Annyeong~ I’m Park Ae-Ri. I lead a simple and ordinary life. But now my life is upside down and it’s all because of ‘HIM’, the devil in disguise, secret code name D.I.D. Want to hear my story??

“Yah, PARK AE-RI!!! How many times have I been telling you to practise for that part??!! You keep getting it all wrong!!~”

“Yes, Mrs. Lee”

Mrs. Lee, secret code name, The Maestro. I’m sure you guys watch Beethoven virus drama right?? Well, she’s exactly like Kang maestro. Strict but really nice. Can be irritating sometimes.

“If you don’t get it right by next week, I’m going to replace you with someone else. There’s always someone better than you out there. Understand??”

“Yes, Mrs. Lee.”

“Then, practice is over. There’s no point in teaching if you still can’t get it right. You can go now.”

“Thank you, Mrs Lee.”

Quickly I packed my beg and run off. Oh my god!! I’m late for work. That’s the reason I didn’t get my piano scores right. I’m currently working part time at my uncle’s cake shop. He bakes the most delicious cakes in town. And he needed some help. Besides I get paid and get to eat my favorite cakes.

“Yah!!!~ you are late again~”

“Duh~ I know that. That’s why I’m sweating~ because I’m running my butt off to get here.”

“Hey, that ‘guy’ is here again.”

“Oh my god~ he’s here..AGAIN??”

“He didn’t order anything. I asked him but he just kept shakes his head. Maybe he’s waiting for you?~”

“Stop it, Younha. You don’t know anything about him. Trust me. You don’t want to know.”

“And how much do you now about that guy? When I asked, you just walked away. Now,tell me or you wont live peacefully for the rest of your life.”

And she starts poking my waist. I’m ticklish around there. Younha, secret code name Eaglie. She knows all about me. My best friend and my sources of headaches. There’s nothing she wouldn’t know. I think she’d be better off being a reporter or something.

“Yah!!!~ Quit poking me!!~”

“Girls~ What are you doing back there?? There’re lots of customers here!!~”

“Coming, uncle!!~”

“Yah, Ae-Ri. You better tell me later. Or else..”


“I won’t be saving your favourite cake~ Mwuahahahahaha~”

“Devil!!!~ Mehrong!!!~”

“Excuse me, can I get you anything?”

“Hmmm.. Oh, it’s you.. It’s impolite to startle people.”

“Well, I’m sorry. Can I get you anything!!??”

“Still with the same old attitude.”

“Same goes to you.”

“Well, thank you. I didn’t know you had your eyes on me. I’m honoured.”

“Errggh, I fell like killing him~ I’m going to stick your picture on the voodoo doll an hang it on the wall.”

“What?? Did you say something?”

“Huh?? N-no..”

“Anyway, here. Your brother sent some money for you.”

“How’s he doing?”

“Still the same hardworking and generous person. He throws a party for everyone last week.”


“How about you then? How’s thing at the dorm training?”

“Everything’s okay. Only sometimes I get scolded cause I can’t get my piano score’ right.”

“What piece are you playing?”

“Canon D.”

“What??! Tell me how many years have you been a trainee at Sm again??”

“Hey, just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you can bully me. And what’s more, you guys went through a lot too before becoming Asia’s most sensational group, Dong Bang Shinki.”

“True but you’re not taking the job as a singer, just as an instrument player. Besides, Canon D is a piece that can be played easily.”

“And how’d you know that?”

“Well you brother played that piece all the time. And he just looked at the score twice.”

“Well, I’m sorry. I’m not as genius as my brother is. Besides you haven’t played it so don’t complain.”

“Ae-Ri ah, I’m not comparing you with your brother.”

“Ae_Ri ah!!!~”

“Yes, uncle~.. Well, it seems like it.” And I turn around before he called me again.



“Ice blended mocha and blueberry cheese cake.”

