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[TRANS] 100407 Tohoshinki Extremely Popular Among Otaku Despite Recent Hiatus

Here was a surprising outcome of a recent survey in Japan- Popular Japanese girl group AKB48’s fans have chosen Tohoshinki as their favorite group.

Out of the 4001 people who participated in this survey, 77% was male. Questions that were asked included; “When did you become a fan of AKB48?”, “Which member in AKB48 do you want as your little sister?”, “In what time of the day do you think about AKB48?”, and other similar questions. One particular question asked “Other than AKB48, what other singers do you buy the most merchandise of (inclusive of albums)?” Amazingly, the #1 artist chosen was Tohoshinki.

This caused Japan’s major music site, BARKS, to bring up an elaborately discussed topic- “AKB48 fans have an extraordinary connection with Tohoshinki fans”, and allowed netizens to reply and express their opinions. Some examples were ‘Korea’s most powerful group is indeed Tohoshinki’ and ‘We cannot deny Tohoshinki’s popularity’. Other replies were more negative, criticizing Otaku’s in general.

Recently, there have been many news reports of Tohoshinki in Japan, with the majority of the reports focusing on their possible disbandment. With Tohoshinki earning first place in AKB48’s survey, many types of discussions and opinions surfaced.

a/n: Otaku refers to someone who has a devotion to a subject or hobby to the point of not leaving home (source: urbandictionary)

Source: [baidu tvxq]
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