manufacturing label printed all over, (meaning the concert was organized by Avex)
this is still the 3 members Jejung, Junsu, and Yuchun’s Kyocera Dome thanksgiving concert!!
Ah, I sang a song during the M-flo period, 《Binsorongu, ビーンソーロング》as a present for them,
setting off the concert to a climax.

The huge and perfect venue stunned me!
Not seeing the 3 members’ extreme exhaustion from these days of rehearsing,
the 3 welcomed me warmly like true gentleman.

When Jejung was introducing the allocation of lyrics for the song we were going to collaborate on, Yuchun suddenly burst out laughing. (laugh)
His smile resembled a mischievious teenager, it really did!
Although I didn’t work with Junsu, he was very bright and open-hearted!
All 3 of them were very polite, I was so touched!

On the day of the concert, other than rehearsing, they also practiced their MC parts
“Lisa! Please take care of us! (Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu)“
Sweet Korean-styled voice tones, and Yuchun’s smile!
They personally checked over the actions on the stage, which made me very relieved!

Actually, I was the one who was the most nervous!
I kept of waiting for my program.
Before it started, Jejung’s voice shouted outside the resting room “LISA! LISA!”…
After I came out, the 3 of them shouted: “Let’s take a picture together to put into your blog!”
Very gentle!
I think they are very outstanding!

When they stand on the stage, screams filled the air!
Everyone’s voices can pierce through the roof! (laugh)
I started getting goosebumps. (laugh)
Ah, it’s nearly my part, nervous…

Upon arriving onstage, Yuchun introduced me onstage: “Welcome LISA!”
I started singing 《Binsorongu, ビーンソーロング》, and screams once again echoed throughout!
The stage was super huge! Jejung and Yuchun were really far away from me!
After feeling the warm reception of the fans, a big part of my nervousness went away. (laugh)

Because they are warm people, their fans are equally as warmhearted!

I was really touched. (tears)
Waving our arms together, singing together, I felt so honored!
Feeling everyone’s love!
Thank you so much!

Really! I felt a little frazzled while walking quickly on a stage that purifies one’s heart! (laugh)
I sincerely thanked them and their fans for bringing so much joy and happiness! (tears)
Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu, and all their fans, once again, thank you all!

Ah, the last thing I want to say is; Junsu, don’t sing so playfully!
The concert was really spectacular!
Everything that must be said has been said! (laugh)

Source: [xiahking + Lisa’s Official Blog]
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[INFO] 100606 Thanksgiving Concert

at Kyocera Dome (Day 2)

Preparations for the Street Exhibition

There was a ‘thank you’ message station and also a ‘thank you’ message street.
This is for fans who will be attending the THANKSGIVING LIVE. They were given transparent stickers, and they were instructed by the staff to write a ‘thank you’ message using a white marker. Later, the staff will compile all messages and place them on a black JYJ board. This will be exhibited at the streets.

Free stickers were given to the fans before they entered the dome.

Source: faniatmanti @ Twitter
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