The Bittersweet Memory, A Sweet Romance

** Sunha’s Point Of View **

The teacher was successfully able to quiten the class by a loud ‘BANG’! I mean seriously it was like a thunder!! Okay I am over-exited ~ I mean this is the first day of school! I am doing good so far ~ Thank you god! Hmm…

*BANG* whaaa?

Uh-oh …

“Mianhe Mr.Lee, It will never happen again,” I stood up and bowed to him for day dreaming …

“Never do it again Miss.Han,” He Said and moved to the board to teach today’s lesson …

Suddenly there was a knock on the door …Hmm …Who could that be? A boy walked into the class and gave Mr.Lee a paper … Must be another new student ~ never mind ~
But I should admit … He was cute ~ Hey! Its sunny outside ~

** End of Sunha’s Point of View **

But on the other side of the school a boy was mumbling to himself …

** Yunho’s Point of View **

My my my …. I am in a new school as my so-called-mother enrolled me here …Its not fun with out my 4 best pals! Aish! I might even move again! Oh here is my destination!
I knocked the door and I heard a ‘come in’ …I went in and handed the teacher the slip that the principal gave me …

“Hmm…Mr.Jung Yunho eh? Welcome to the school. You can call me Mr.Lee,” He said as he smiled …I smiled back and scanned through the class to find a beautiful girl staring out the window …Is this what they call as Love at First Sight? I smiled at the site of that and snapped back when Mr.Lee told me something …
Thank goodness he repeated it again …He told me to introduce myself to the class …

“Annyoung haseyo ~ My name is Jung Yunho and I am 20, I am from GwangJu and I hope we can be friends,” I said and smiled at the class … They clapped at Mr.Lee forund me a vacant place by the boy who had brown highlights ~

“Hello” I greeted with a smile and he smiled back and introduced himself …

“Hello ~ my name is Donghae and welcome to our school,” He said and smiled again …

I think I am going to like this place ~ I mean…It will not be as bad as I imagined ~

** End of Yunho’s Point of View **

Little did he know that his life might change in a matter of months …

** Yunho’s POV **

“Hello ~ My name is Yunho, Can I know what is yours,” I asked to the girl after the class ended …

“Sunha, Han Sunha,” She said ,Collected her books and exited the class … I scratched my her wondering what i said or did … She is …cold …

It was lunch time and me and Donghae are going to the Cafeteria ~ Ah! Cant wait to eat !!

Hmm …Food food .. Jejangmyun .. Here I come !!!

“Hey! I got my food ~ ,” I said as I sat down at the table with Donghae …He later introduced me to his friends ~ Now I have another 4 pals here ~ Their names are Hankyung, Enhyuk, Siwon ~ They are nice ~ But I miss my childhood friends dearly …

“Hey! What’s with the sigh,” Siwon asked my while raising his brows ~

“Oh! Its just that I miss my pals at home ~ They are my childhood friends,” I said while sighing again …

I miss them ……………….

** End of Yunho’s POV **

In the hometown of GwangJu
** GwangJu **
** Jaejoong’s POV **

I MISS YUNHO!!! How dare he leave just like that!? We –his best pals- are missing him here and what does he do!? *poof* GONE!!! That brat!! Mwahahahaha …Okay okay …Now I have an idea ~

“YOOCHUN!!! JUNSU!!! CHANGMIN!!! ,” I shouted on top of my lungs when my patience snapped …I have been calling those three for over 10 minutes now! I am going to throw that PS 2 later!

“What?,” Yoochun asked seemingly annoyed ~ taste of your own medicine my dear Chun~ tsk tsk ~ I made a face at him ~

“Hey guys gather around,” I said and all huddled around like a starving ‘children’ for a piece of bread … Aish … Anyways … “Look why don’t we go and see Yunho in Seoul? ,” I asked and they glanced at each other while nodding their towards each other…

They hurriedly ran off to their rooms in a blink! I heard sounds like ‘boom’ ‘pzzt’ and ‘ahhh’ from there …Aish … They are packing their things without me!? grrr …

* 2 hours later *

“GUYS COMMON WE WILL BE LATE!!! ,” I called them as they were late and THEY went to pack FIRST!! Aish …I think turtle can win a race with them!

** End of JaeJoong’s POV **

Back in the city of Seoul ~

** Seoul **
** Yunho’s POV **

*sigh* I am going to talk to her now!
‘Yunho! Jung Yunho! Aja Aja fighting,’
I said to myself and walked over to her as she was looking at the sunny morning clouds ~
The clouds were especially was crystal clear today ~

“Annyoung Sunha ~,” She looked at me and I could clearly see that she was surprised …I stiffened a Chuckle in …She again Glanced at my direction and Nodded her head slightly …I wonder why she isn’t talking to me properly ………

I will not give up ~….

** The same day but after school **
** Still Yunho’s POV **

I was walking around the school to know it more better and I am now walking through the halls …Hmm …Wait ..I hear noises from the class room ….I peeked inside and found Sunha cleaning the class room …

“Sunha? You got detention? ,” I asked her as she continued to work not bothering to answer me …Ouch! …Then came her reply …

“No, I like helping the Janitors to clean the class rooms ,” She said while still cleaning the floor …But its already 6.30 Pm and its going to dark soon …

‘I will wait for her’ I said to myself and waited for her to complete her work …After what was like decade she finally finished her work and was collecting her things …
She walked past me and I grabbed her hand ….

