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[TRANS] Netizens Apologize To Crebeau

Since the beginning of the lawsuit, a flock of so-called fans have gathered at a website called ‘Daum Television TVXQ Gallery’. These fans ally themselves with SM Entertainment, defaming the trio and causing hatred amongst fans. One of the most frequently raised issues revolves around a cosmetics company, and criticisms on the trio are translated into Japanese, English and Chinese, and posted onto various websites.

Daum Television TVXQ Gallery Website

‘Daum Television TVXQ Gallery’ was one of the three websites involved in the initiation of the recent pro-SM fan petition (the other two being ‘savetvxq’ and ‘aftertvxq’). The petition requests a formal apology as well as the three members’ return to SM Entertainment.

The fans on these websites contend that the lawsuit filed by the three TVXQ members was ‘based off of momnetary temptation which began with the cosmetic company.’ They also viciously accuse Crebeau cosmetics of selling cheap, second-rate ‘made in china’ products, and publicly critisize the company for running a pyramid scheme.

The same allegations were made by SM in a press conference held last year.

The slander and defamation of SM and these so-called fans have caused Crebeau Cosmetics severe losses, and this triggered Crebeau CEO Kang Seok Won’s lawsuit against SM CEO Kim Young Min, in which the former claimed victory (NOTE: This is not true, the police finished investigation for the lawsuit and passed the documents on to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. Crebeau did NOT win the lawsuit).

Recently, having gathered sufficient evidence of slander against them over the internet, Crebeau pressed charges against a total of 15 netizens involved in the dissemination of defamatory rumours.

The individuals who have been pressed charges against have since posted letters of apology over various websites.

Below are apologies from three of the ‘Daum Television TVXQ Gallery’ members.

June 1st 2010

To all employees of Crebeau Cosmetics Company,

To all the employees of Crebeau whom I have harmed with the contents of my blog, please accept my sincere apologies.
All of this is the consequence of my thoughtlessness, my fallibility and what I thought to be my love for TVXQ.
In particular, I’d like to apologize to President Kang for the extensive losses and pain I have caused. Sorry.

When I wrote the piece about Crebeau, I was expressing my personal opinion and my perception of ‘the truth’, I did not consider the possibility that what I was writing could be completely false, I am truly sorry.
In my naivety, I only thought of myself and failed to consider the staff of Crebeau, I am very sorry.

I am writing this to convey my remorse for the damage I have caused to your company’s reputation. Because of my mistake, many people formed a negative impression of Crebeau.

I have finally come to realize that the things we wrote were the weapons contributing to Crebeau’s losses, I am very regretful.
Looking back at what I wrote, I was rude and disrespectful.
From a young age, my parents taught me the importance of courtesy, of respect, and at that moment, I threw all of it away. To date, everything I have written has been an expression of my own feelings.
I’d like to apologize once again for the things I have written.

I will delete all of the pieces in question and accept all of the charges issued against me.
I am sorry for the damage I have caused with my reckless behaviour, and I will not write anything related to Crebeau Cosmetics in the future. I will leave this website, and this letter of apology will also be the last that I post here.

Once again, I apologize for the harm I have inflicted on all members of staff.
Please take into consideration my young age and the fact that the problem lies with me immaturity. Forgive me.

Finally, I sincerely apologize for this event.

(2 other letters of apology omitted)

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100619 Alexander From U-Kiss On TVXQ, “They Can Never Be Replaced Because They’re Just Too Good”

U-Kiss’ Press Conference in Malaysia

U-Kiss’ Press Conference in Malaysia:


When asked what they think about ever replacing TVXQ, Alexander humbly answered, “We really adore TVXQ, they are our sunbaes (seniors). They’re still the strongest group in Asia, and we set them as our target. They can never be replaced because they’re just too good.“

Source: SinChew Daily (Malaysia local newspaper)
Translation: Jae_Nee @ Twitter
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Trans] 100620 Lyrics And Translation For The New Song At Dome Live “Get Ready”

The 15th Song “Get Ready”

Get Ready

Hey everybody get ready tonight alright
Hey everybody get ready tonight alright
Hey everybody get ready tonight alright

危ない don’t red trickling
Abunai don’t red trickling
Dangerours, don’t red trickling

待ち続けた you and me 逢いたくてcome here
Machi tsuduke ta you and me aitakute come here
Waiting for a long time, you and me, wanted to see you, come here

Ready come music そうとっても sexy
Ready come music sou tottemo sexy
Ready come music, very sexy

新 しく始まる世界へ
Atarashiku hajimaru sekaiye
To the new world

君となら  be a be 夢に向かって
Kimi tonara be a be yumeni mukatte
With you, be a be, to the dream

楽しむ準備 OK?
Tanoshimu junbi OK ?
Ready for the fun, OK?