I head my way to take the cakes and the drinks that he ordered.
He had no right to say that. That piece is hard for me to play. Arghh!!~ hope you’ll choked when eating this cake!!~ Now where the hell is he??”

When I was about to turn around, there he was.
On that small stage. Playing the piano.
The piece.. Wait.. Isn’t this Canon D piece??
He suddenly stop playing and our eyes meet.
I just stood there, staring back at him in the eyes.”
Until he came up to me.

“Are your eyes attracted to me that much?”

“Hu-Huh? Isn’t th.. that the Canon D piece?”

“Yes, and what’s this about me not knowing how to play that piece?”

“Ae-Ri, table 4, please??”

“Coming, uncle.”

And I just couldn’t get myself to walk in front of him. I thought he’s just damn lucky to be a part of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

“Finally we’re closing the shop for today. There were so many people today, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, uncle but I think people are more attracted of the piano performances just now, don’t you think so, Ae-Ri??” and a smirk formed in her face. From now on, Younha’s secret code name should be witch!!~

“Why the smirk on face??” I pinch her white fair cheek.

“Hey!! Stop it~”

“Hahahaha, So the guy that played the piano was your friend, Ae-Ri??”

“Well, Sort of.”

“Hmm, his face seems familiar..”

“That’s why, uncle. I’ve been thinking for the past few days. His face resembles an artist I knew, Jerry from F4. Anyway, who is he?”

“My brother’s friend. He’s just delivering something that my brother asked him to.”

“Aigoo, I’m almost forgot. That guy left a note for you. Here. In the meantime, let me get you girls some cake to eat.”

“Uncle, let me help you. I want to choose the cakes.”

“Hahahahaha~ Okay.”

To Ae-Ri,
You and your brother are not the same person, so you don’t need to be like him. Just be yourself, Park Ae-Ri. Although you are his stepsister but he didn’t see you as an outsider, he sees you as his family and he believes that you can do it if you’re determined. At least that’s what he always told me. Besides I like the Park Ae-Ri who always stive hard in everything she does, passionate in her music, a bit clumsy at times but I guess that’s her charm. So never give up. Your brother believes in you. I believe in you. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

“Yah!!~ Ae-Ri!!”


“Oh my god. Please stop sending your happiness wave. Your face is flashing with light. It seems like someone has just sent you to cloud nine.”

That smirk again!!~


“Yah, stop hugging me!!~”

“He said he believes in me~”

“So what?? Let me go!! People are straring at us weirdly!!~”

“Hahahaha~, Let her be, Younha. It must’ve had something to do with that handsome guy just now. Anyway, here’s your cake, Ae-Ri.”


“Uncle has just sold all the S.O.S to someone.”

“What?? The S.O.S are limited editions. Uncle only made 3 slices of them~”

“Mianhae, Ae-Ri ah. Uncle already thought of saving one for you but that guy, your friend said you didn’t like that cake anymore and he insist on buying it.”


“Ae-Ri, there’s something behind your note.” I heard Younha said while turning the back of the note that I just got from Changmin.

“What?? Where??”

“Here, it says ‘ p/s: I bought all the Strawberry On the Shortcakes. I just can’t get enough of it. Last time you only brought one for your brother and we had to share it among the 5 of us. Anyway, I will be coming everyday to eat the S.O.S. See you tomorrow~ mwuahahah~ Love Changminnie!!~^^”

“Changminnie?? Oh my god, he’s adorable, Ae-Ri ah. Hmm, coming to the shop everyday? NICE~ now I have a friend to bully you. What’s his name again?? Changminnie?? Minnie?? Why does the name sounds so familiar?? He……… couldn’t…… possibly…… be SHIM CHANGMIN FROM DBSK???!!

“NO!!Of course not!!~he’s a devil send from hell.”

Just as I thought!!~
He’s a devil in disguise!!!~
Curse you Shim Changmin!!~
Not only he’s irritating but he’s following my brother, Park Yoochun’s pranks habit!!
And he’s coming to the shop everyday???!!
I really need help!!~

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