** End of Yunho’s POV **

** Sunha’s POV **

I felt something against my wrist and found that he was holding my wrist! I was really shocked since no one dared to do that before…I stared at him …Hard …

“Let Go ,” I said in my usual cold tone to make him release my hand but that does not seem to effect him! Waaaa?

“Let me take you home, Its already dark outside,” He said and smiled again …Why? I
already don’t want to fall In love and hurt myself again …why me?

I stared at him again and he just walked ahead holding my hands ….More of like dragging me …Aish …

“What if I don’t want to,” I said, challenging him…

“Too bad, Deal with it,” Okay this shocked me! How?

“You don’t know my house,” I said smirking …haha now Deal with it!

“That’s why I have you, you are going to show me or elsee,” He said while smirking …. Wait …..I don’t like that smirk!

“okay,” I still cannot believe I agreed! My stupid heart! Ahhhh! Aish …….No use in telling myself that I am not in love with this guy! I am such a stupid girl! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

** End of Sunha’s POV **

That day at Yunho’s house

** Yunho’s house **
** Yunho’s POV **
I went inside my house FINALLY, after walking my princess to her house …Wait ..Why is my house dark? I opened the door and turned on the lights to only receive me falling on the floor with a loud ‘thump’…

“YAH!!!! ,” I screamed while struggling to get up ..Aish …I looked up to see 4 similar faces staring at me~

“JOONG!!! CHUN!!! MINNIE!!! SU!!! ,”I cannot believe it! Are my eyes playing tricks on me!? I rubbed my eyes to conform me theory …THEY ARE HERE!!! I jumped up and tackled them! My best pals are here!

** End of Yunho’s POV **

After 4 months …

** Sunha’s POV **

‘Aish… where is he? He is late’ I thought to myself as I am looking for Yunho-my so-called-boyfriend- to come and fetch me up for the date …I know …Funny aint it? And I also wondered how we ended up together~ haha

Now I snapped out of my thoughts when the bell rang …I answered the door only to receive a hug and a kiss on the forehead from him …I blushed I mean how would not ?
He just smiled …

“Common lets go ,” He said while taking my hand and leading me to his bike …we went to amusement park and played lots of games ,And next he took me to the park and said that he has something to confess …

“Sunha-yah, I have something to tell you,” He said seriously while looking into my eyes …I started feeling nervous …

“What? ,” I know my voice was not normal and was quivering so he took my hands in his big warm hands …

“You know I love you right?,” He asked while looking into my eyes …OF COURSE I DO!

“Yes,” I answered simple and sweet …I have a feeling that I am not going to like what he will say ….
“Please wait for me,” He told me as he gave me a sweet and tender kiss …Wait for him? What does that mean? He suddenly stood up and walked away leaving me puzzled … huh?

** End of Sunha’s POV **

4 years later …

** Yunho’s POV **

The last day I saw her was the painful day of my life! I couldn’t believe that we had to move after that again! Now I am working here and being the CEO of my father’s company only to get money not happiness …I miss her so much … I wonder when I will see her again …I miss you Sunha-yah …I have an interview with for my new personal assistant ….2 hours of agony! Aish! Today Is valentines day too …I should be with her ..not here ….

Wait …Are my eyes playing tricks on me? SHE walked in …Sunha…My Sunha? Is that you? I rubbed my eyes to conform that if it is her ….IT IS HER!! WHOOOT!!!!

“Sunha?? ,Is that you?? ,” I asked her to conform my theory …She looked shocked for a second before nodding her head …I am the happiest man on earth!

** End of Yunho’s POV **

** Sunha’s POV **

I still cannot believe that he left me just like that …Today is Valentines day …I have been wondering why…I am sure he will come back –or I think he will- to me … I have to find myself a job so I am here for an Interview for the Jung Corporations … I went into the door and the receptionist told me that the interview is on the 22nd floor so I went there and sat down …I went into the CEO’s office and I was shocked to see the CEO was my Yunho! I didn’t know he is the hair of the Jung Corporation …

“Sunha?? ,Is that you?? ,” I was shocked to speak and just nodded my head ~

The next thing I know I was in an embrace of a long muscular shoulders …He pulled away with a big smile that made me smile too …Its contagious …That’s when it all started~

** End of Sunha’s POV **

1 year later …

** Yunho’s POV **

It was valentines day and I made a special arrangement today~ I cant wait to ask that question to her! I was at her house to pick her up …She came down and my jaws dropped! She was drop-dead gorgeous! Today she looked extremely beautiful!
I hugged her and we set off to the restaurant ~We had a little talk and had our food and next stop is a surprise ~

I gave her a blindfold and she looked confused …So I just turned her around and tied the blindfold around her head securely …I turned on the steering wheel and started the car …
I reached my location and tied the blindfold off of her … She gasped when she saw the scenery in front of her and I too was astonished with nature! It was the beautiful site …You get it alright! we were in Han river ~ I knelt down and asked her the question that I have been wanting to ask!

“Will you marry me? ,” I finally asked her …She had tears in her eyes and nodded her head …I was so happy and I realized that I was swinging her around …I gave her a sweet and tender kiss and let her down ~

This is our Bitter-sweet reunion~
ღღHappy Valentines Day ~ღღ

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