ともに盛り上がる準備 OK?
Tomoni moriagaru junbi OK ?
Ready to pick up stream together, OK?

Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend
Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend
Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend

熱いことをし よう
Atsui kotowo shiyou
Let’s do some hot stuff

愛を抱きしめて笑って  OK!
Aiwo dakishimete waratte OK!
Embracing love and smiling, OK!

伝 える幸せになって
Tsutaeru shiawaseni natte
Be happy to convey

もう駆ける よ  どこまで一緒に行こう right now
Mou kakeruyo dokomade isshoni ikou right now
I will run, let’s go together all the way, right now


Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright
Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright
Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright

誘えな い yeah two to in
Sasoenai yeah two to in
Can’t propose you, yeah, two to in

見つめていて oh my love その先は
Mitsumeteite oh my love sono sakiwa
Please watch, oh my love, what lies ahead

You can’t stop dancing 目がつく my darling
You can’t stop dancing mega tsuku my darling
You can’t stop dancing, you’re cool, my darling

止まらない時 間はこれから
Tomaranai jikanwa korekara
The never ending time starts here

期待していいんじゃ ない 最高に向かって
Kitaishite iinjanai saikouni mukatte
Let’s hold up the hope, to the best

Be you mine いつでも準備 OK?
Be you mine itsudemo junbi OK ?
Be you mine, are you ready, OK?

もっと愛し あう準備  OK?
Motto aishiau junbi OK ?
Ready to love more, OK?

Baby my girl friend, baby last love
Baby my girl friend, baby last love
Baby my girl friend, baby last love

動き出した tonight
Ugokidashita tonight
Starting to move tonight

いまは気持ちこめて two shot
Imawa kimochi komete two shot
Feeling deep, two shot

君に伝えたいよ thank you
Kimini tsutae taiyo thank you
Want to say thank you, to you

大 切にいつまでも一緒に行こう right now
Taisetsuni itsumademo isshoni ikou right now
Let’s go on together forever, starting right now

みんな楽しむ準備 OK?
Minna tanoshimu junbi OK ?
Ready for the fun, OK?

もっと盛り上がる準備 OK?
Motto moriagaru junbi OK ?
Ready to pick up more stream, OK?

Baby clap your hands  baby let’s stand up
Baby clap your hands baby let’s stand up
Baby clap your hands bay let’s stand up

Atsuikotowo shiyouyo
Let’s do some hot stuff

Source: dirahdbsk1@youtube
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: Lexy & ミ♥ Lovedust @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 062110 Japan Top 30 Singles

This chart reflects CD-single sales that were released from the week of 2010.06.09 to 2010.06.15.

30- Hilcrhyme – “Loose Leaf”
29- Daisuke Ono/Dori Sakurada – “Double-Action Strike form”
28- Hiroshi Miyama – “Yoimachi Sakaba”
27- Motohiro Hata – “Ai Premium Package”
26- Ikimonogakari – “Arigatou”
25- Honey L Days – “Manazashi”
24- Tatsuro Yamashita – “Machi Monogatari”
23- Kana Nishino – “Aitakute Aitakute”
22- Houkago Tea-Time – “Pure Pure Heart”
21- ON/OFF – “Butterfly”
20- XIAH junsu – “XIAH”
19- Lia/Aoi Tada – “My Soul,Your Beats!/Brave Song”
18- Mao Abe – “Lonely”
17- Fuyumi Sakamoto – “Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku”
16- Cocco – “Nirai Kanai”
15- SID – “Rain”
14- YUI – “to Mother”
13- Galileo Galilei – “Natsuzora”
12- Miliyah Kato – “Last Love”
11- Arashi – “Monster”
10- Takeshi Tsuruno – “Natsu no Wasuremono feat. TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA / Love Letter”
9- MUCC – “Yakusoku”
8- AKB48 – “Ponytail To Shou Shou”
7- Unicorn – “Hadaka no Taiyou”
6- IDOLING!!! – “Me Niha Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi”
5- BIGBANG – “Tell Me Goodbye”
3- Girls Dead Monster – “Little Braver”
2- Morning Musume – “Seishun Collection”
1- Kaela Kimura – “Ring a Ding Dong” (performance introduction shown)

credit: OriconGoddess
shared by: Xiah-sshi + TVXQPOWERFULGODS + DTL

[TRANS] 100617 YooChun Cyworld Update

1. 이상곤 – 슬픔위에서 –> YT OR Nate
2. Vibe – Gone
3. Melo Breeze – Shine On You

Source: BaiduTVXQ + MrPark + YooChun Cyworld
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100616 The Television Magazine

The Television Magazine

T/N picture of the top left

staff: “we’ll be taking a cut where you guys are talking”
Ueno Juri starts talking with a smile but Jaejoong accidentally looks into the camera *laugh*


T/N Translated only Ueno Juri & Jaejoong part

Sunanare now! Last episode special!

Haru and Doctor,Ueno Juri and Jaejoong who played the couple role.
Looking back what left each others impression on their role?

JJ = Jaejoong

UJ = Ueno Juri

JJ: Haru was amazing. She is just amazing. So much that I can’t make it into words.

UJ: what!? Make it into words *laugh*

JJ: oh, okay *laughs* Haru is a strong women…like Doctor is a little immature so Haru was always leading him.

UJ: really? Haru seems like she’s bright and strong but she seems to be indecisive. But to Haru, it seems like Doctor made her positive. Doctor is honest, has a pure heart, playful, and would protect you.

JJ: *shy* I’m so happy to hear that! Doctor is a good guy. Me, myself is a good guy too, right? *laughs*

UJ: yeah. You take care of everyone. I think you’re relied by many people.

JJ: *shy x 2* (pours tea to Ueno Juri-chan)

UJ: see, he is reliable like this *laughs* Jaejoong-kun likes people so maybe that’s how his power is made. And he makes the atmosphere good too, I want to learn from him!

JJ: thank you *shy* I’m simple-minded so when someone praises me it makes me want to make them happy, like… it makes me want to make them have fun.

UJ: Thanks to Jaejoong-kun filing was fun.

JJ: im sad that sunanare is ending. I can’t meet everyone anymore….

UJ: you’re becoming low? *laughs*

JJ: Everyone might be used to parting in dramas but im sad!

UJ: so, since you’re sad, are you not going to be in dramas anymore? *laughs*

JJ: what!? This and that is different! *laughs*


Last episode of “Sunao ni Narenakute”
Nakaji and Haru’s love comes to an end!
Their fate is…!?

Nakaji apologizes for leaving all his work behind to help Linda who was in danger. While Doctor proposes to Haru officially! The last episode will answer all the knotted love.


Special last message:

Jaejoong: “doctor has a bright personality so I felt that I have to be bright during filming too in the beginning but now its so fun. I don’t want it to end~*cry*

“Jaejoongs murmur” last news

While the photo shoot above, Ueno was talking about how the drama is coming to an end and how she was filming till midnight. Jaejoong said “Juri-chan is amazing. She’s never tired” with respect he also said “she has guts!”

3 months of fun!
Thank you everyone in Sunanare-club!

Translation credits: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100617 Jaejoong Fans Donate Surgery Fees For A Young Girl

Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong fanclub has donated money towards surgery fee’s for a girl with Leukemia.

Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong is a member of Korea’s Heart Disease Foundation because they want to go further than Korea to bring support to places in Asia like Japan and China.

Helping people who still dream when they are trapped, this is part of a project to support Jaejoong having activities outside of Korea. Selling fan-made DVD’s, t-shirts and such, this fanclub project has brought in a total of 6,000,000 Won, and donated it to Korea’s Heart Disease Foundation. The Foundation will fund this money to Park*Ki (14 years old), to assist her with her operation.

Park*Ki has received her younger brother’s bone marrow in a operation on the 19th of May, and is now in the process of healing. On the 3rd of June, SarangJoong’s management went to visit Park*Ki when she was healing in an isolation ward to send her presents. Because it was an isolation ward, they couldn’t talk directly to her, and Park*Ki conveyed her thanks through the glass window. The management too hopes for her full recovery.

SarangJoong will gather all the members love, and work hard to continue to donate to charities. As like Youngwoong Jaejoong’s songs and techniques give them their biggest comfort and joy, Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong’s members want to share the love with people in need.

Source: [Naver + jaejoong baidu bar]
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